Those Neighbors

I live in a basement apartment. And my upstairs neighbors are the worst.  Not joking. 
They blast their tv and music.
She wears her high heels on the hardwood floor all day long.
She thinks midnight is a great time to turn on the mixer, and blender, and every other loud, annoying kitchen appliance.

But most of all, they think 2 am is the best time to argue. And they argue A LOT (at least twice a week). Like full out screaming matches. Complete with an extreme amount of profanity and throwing of things.
And while most of the time I find it extremely annoying, I’d be lying if I said that didn’t find it slightly entertaining.  She’s the kind of girl I love to roll my eyes at. You know, the one who breaks down sobbing about 30 seconds in. And it’s the most pathetic sob. (so funny in fact that I love to do impressions of her when I’m hanging with the girls). And she only does it to try to manipulate him. And he knows it so he just spews curse words.
When they get really into it, I can hear most everything they’re saying.
And sometimes, when I can only hear muffled arguments, I wish I had a set of bionic ears so I could hear the entire thing. Because I bet it would be more entertaining than television.
Here’s to be thankful that as of right now…I haven’t had to listen to them “make up”.

A Chick Flick Kinda Night

Every once in a while I get in this unshakable mood to veg out on the couch, drink a gallon of Pepsi, overdose on chocolate, and watch a chick flick.

I was in one of those moods alllll day. But, I decided to get out of the house and go side x siding with my cousin, her bf, and their friend. And I had a blast. No joke. It was an awesome afternoon/evening.

But, as soon as I walked through the door, that feeling hit me again. And I knew exactly how I would spend the rest of the night (after I put in an hour or so of studying, of course).

So, I flaked out on the couch with my Pepsi and a Cadbury dark chocolate bar and watched one of my favorite girlie movies. Something Borrowed.

I’ve watched it at least a dozen times. And it never gets boring. Perhaps its because Dex (Colin Egglesfield) is soooo hot. Seriously, he’s dreamy.

If you haven’t watched this movie, you should.

I’ve Been Neglectful…

…of this blog.

It’s been a crazy week. Work, class, homework, and tryouts…yes tryouts. Not the regular sports kind, but the nerdy mathletes, debate team sort…kind of.

My school hosts a Business Case Competition every year in November. Teams from each campus (theres quite a few) compete.

Whats a Business Case Competition? Well, every team is put into a seperate classroom, and the door is locked. We aren’t allowed to take anything in with us, no cell phones, no books, nothing. We are however provided with one computer, sans internet access. Each team is given 2.5 hours to read a case study, and put together a slideshow to present to the judges. The top two teams get to travel to Qatar to participate in an international competition, and the third place team gets to travel to Montreal to participate in the Vanier Business  Case Competition.

I’ve also had a Professional Selling case study assignment due yesterday, and a Statistics assignment due today.

Needless to say I’ve been busy.


I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend, and perhaps trying out some of the DIY crafts I found on Pinterest.

Maybe this one…

My Favorite…

I hate everything about coffee…the way it smells, the way it tastes….

So, when I lived in Alberta, and my friends wanted to go for “coffee” I either had a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks (love!) or a French Vanilla Cappucino at Tim Horton’s.

Since I’ve moved back across the country, to a town with no Starbucks (I know, its unthinkable) and Tim Horton’s isn’t my favorite (how un-Canadian of me), I have been left to find alternate sources of caffinated goodness. There is a nice local place here called Brewed (I’ll post about it sometime soon), but on my student budget I cant always go out for “coffee.” So, I make my own at home.

I’ve always enjoyed hot chocolate, but I don’t want it every day. So, on my last trip to Walmart (the at leas $100 store) I decided to look for something to switch it up. I found my new favorite (at home) hot bevarage: Hills & Bros French Vanilla Cappuccino. Yum!

My Favorite Apps

I’ve decided to take a page out of Little Miss Momma’s book and share some of my favorite things from time to time.

So to start things off here’s one of my favorite apps for my Iphone….My Fitness Pal

I love this app because it allows me to set fitness or weight goals, and then lets me know the ideal calorie intake to achieve those goals.  It keeps track of that calorie intake, as well as water intake, and exercise. Whats truly great about it is that I can find almost any food that I eat, regardless of the brand or restaurant. Its all there. And if by some odd chance that its not, you can add it, and then its there for you, and everyone else to use.

Yes, I know, for someone who has weight loss goals, I did not eat very well today. I will do better tomorrow.