Wedding Wednesday | Our Wedding Registry

Sine Jeff and I have already have most of the things we need around the house we had no idea what to put on our wedding registry.

I googled and searched Pinterest, but most of the guides seemed to be geared towards people who had never owned a home or had their own apartment before. Jeff and I had a majority of the items on the lists.

But thanks to many chats with my Maid of Honour, Megan, and a super helpful registry consultant we were able to put together what we feel is a well rounded registry.

We’ve registered for a few items we don’t have and a few “upgrades”. There’s a wide range of prices, so there are options for different budgets.

So what did we register for?

Fine China 

I love the idea of having special wedding China. I like that we can have nice place settings to take out on special occasions, like our anniversary or even Christmas. I also like the idea of taking really good care of it, so that we can pass it on. I would love to have some of my grandmothers good China.

We (I) chose this China from Kate Spade. There were a bunch of beautiful options and as much as I love some of the bolder choices like this one, I wanted something a little more timeless looking. As much as I like what we registered for, ive been thinking about finding a similar pattern in a more classic brand. Something I know should hold value and always be classic. 

Everyday China

Jeff is always (not everyday but often enough) complaining that we don’t have enough matching plates for when we have family in for supper. So we (again I) decided to register for some everyday China as well.

Again, I chose Kate Spade. And again, I’m not 100% settled on what I’ve chosen. I’m not sure I wan’t to be committed to the blue coloured pattern. I may have to consider my options again.

Bar Ware

I’ve always wanted a decanter. Honestly, I wish I had the type of job where having one in my office would be appropriate. Albeit I’m not much of a hard liquor fan, but I’d find something to put in it.

I love how classy decanters look. And this one has such an elegant feel about it. It would look great on the bar cart Jeff bought me for my birthday last year. Of course we registered for the matching old fashioned and high ball glasses too. 

And because bloggers seem to love them, and because they’re kinda cute, I couldn’t resist adding some moscow mule mugs as well.

Casual Dining Ware

We registered for a not so fancy, every day pieces like this great chip and dip bowl for game nights, a gravy boat just because I hate dipping gravy out of a bowl or pot (gravy boats are classier in my mind), and a few other things like this, this and this.

Jeff and I already have a lot of kitchen type things, but Bed Bath and Beyond had a great selection of items that match a lot of our current stuff and that would fill a few of the holes in our “collection”. I registered us for this, this and this. Basically I’m a sucker for cute white bowls and platters. 

PS. I totally would have chosen this Kate spade gravy boat if Jeff would have let me and if it wasn’t so expensive.

Small Appliances

A food processor is pretty much the only small kitchen appliance that we don’t have right now. We chose this one because it’s not too big, yet not too small. We likely won’t use it often, so we didn’t want anything that would take up a lot of storage space, but we also wanted something that would be big enough to do decent size batches of things when we did use it.

For the Rest of the Home
Pretty much the only non-kitchen item we registered for was this clothing steamer

Its not something I came up with on my own. Megan has one and loves it, so we suggested we get one too. I think it will be great for getting wrinkles out of delicate clothes. And out of the clothes that sits in a pile on our guest bed for weeks. Right Jeff?

And thats pretty much it. What did you register for? 
Any suggestions for things we may have missed?

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Why You Should Have A Wedding Registry

Jeff and I both moved out of our parents’ homes shortly after high school. That means that for the past 10ish years we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. There isn’t really much we “need.” Yet, we’ve decided to have a wedding registry.

I hadn’t planned to have one, not a lot of people seem to do that sort of thing around here, but when Jeff’s stepmom asked for ideas for gifts for us, well it got us to thinking about why we should reconsider.

wedding registry

Etiquette is important.

I’m a member of a few Facebook groups for wedding planning and a question that is regularly asked is “How do I word my invitations to let guests know that we would like money instead of gifts?”
My honest opinion, since you’ve asked, is to not include anything about gifts on the invite. Personally, I find it tacky. Second, it’s rude AF to ask someone for money. In some social circles (not all), not having a registry is seen as implying you want money.

People are going to give you gifts. 

I know, I know, most wedding guests give the bride and groom a monetary gift these days. But not everyone does. Registries are helpful for friends and family who want to give you an actual thing.

Not every gift giver will buy something from your list, but registries to help reduce the risk of you receiving something you don’t need or like.


Still have your cutlery from college? You could register for something nicer. Would you like new wine glasses? Or maybe a food processor that isn’t a hand me down from your mom? Since people out there are bound to give you gifts, now’s a good chance to upgrade a few of the things you have.

