Wedding Wednesday: Top Five Planning Resources

Planning a wedding can be an amazing, wonderful, fun-filled time. It can also be crazy, hard, frustrating and anxiety inducing.
On a number of occasions I felt like I was drowning in the less than awesome. There is so much to do when planning a wedding. So many things to decide. What theme do you want? What will the colors be? Gold or silver? What venue(s) do you want?
Its so easy to lose track of the all of the good things, for the anxiety to take away from this wonderful time in your life. Don’t let it. 
I’ve put together a list of my favorite planning resources that have helped ease some of my stresses, hopefully they will help you too!
wedding planning resources

The Knot
Literally everything you need to plan your wedding can be found on The Knot. The website has so much inspiration for brides to be from dresses, to decor, to cakes. It also has some really great tools like a planning checklist, budget planner, guest list planner, and free website builder.

For all of you digital gals out there, this app is great for keeping your notes on the go. To do lists, questions to ask vendors, due dates. You can keep it all in the palm of your hand.

If you’re old school like me, a coiled notebook is the best place to keep all of your lists, thoughts, dreams and plans. I like to tape inspiration pictures in mine

With an endless supply of inspiration, Pinterest can be a great place to get a lot of ideas. Just try not to get overwhelmed, or try to make everything you see on Pinterest happen. Or your wedding could end up looking like it has multiple personality disorder, or that Pinterest threw up all over it.

Friends and Family
This one can be dangerous, I know. Too many opinions can be a huge problem. But if you have someone you trust, who’s been down this road before, who understands your vision, and who isn’t trying to make your wedding their own, use them. My Matron of Honor, Megan, has been a total life saver through this entire process so far. She helps keep me on track, brings me back to earth when I need to be thinking more realistically, and helps me decide what details are important and which ones are not (read: they all are, I’m basically Bridezilla).

What wedding resources are you finding or did you find helpful?


Oh Hey, Friday!

Oh hey, Friday! Where have you been you beautiful thing you? I’ve been waiting and longing for you for days. This week has seemed to just crawl by, even though I have been quite busy.

I don’t even know what I want to say today, I just really wanted to show up to class. I’ve put little to zero effort into this place for most of the week. It seemed like every time I actually had some time to sit down and write something, I got writers block, usually part way through, so there’s a bunch of half written posts that I hope I will eventually hit publish on.

But whatever, I’ve got a bunch of random thoughts happening in my head, and rather than trying to be organized and making full posts about them and all that jazz, I’m just gonna spill them all now.

1. Thursday Night TV
TGIT. Oh how I’ve missed you! My life has felt broken and incomplete while you were gone. Please don’t ever leave me like that again. At least not mid-season anyways.
Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder all came back on ABC last night and it was glorious. JW was working night shift so I was able to hang out on my couch and watch them all with zero distractions. It was TGIT heaven.
2. My Blog Design

 You may have noticed that my header/logo/nav bar is missing. Last night I was trying to install Janine’s button on my side bar, and something went all wonky with Blogger, and when I deleted her button, it deleted a whole mess of other stuff. I nearly had a panic attack. I’m really hoping my blog designer Erin will be able to fix it for me.
3. Snow

We have a warm weather system headed our way next week and I’m probably one of very few people who are not thrilled about it. I love winter. Winter means the cabin, and skidooing and snowboarding. It also means money. JW’s company does snow clearing. And the company I work for is always busier when the snow is falling. So winning all around when the white stuff is floating down. Warm weather, hold off another month or so, mmmkay?
4. Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. For me it has always seemed that in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives it can be easy to put date nights and romance on the back burner. Valentine’s is a great reminder that we should be taking time out and spending it with the people we love. For all the single ladies (and guys) out there, its a great day to make time for friends.
I don’t need gifts to mark the occasion, I mean I won’t complain about them, but I don’t need them. I’d rather JW and I spend our money on a nice meal our favourite restaurant (or splurge on a place we don’t normally go to) and a movie. Memories are more important than things on Valentine’s Day, or at least they are for me.
And even though the day usually is all about cupids and hearts and mushy stuff, I decided to spoil everyone at work with delicious treats from the lovely ladies at Cravin’ a Cupcake.

