Mmmmm Smoothie Time

I’m making an effort to eat healthier. I had this yummy Strawberry Banana smoothie for lunch. It was homemade with my Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker (love this thing).

8-10 strawberries (I use frozen. They last longer in the fridge and are cheaper.)
1 banana
1/2 cup of fruit juice (today I used Tropicana Orange Juice w/o pulp)
2-3 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt
I blend up my strawberries first. Then add the banana and juice, and blend it. Then lastly I add in the frozen yogurt.


I am finally finished the diploma program that I have been working on for like five years. Yes, I know that’s a long time to finish what should have been a two year program, but I did it while building my career. I’m starting my degree program this fall hopefully. I’m definitely a sucker for punishment. But I do get the next four months free from the stress of school.

And since I apparently don’t know how to operate without stress in my life, I decided to host family supper at my place this coming Sunday. Which really wouldn’t be a huge deal except, I’m going to visit my parents for the weekend, so I’ll be out of town Friday – Sunday afternoon. And, since I’ve been studying for the last few weeks, I haven’t done much house work (I’m no Martha Stewart remember). So, I’ve got one night to get the groceries I need, and clean my place before I head out for the weekend.

I don’t cook for other people often. So I should probably apologize to them in advance. It could be a questionable meal 🙂

So You Fell Asleep with Gum in Your Mouth

We’ve all had those nights where you go out for a drink with the girls, and A drink turns into quite a few and the night turns into a blur.

You know one of the nights where you stumble in through the door, kick off your shoes and hopefully make it to the bed.

If you’re lucky, you managed to change out of your “Going Out” clothes, and if you’re really lucky, you remembered to spit out your gum.

And if you weren’t that lucky, your morning after goes a little like this:

“Ugh….I don’t feel so good
OMG! Where is my gum?
Puhleeeeaase let it be on the sheets.
Oh no….It’s in my haaaaiiiirrr!!!!”

And then quite obviously panic sets in. How on earth will you get it out?

Have no fear. Last night, a friend of mine was the unlucky one. And today, I was unfortunate enough to be the one helping her find a way to remove it. After some googling, we decided to try the Peanut Butter Method. And I happy to report that it worked, was super easy, and quite quick.

If you ever find yourself in this truly unfortunate situation, don’t panic, put down the scissors, and follow these steps.

Step One

Do yourself a favor. Cover your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothes from the peanut butter.

Step Two

Do your best to separate the gummed section(s) of hair from the rest of your hair. May as well do what you can to minimize the mess.

Step Three

Take a spoonful of smooth peanut butter. Do not use the crunchy kind. Its not oily enough. The oil is what helps soften the gum.

Step Four

Smear the peanut butter onto the gum.

Step Five

Massage the peanut butter into the gum.

Step Six

When you feel the gum soften up, gently pull it from the hair. And voila, all you’re left with is some peanut butter residue.

Step Seven

Wash your hair thoroughly and your good to go.

A shout out and special thanks to my wonderful friend for letting me document this traumatic experience. I’ll be kind and not name her because being hungover and having gum and peanut butter in your hair is enough misery for one day. I’ll spare her any additional embarrassment.

TGIF (Yesterday)

Friday is quite possibly my favorite day of the week.They’re full of so much potential for weekend shenanigans 🙂

But yesterday I woke up to this…

It’s the middle of April. I should not be driving to work through freshly fallen snow.
I also, shouldn’t see people parked like tools at the mall. Especially when they’re driving an old model truck. Seriously people, this isn’t necessary. If you don’t want your doors dinged, I suggest you not park in the third spot from the mall entrance, and perhaps park at the end of the parking lot where no one else will want to park next to you.

And to end the day on a positive note, there were a few shenanigans. It was girls night out and I got to hang with my cousin Jen.

What you can’t see in this picture is that I’m rocking a fab faux leather jacket that I bought in Calgary a few years ago. I’ve only worn it a few times, because “leather” requires a certain level of confidence to pull it off, and I’ve never really had it. But last night, I said “Screw it” and wore it. And I’m so glad I did. It gave my outfit just the edge it needed. Plus, I’ve been dying to take it out dancing ever since I bought it. We had so much fun, I think I’ll take it again next time.