Completion Deals

Many stores have registry completion programs. Basically, after your wedding you get the option to purchase any of the remaining items on your registry for a discounted price, usually 10-20% off. If you like sales, that’s too good of a deal to pass up.


Lots of times the people you work with will want to give you something to mark the occasion. Often they will pool their money together to buy one gift. Since these people  likely don’t know your likes and dislikes as well as your friends and family, so a registry can be a huge help to them.

Did you register for your wedding?

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Wedding Wednesday: The Dress


I opened up my app today, and was smacked in the face with the reality that our wedding is approaching. Fast. 186 days. In just a few days we will hit the 6 month mark.

Panic is beginning to ensue. There is sooo much left to be done.

Luckily my mom will be in town this weekend and we plan to tackle the to-do list hard.

Back in November my mom, aunt and I drove the 700 kms from Corner Brook to St. John’s for a girls weekend and dress shopping. 

We drove in on a Wednesday, with appointments at salons for Thursday morning. I was so confident that finding a dress would be a breeze, that I was mentally planning the other stores (Sephora) I would hit Thursday afternoon.

It was anything but. I didn’t really know what type of a dress I wanted. I just knew that I wanted it to be classy, and elegant, and not like anything any of my friends had had so far. You know, I wanted to be different. Oh, and satin. Definitely satin. I figured I would just “know” when I saw it.

We started the day at The Model Shop where I tried on a bunch of beautiful dresses. The staff was wonderful. And my mom even cried when she saw me in one of the dresses. But I wasn’t ready to “say yes to the dress.” It’s hard not to be a little indecisive in a store that carries so many beautiful dresses. 

Next we went to The Bridal Salon. My least favourite place. It appeared tacky as soon as we walked through the door. The walls in the bridal area were bright red. My mom and Aunt were not allowed to look at the dress selection. They had to sit on a hard wooden bench, and weren’t allowed to even stand up and move around while waiting for me (there were signs saying they had to keep seated). The dress selection didn’t seem to be quality (my personal opinion only) and while I was polite and tried on a few dresses, I didn’t liked anything at all. The only positive about the place was that the lady helping me was nice. Oh and heads up Newfoundland brides, you are not allowed to take pictures of dresses you like.

Ever After was up next. It was a cute salon. They didn’t take appointments and when I got to the store there was another girl there trying on dresses. Because the store was small, with just one pedestal and mirror, and side by side dressing rooms, I felt like I was intruding upon her shopping experience. It was so tight that we kept stepping on each other’s dresses when going to and from our dressing rooms. The dress selection was nice, but I didn’t fall in love with anything.
By this point I was beyond frustrated and on the verge of tears. 

Did you know that satin dresses are not very popular right now? And did you know that it’s a fabric that can make even the skinniest girls look pudgy? In the past year I’ve gained a bit of weight, and I haven’t been happy with my body. I never dreamed that I would ever be shopping for wedding dresses and feeling bad about myself. It sucked hard to have the type of dresses I anticipated loving, not being very flattering.

After a meltdown and a quick trip to Kathy Evans Bridal (dislike the place so much that I have nothing to say about it) we decided to call it quits for the day and to grab supper and drinks at Montana’s. Because beer and nachos make everything better.

The next day I headed back to the Model Shop with a more open mind, ready to try on every dress in the store. And I pretty much did. By the time I left I had narrowed it down to two dresses. The one my mom loved, and one I had pinned on Pinterest before the trip, but hadn’t seen the day before. 
Over the course of the day I thought hard about what I wanted to look like on my wedding day and how I felt in each of the dresses. And yes, a few more tears were shed.

I didn’t get the dress my mom loved, and that was a hard choice to make. I wanted so badly for her to have the same reaction to the dress I chose. She didn’t but that’s okay. The dress she loved was absolutely beautiful, and was totally a “me” dress, but it was lacking va-va-voom and I wanted that.
Of course I have zero intentions of showing you “the one” but have no fear we took pictures of all of the other dresses I tried on. 

The dress my mom loved. Maggie Sottero – Aideen
Maggie Sottero – Serencia 

Please forgive the hot mess that I was. We got caught in the rain once or twice. Ugh.

How was your dress shopping experience? 
Did you find it right away or did it take you a little longer like me?