5. Currency

This downward slide of the Canadian dollar is a real buzz kill. I so badly want to go on an online shopping spree at Target, Nordstrom, Joss & Main and Wayfair. But it is sooo not cheap right now.
I suppose that’s enough rambling for now. Cheers to the weekend!

Sunday Lately: 58

This is my first time doing a Sunday Lately post, in fact I didn’t even know about it until I discovered Janine’s blog last week. She linked up, it seemed like fun, so here I am.
This week’s theme is: updating, remembering, needing, wearing and being,
Updating: I’m working on a new About Me page. The current one definitely needs a refresh.
Remembering: That after a week of eating pretty terribly, that I have a dress to fit into in August. Its time to get this healthy lifestyle back on track, and get my ass back to the gym.
Needing: My Sephora order to show up. And also a vacation. Not necessarily to leave town. Maybe a staycation? I just need a week off work to relax. Burn out is very real.
tarte amazonian blush
I’m also really needing my Sephora order to arrive. My Tarte Amazonian blush has seen better days and I’m seriously missing it. 
Wearing: Leggings, Cabot & Sons merino wool socks, long sleeve shirt, and JW’s hoodie. JW owns a property maintenance company, so we spent the evening doing snow clearing around town. We made it home with pizza just in time to watch Super Bowl 50.
Being: Unbelievably lazy. All that snow shoveling makes a girl tired. Especially after a busy weekend of snowmobiling. 
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Wedding Wednesday: Where We Stand

Its been a hot minute since I’ve done a Wedding Wednesday. So, I figure its a good time for an update. Because you all love reading about my wedding planning. Right? Right!

Alrighty, if we’re being honest not a whooooole lot has been done. Work has been stupidly busy the last few months, and its been hard to make phone calls during business hours, which means that by the time I’m able to call, the places I need to call are closed. Such is life.

But I digress.

We picked a photographer. We’re paying waaay more than we had initially planned, but it was difficult to find a great photographer in our original price range. Since photos are really the only thing from our big day that we will have forever, besides memories of course, we decided to redistribute the money to get photographers that will provide the quality and style of pictures we want. We’re super excited to have Candace and Dru on board for our big day. How could we not be when they take amazing shots like this.

candace and dru wedding photos
candace and dru wedding photos


I’ve booked hair and make up for me and my #squad. I decided that I wanted to go to a salon, rather than have people come to my house or a hotel room. I think it will be a little more fun. And a ton less stressful if we aren’t trying to cram a bunch of people into a small space. I looked into a few options, got suggestions and reviews from people I know, and finally settled on Silver Scissors & Emerald Spa.

I bought my dress! Oh man, it was an emotional, stressful, tearful, joyful few days. I’ll tell you more about that later. But no pictures, because everyone who will see it before the wedding has seen it. Basically, I’m showing it to no one. It’ll make it more special I think.

I bought my shoes! These Badgley Mischka’s are perfect. I originally ordered them from Nordstrom in the Berry color, but they do not fit true to size, so they were too small. When I tried to return them for a bigger size, the color was no longer available, so I settled for white. Which is more off white than snow white, so I’m hoping they will look good with my dress.

I picked a bridesmaid dress. Finally. And they’ve been ordered. I’ll tell you all about how much fun that was not as soon as I find the words. I will say though, that I am really happy with the dress I chose, it was just a rough time getting it all figured out.

Tuxes are rented! We decided to get them from Tip Top Tailers. There aren’t a lot of options around here and Tip Top had a couple really great promotions on. If we rented 5 tuxes, the groom gets his free. And by booking by December 31st we saved $40 per tux. It was really too good to pass up.

I ordered our invitations from Vistaprint. There were a few hiccups along the way, but we are so so happy with how they turned out.

Now that I’ve written it all down, I can see that I’ve done more that it feels like I have. I guess it just feels like I’ve done nothing because there is still so much left to do. 

Any tips for a girl who still has decor and cake and flowers to figure out?

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About the Rules

JW is gone for a ride on his new Ski-doo to try out the GoPro I gave him for Christmas. I’m catching up on Pretty Little Liars and Younger. Seems like as good a time as any to let my fingers dance on the keyboard.

I keep promising myself that I’ll be a better blogger. That I’ll post more frequently. I keep promising that to you too. But it never happens.