Those Neighbors

I live in a basement apartment. And my upstairs neighbors are the worst.  Not joking. 
They blast their tv and music.
She wears her high heels on the hardwood floor all day long.
She thinks midnight is a great time to turn on the mixer, and blender, and every other loud, annoying kitchen appliance.

But most of all, they think 2 am is the best time to argue. And they argue A LOT (at least twice a week). Like full out screaming matches. Complete with an extreme amount of profanity and throwing of things.
And while most of the time I find it extremely annoying, I’d be lying if I said that didn’t find it slightly entertaining.  She’s the kind of girl I love to roll my eyes at. You know, the one who breaks down sobbing about 30 seconds in. And it’s the most pathetic sob. (so funny in fact that I love to do impressions of her when I’m hanging with the girls). And she only does it to try to manipulate him. And he knows it so he just spews curse words.
When they get really into it, I can hear most everything they’re saying.
And sometimes, when I can only hear muffled arguments, I wish I had a set of bionic ears so I could hear the entire thing. Because I bet it would be more entertaining than television.
Here’s to be thankful that as of right now…I haven’t had to listen to them “make up”.

A Chick Flick Kinda Night

Every once in a while I get in this unshakable mood to veg out on the couch, drink a gallon of Pepsi, overdose on chocolate, and watch a chick flick.

I was in one of those moods alllll day. But, I decided to get out of the house and go side x siding with my cousin, her bf, and their friend. And I had a blast. No joke. It was an awesome afternoon/evening.

But, as soon as I walked through the door, that feeling hit me again. And I knew exactly how I would spend the rest of the night (after I put in an hour or so of studying, of course).

So, I flaked out on the couch with my Pepsi and a Cadbury dark chocolate bar and watched one of my favorite girlie movies. Something Borrowed.

I’ve watched it at least a dozen times. And it never gets boring. Perhaps its because Dex (Colin Egglesfield) is soooo hot. Seriously, he’s dreamy.

If you haven’t watched this movie, you should.

I’ve Been Neglectful…

…of this blog.

It’s been a crazy week. Work, class, homework, and tryouts…yes tryouts. Not the regular sports kind, but the nerdy mathletes, debate team sort…kind of.

My school hosts a Business Case Competition every year in November. Teams from each campus (theres quite a few) compete.

Whats a Business Case Competition? Well, every team is put into a seperate classroom, and the door is locked. We aren’t allowed to take anything in with us, no cell phones, no books, nothing. We are however provided with one computer, sans internet access. Each team is given 2.5 hours to read a case study, and put together a slideshow to present to the judges. The top two teams get to travel to Qatar to participate in an international competition, and the third place team gets to travel to Montreal to participate in the Vanier Business  Case Competition.

I’ve also had a Professional Selling case study assignment due yesterday, and a Statistics assignment due today.

Needless to say I’ve been busy.


I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend, and perhaps trying out some of the DIY crafts I found on Pinterest.

Maybe this one…

My Favorite…

I hate everything about coffee…the way it smells, the way it tastes….

So, when I lived in Alberta, and my friends wanted to go for “coffee” I either had a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks (love!) or a French Vanilla Cappucino at Tim Horton’s.

Since I’ve moved back across the country, to a town with no Starbucks (I know, its unthinkable) and Tim Horton’s isn’t my favorite (how un-Canadian of me), I have been left to find alternate sources of caffinated goodness. There is a nice local place here called Brewed (I’ll post about it sometime soon), but on my student budget I cant always go out for “coffee.” So, I make my own at home.

I’ve always enjoyed hot chocolate, but I don’t want it every day. So, on my last trip to Walmart (the at leas $100 store) I decided to look for something to switch it up. I found my new favorite (at home) hot bevarage: Hills & Bros French Vanilla Cappuccino. Yum!