Wedding Wednesday: Top Five Planning Resources

Planning a wedding can be an amazing, wonderful, fun-filled time. It can also be crazy, hard, frustrating and anxiety inducing.
On a number of occasions I felt like I was drowning in the less than awesome. There is so much to do when planning a wedding. So many things to decide. What theme do you want? What will the colors be? Gold or silver? What venue(s) do you want?
Its so easy to lose track of the all of the good things, for the anxiety to take away from this wonderful time in your life. Don’t let it. 
I’ve put together a list of my favorite planning resources that have helped ease some of my stresses, hopefully they will help you too!
wedding planning resources

The Knot
Literally everything you need to plan your wedding can be found on The Knot. The website has so much inspiration for brides to be from dresses, to decor, to cakes. It also has some really great tools like a planning checklist, budget planner, guest list planner, and free website builder.

For all of you digital gals out there, this app is great for keeping your notes on the go. To do lists, questions to ask vendors, due dates. You can keep it all in the palm of your hand.

If you’re old school like me, a coiled notebook is the best place to keep all of your lists, thoughts, dreams and plans. I like to tape inspiration pictures in mine

With an endless supply of inspiration, Pinterest can be a great place to get a lot of ideas. Just try not to get overwhelmed, or try to make everything you see on Pinterest happen. Or your wedding could end up looking like it has multiple personality disorder, or that Pinterest threw up all over it.

Friends and Family
This one can be dangerous, I know. Too many opinions can be a huge problem. But if you have someone you trust, who’s been down this road before, who understands your vision, and who isn’t trying to make your wedding their own, use them. My Matron of Honor, Megan, has been a total life saver through this entire process so far. She helps keep me on track, brings me back to earth when I need to be thinking more realistically, and helps me decide what details are important and which ones are not (read: they all are, I’m basically Bridezilla).

What wedding resources are you finding or did you find helpful?


Wedding Wednesday: Where We Stand

Its been a hot minute since I’ve done a Wedding Wednesday. So, I figure its a good time for an update. Because you all love reading about my wedding planning. Right? Right!

Alrighty, if we’re being honest not a whooooole lot has been done. Work has been stupidly busy the last few months, and its been hard to make phone calls during business hours, which means that by the time I’m able to call, the places I need to call are closed. Such is life.

But I digress.

We picked a photographer. We’re paying waaay more than we had initially planned, but it was difficult to find a great photographer in our original price range. Since photos are really the only thing from our big day that we will have forever, besides memories of course, we decided to redistribute the money to get photographers that will provide the quality and style of pictures we want. We’re super excited to have Candace and Dru on board for our big day. How could we not be when they take amazing shots like this.

candace and dru wedding photos
candace and dru wedding photos


I’ve booked hair and make up for me and my #squad. I decided that I wanted to go to a salon, rather than have people come to my house or a hotel room. I think it will be a little more fun. And a ton less stressful if we aren’t trying to cram a bunch of people into a small space. I looked into a few options, got suggestions and reviews from people I know, and finally settled on Silver Scissors & Emerald Spa.

I bought my dress! Oh man, it was an emotional, stressful, tearful, joyful few days. I’ll tell you more about that later. But no pictures, because everyone who will see it before the wedding has seen it. Basically, I’m showing it to no one. It’ll make it more special I think.

I bought my shoes! These Badgley Mischka’s are perfect. I originally ordered them from Nordstrom in the Berry color, but they do not fit true to size, so they were too small. When I tried to return them for a bigger size, the color was no longer available, so I settled for white. Which is more off white than snow white, so I’m hoping they will look good with my dress.

I picked a bridesmaid dress. Finally. And they’ve been ordered. I’ll tell you all about how much fun that was not as soon as I find the words. I will say though, that I am really happy with the dress I chose, it was just a rough time getting it all figured out.

Tuxes are rented! We decided to get them from Tip Top Tailers. There aren’t a lot of options around here and Tip Top had a couple really great promotions on. If we rented 5 tuxes, the groom gets his free. And by booking by December 31st we saved $40 per tux. It was really too good to pass up.

I ordered our invitations from Vistaprint. There were a few hiccups along the way, but we are so so happy with how they turned out.

Now that I’ve written it all down, I can see that I’ve done more that it feels like I have. I guess it just feels like I’ve done nothing because there is still so much left to do. 

Any tips for a girl who still has decor and cake and flowers to figure out?

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Wedding Thursday? And Free Ad Space!

Did you take part in the #GetNoticedNow webinar Helene hosted last night? It was amazing. Seriously, so good. I have to admit, I went in not knowing what to expect, but Helene blew it out of the water. I finally understand alt text on images. So I’m considering that a major win.

After the webinar I had a thought; what if all of us little guys tried to help each other get noticed. So I decided to offer up spots on my sidebar for free to all the attendees of the webinar. Just head on over to my sponsor page and use promo code #getnoticednow (all lower case) to sign up for that!