Truth is that I’m not overly comfortable working on the blog when JW is around.

Its not that I’ve hidden its existence from him. But the blogosphere is a world he doesn’t really understand. And its hard to explain it to him I guess.

I keep telling myself that I’ll write when I’m home alone. But that time alone rarely happens outside of his night shifts. And when I sit down to write, I realize I don’t have any pictures worth posting. Its dark when I leave for work, the sun sets not long after I get home. And you can’t take blog photos at night. So what’s the point of writing anything if I have no picture to go along with it. Because as per “blog rules” you can’t have a post that’s all words.

Which is kinda bullshit. I mean I get that pretty pictures make things more interesting. But sometimes there just aren’t any pictures that complement the text. And sometimes you look like shit in all the pictures you took. And sometimes you haven’t taken any photos at all. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say the things you have to say. Does it?

Here’s the deal. I miss this place. I want to be present here more often. So here’s to writing more. Even when JW is home.  Attempting to take more pictures. And to posts without pictures if necessary.

I’m raising my glass bottle, to breaking the rules sometimes.

New Year – Same Me (But Better)

I’m a little late to the party. As per usual.

My Christmas tree has been down for less than a week. I guess I wasn’t ready for the holidays to be over.

But, with that said, I’m looking forward to what this year has in store for me. I’m not really one for New Years resolutions as such, but I do like the fresh start January 1st brings, and I do have a few goals for the year.

1. Pay off credit card
2. Save more money
3. Stay in better touch with friends and family
4. Become a better morning person
5. Spend less time home alone
6. Have more “adventures”
7. Take more pictures
8. Add more decor to our home

9. Exercise regularly
10. Eat at home more often
11. Lose 25 lbs
12. Get my hair cut more often
13. Take better care of my skin

14. Post at least three times a week
15. Be more present on social media
16. Comment more on other blogs

I’ve been pretty bad at keeping any resolutions in the past. (and I’ve been failing on the blog front so far). Here’s hoping I’m better at it this time around.

Did you make any resolutions this year?

A Gift Guide for the Guy(s) in Your Life

JW was super easy to shop for this Christmas. We set a very reasonable budget because we have a wedding to save for and because we tend to buy everything we want throughout the year anyways. But you guys, I could have so easily blown the budget. I had so many great ideas for presents I could get him and I wanted to give him all the things.

I have everything I need for him, but just in case you’re all having a busy December, like I am, and don’t have all your shopping done (sorry momma, I’m still working on you), like me, I decided to toss together a few gift suggestions for all of those great guys in your life.

1. Chromecast – I gave one to JW last year for Christmas and it was worth every penny. We have used it so many times you guys. From streaming movies from our laptops to the tv, to watching #FailArmy videos on Youtube with our friends. In fact, I love it so much, another special dude in my life may be getting on this year. Its a great gift, without a huge price tag.

2. Soundlink – My brother and I gave our Dad one for his birthday. He can play all his favorite songs by Bluetoothing it to his iPhone. Its loud and has a rechargeable battery so he can take it wherever he wants. And he loves it. 

3. Pjs – JW is not the biggest fan of pjs. But even so, its always great to have a pair of comfy pants to lounge around in, on those he just doesn’t feel like getting dressed as soon as he gets out of bed. They come in particularly handy when we have guests and when we visit my parents at the cabin.

4. Essential Guy’s Cookbook – For the guy(s) in your life like mine who really enjoy cooking “manly” food.

5. GoPro – If there is anything on this list the men in my life would drool over, its this. They all have new snowmobiles this winter and can’t wait to take them to the mountains. This “gadget” would allow them to document their “adventures” in all their “epic”-ness. But sorry JW, this one was over budget, maybe you should have set it a little higher. Maybe next year.

6. Slippers – I gave a pair like these to JW for his birthday. I already had a similar pair and loved them. They’re super cozy and great to wear around the house, especially on our laminate and tile floors in the winter.

What gifts for guys would you add?

Gifts for #BossBabes

The holidays seem to be creeping up so fast. I had promised myself that I would be way more prepared for Christmas this year and have my gifts bought by now. But as per usual, life had other plans. So just in case some of you out there are like me, unsure of what to buy all the wonderful people in your life, I decided to put together a few gift guides to help you out.
First up, a bunch of lovely things for all the #bossbabes and #careergirls in your life!

1. Kate Spade business card holder
2. file folders – so pretty, they’ll liven up any desk
3. Paper weight
4. Acrylic letter holder – pretty, and will help curb the chaos on her desk. #winning
5. Mind Over Matter print – for the days she needs a reminder that shes #gotthis
6. travel mug – for early mornings and late nights and for whatever gets you by, like hot chocolate, le duh
7. Day planner – a simple and beautiful place to start each day.
8. mobile charger – for the girl on the go

America Does This Better

I’ve come to the conclusions that Americans do Fall way better that us Canadians. Mostly because their Thanksgiving is an entire month after ours, which means they get to relish in all things Autumn decor for much longer.

In Canada, at least the places I’ve lived, Fall, Autumn, Harvest is something we really only indulge in for about 15 days. Things don’t start cooling down until late September, early October. Pumpkins and gourds aren’t ripe for the picking until that time. We gear up and decorate for Thanksgiving, then if you have kids, your lovely fall decor gets pushed aside for Halloween, and then its over. We’re stuck with our undecorated, holidayless homes until December.

We really could hang on to our reds, and oranges and browns longer than we do, I think we just all look at it as holiday decor, and once Thanksgiving is over, so is all the loveliness. We should really do something about that. Next year, I am, I swear. 

And since this post is all about decor (because I’m obsessed) here are five fall decor pieces I’m really loving right now.

Fall Decor

Pillow – I’m developing a bit of a cute pillow addiction. Our couches are full, and my fiance is becoming slightly annoyed. But I can’t help it. They just add so much to the space. And I love how warm and cozy and inviting they make our living room look. 
Mug – Cooper has always been one of my favourite metals and I’ve been known to like adorable mugs. Plus, it holds alcohol and doesn’t have a feminine look so JW won’t hate it. #winning. 
Antler – JW is a hunter. He sometimes talks about wanting trophies in the house. Thats never going to happen, but maybe a fake, pretty looking one will appease him. #fingerscrossed
Fig – Its cute, its shiny. Its traditional with a touch of modern. I’ll take it.
Napkins – I’m loving the color in these and while I’m not typically a cloth napkin (at home) kinda girl, but these would look great at our next Friendsgiving.
Pumpkin – The real deal doesn’t last long around here, especially inside, so we have to turn to fakes. I know this one is far from traditional, but the price is pretty good, and I’ve always kind of liked adding interesting pieces to a decor scheme.
Log Holder – This beauty has so many options. It could hold logs, or pillows and throws, or be a drink bucket.
Doormat – This time next year JW and I will be married, and we’d be a “real” family. This lovely would look great on our front step.
Not surprisingly almost all of these beauties are from #Target. And now that they FINALLY ship to Canada, my poor little bank account is going to be toast.
What fall decor items are you loving?


Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians out there!

So far this long weekend has been pretty great. Lots of laziness. Lots of socializing. Lots of food.
JW and I started the weekend off with date night and half price appies at the Crown and Moose.
Saturday was spent getting ready for our first, and hopefully annual, Friendsgiving.
I’m not always a fan of being in the kitchen, but this guy, he makes it a lot more fun. Even with the occasional pause to goof off, we were able to get everything ready by the time everyone showed up.
JW are a pretty good match, we both have a tendency to go overboard for potlucks. What was supposed to be wings, turned into two kinds of wings, two kinds of alouettes, a cheese and meet plate, and baba ganoush. And then to top it all off I channeled my inner Pioneer Woman and made some Crazy Brownies.
Look at all that goodness.

The weather was terrible all day, extreme winds, rain, hail and snow. There were times when I thought everyone would cancel. But it turns out we all love good food more than we hate crap weather. And man was it worth it!

So much food. And I had to try some of everything of course. And then seconds of a few things too. By dinner on Sunday I was still full. 
But I’ll never turn down a home cooked turkey dinner with these crazy folks. 
JW and I have one more Thanksgiving dinner before the weekend of eating ends and the diet begins again. And I’m kind of looking forward to the eating being over. But I am so unbelievably thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life. How wonderful it is to be surrounded by people who love to get together (regardless of the weather) to enjoy each others company and to celebrate.
How did you spend your (Thanksgiving) weekend?