Moving on…

J.W.’s parents were visiting us for three weeks and they went home yesterday, so last night was the first time, in what feels like forever, that we got to hang out on the couch together watching tv and just generally enjoying being by ourselves. Don’t get me wrong we loved having them here, we really did, but having the house to ourselves last night felt like heaven. 

I had 100% intended to participate in Wedding Wednesday yesterday, but procrastination and cuddles on the couch got the best of me, and then before I knew it, it was time for the webinar. So here we are, WW one day late.

One of the first things I did after we got engaged is sign up on Actually it was more like, open up the account I already had and replace Channing Tatum as the groom and put in the date we thought we wanted. What can I say? I’ve always been a dreamer.
Next came facing the checklist. It was overwhelming at first and still is at times, but I’ve found it helpful. Its helped me stay focused on the items that are important right now and to not get distracted by the things that aren’t as time sensitive.

I’ve complained a few times (here and here) about how much the planning is stressing me out but now that we’ve made some decisions its getting a lot better, and I can spend more time being excited about spending the rest my life with J.W.
Here’s what we’ve been able to cross off the list the past few weeks.

Pick a City and Season
Choosing a city wasn’t difficult. J.W. is from the city we live in and my family is only three hours away so it made sense for us to plan our big day here in Corner Brook, NL.

I’ve always known that I wanted a summer wedding and I refused to entertain the possibility of any other seasons.

Set a Date
This one wasn’t as simple as picking a date we liked. We both knew we wanted to get married next year but venues around here book up fast so we basically had to call around find out what dates they all had available, then pick the venue and date that worked best for us. Thankfully we found a place that was available around the time we wanted.

The big day will be August 27, 2016

Research and Choose a Reception Venue
We decided to choose our reception venue before making decisions about a ceremony venue simply because the reception venue is what books up fastest around here and would ultimately determine our date. Corner Brook has quite a few venue options however a few were eliminated as possibilities immediately because they can’t accommodate as many people as we require (J.W. and I both have large extended families). Others were eliminated based on price (here’s looking at you Humber Valley Resort), or their aesthetic (no rustic places for this girl). In the end we had to choose between two places Jennifer’s, a beautiful restaurant and bar downtown, and the Greenwood Inn, a local hotel. 

We chose the Greenwood Inn because its convenient (our guests can stay there), they allow us to do our own decorating (and provide us time to do so), we get a free hotel room for two nights, and the pricing was the best. 

Research and Choose a Ceremony Venue
I never would have guessed that it would be hard to find a ceremony venue, however it seems that most people around here either have church ceremonies or civil ceremonies outside. Neither of which were an option for me. The only place I could find was the new atrium at Grenfell. It was pricier than I had anticipated and planned to spend, but it is beautiful. Floor to ceiling windows, lots of natural light, modern, and a big staircase for me to make a grand entrance. All things I love.

Grenfell Atrium

PS. there were zero photos online of this place for me to look at prior to my site visit. But thanks to my new SEO skills, someone should be able to find some in the future. Thanks Helene!

Research and Choose and Officiant
This was possibly the easiest decision to make. Even easier than saying “YES!” I’ve known who I wanted my officiant to be for years. Jacqueline is a family friend. She’s known me my entire life. She’s a beautiful person, down to earth and spiritual. I’ve been to a ceremony she has done, and it was lovely. And I love that she donates 100% of the fee she charges to charity.

Research and Book a DJ
Again, this one was a bit of a challenge. Mostly because I couldn’t find contact information for the people who were recommended to me. I guess they operate it as a cash side job, and not an actual business. But I was able to find DJ Prime Sound, and they’re available at a reasonable rate, so another item bites the dust.

And there you have it. We have so much accomplished yet so much left to do. Next on our list, figuring out our bridal party, booking a photographer, and trying on more dresses. In the meantime I plan to soak up as much time enjoying this experience with J.W. as possible. 

Are you planning a wedding? How’s it going? Any tips?
PS. I’m mostly excited about the dresses. And finding some killer shoes. Le Duh. 


Wedding Wednesday: Five Things My Wedding Won’t Have

My parents came to town last weekend.

JW and I had dinner with them Friday evening at the Crown & Moose. Tons of pub food and beers were consumed. And unfortunately for my dad and JW lots of wedding talk occurred. 

Saturday my mom and I decided to visit my city’s only bridal salon. I didn’t have high expectations thankfully, because I didn’t have the bridal experience at all. But the purpose of the visit wasn’t to find a dress but to more or less find out what I was looking for in a dress. Although I had a great time with mom I wasn’t as successful narrowing down a style as I had hoped. We did however determine that some of the dresses with the beautiful backs that I love have strap styles make it look like the dress is swallowing me whole. So there’s that. Pictures were taken, but it turns out my mom is pretty terrible behind the camera.

That evening my aunt and uncle cooked supper and we had a super informal meet and greet of our parents/engagement celebration. It was a wonderful evening and somehow there were no pictures taken, sorry about that.

It was a good weekend, but my mom called on Monday concerned that I wasn’t happy about getting married. Apparently I wasn’t acting like an excited bride-to-be. Let me be clear. I am unbelievably happy about marrying JW, but so many questions were directed my way about the wedding over the weekend, that I guess it was hard for me to hide how overwhelmed I’ve been.

I’ve always picked apart other peoples weddings. Not in a judgmental sort of way (okay maybe a little) but in a way where I took notice of the things I did or didn’t like about them and made mental notes for when my turn came. Because of that I always thought that I knew exactly what I wanted my wedding to be. However since beginning to plan my own big day I’ve come to realize that I don’t actually know what I want, I just know what I don’t want. 

1. Church Ceremony
JW isn’t a fan of organized religion and for the most part neither am I. We also come from families who have different religious backgrounds (his is Pentecostal and Salvation Army while mine is Roman Catholic) and our grandmothers are both praying for a wedding to be held in their respective church. Its easier to choose neither than it is to offend either side. Also, having a civil ceremony gives us a lot more control over the things we will or will not include. And even with not having it in a church it will still be a romantic and spiritual event.
2. Outdoor Ceremony
The weather in Newfoundland is predictably unpredictable. It is entirely possible for us to experience all four seasons in one day. I don’t want the stress of worrying about whether or not the weather will cooperate, and dealing with having a Plan B in case it doesn’t. I don’t want to be rushing around buying umbrellas at the last minute, have my guests freeze to death, or have my veil blow away in a nor’wester. Also, both mine and JW’s grandmothers are hard of hearing; an outdoor location would have a lot of background noise which would make it difficult for them to hear the ceremony. I don’t want them to feel isolated during the part of the day that is most important to them, and what is essentially the “wedding”.
3. Photographers Who Don’t Dress Professionally
Few things irritate me more than wedding vendors who show up in leggings and crocks looking like they don’t belong. If I’m trying to achieve elegance on my Big Day, I don’t want the people I’m paying looking like they just left the gym. #sorrynotsorry
4. Candy Bar
I know some people love them and I don’t mean to offend, but around these parts candy bars are incredibly over done. The excitement has worn off them. They can be expensive to prepare for and people usually end up with tons of candy left over. This is not a positive to me, because I will eat them all. #hefferinthemaking
5. Rustic Theme
 Again, incredibly over done. I don’t want my wedding to look like the last six weddings my guests attended. Also, as much as I am outdoorsy, rustic weddings just aren’t my thang.
What things would you not want/did you not want your wedding to have?

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I Said Yes! And Then Came the Hard Part

My very first Wedding Wednesday and I almost missed it! But its only 10:47 here, so technically we’re good, even if I made it in just under the wire.

I’ve been engaged for a grand total of 12 days and I’m already overwhelmed with the planning. People, it. is. hard. Seriously, I know you’re skeptical, I was too when I read this post of Juliette’s, but holy crap guys, there’s just so much to do and figure out.

JW and I have decided that we want to get married next summer. And did you know that 12 months is considered a short engagement? Because I did not. And I’ve always been like, “I’m definitely going to need at least 12 months to plan,” but in the back of mind totally thought a full year would be lots of time. Think again friends. Think again.

Venues, djs and photographers book up super fast around these parts so I have ZERO time to waste. And I’m totally picky about what vendors I’m willing to work with, and no time to really be so picky, yet I am terribly indecisive.

Guys there are just so many decisions to make. And I don’t want to make them, because what if I choose wrong? They say you can’t choose wrong, but you know you totally can. I want a wedding that super elegant and super fun and super romantic. I want to wow people. I want them to talk about how beautiful it was and how much they enjoyed themselves. I want to blow it out of the water. So yeah, I need to not choose wrong.

And basically I’ve been dealing with my stress by eating all the candy and indulging in the occasional beverage because do you know how hard it is to obsess about your wedding and spend 24/7 Pinteresting but actually avoid any real planning? The struggle is real my friends. The. Struggle. Is. Real.

If you need me, I’ll be over here with my donuts.