The Facts of Me

Is it too late to start participating in Blogtober? Perhaps, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

Today’s prompt is “facts about you” and to make up for my abscence around here I’m going to share 30 tidbits about me. If you’ve been stopping around here for a while you might already know some of these, and if you’re new, welcome aboard!

1. I hate when people cut strips of bacon in half. Full lengths only please.
2. I put my hangers in the closet with the tip of the hook facing out. The “right way” bothers me, and if you hang something in my closet that way, I need to fix it. Just one of those things I got from my momma I suppose.
3. I only was my hair every three or four days.
4. I’m very thankful for hat weather and that hats are on trend right now so that I can stylishly cover up my day four hair.
5. I love shoes and clothes. Seriously, I have an addiction. So I guess one would assume that I’m good at the whole girly package. This unfortunately is not the case. Make up and hair are outside my skill set and are a legit struggle.
6. My make up routine feels (and looks) incomplete without lipstick, but I rarely wear it because it is such a pain in the ass to maintain and reapply.
7. I feel the most badass when I’m rocking a bold lipstick like my new Rimmel Bordeaux 124.
8. I’m trying to eat healthier. Again. And I’m failing miserably. Again.
9. Few things make me happier than spending lazy days at the cabin watching HGTV with my mom.
10. I’m pretty sure I found a grey root in my hair yesterday morning. I really wanted to skip work to stay home and inspect it further. And to cry.
11. I rarely ever make my bed. Usually I only do it when I change my sheets or when I am trying to impress my house guests.
12. I love DIY projects. Stay tuned for posts next week about the table I made from crates and all the decor I DIY’d for Erika’s bachelorette.
13. My eyes are green, and I wear green colored contacts. May seem ridiculous, but they make them look more vibrant.
14. I don’t have a favorite type of music. My musical taste is all over the place. My current playlist has Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Queen and The Travelling Wilburys.
15. I only have one sibling, a brother who is 2.5 years younger and probably a foot taller.
16. The only realilty tv shows I ever really liked were Laguna Beach and The Hills. I know.
17. I am a shopaholic and I find that my addiction is at its worst when my funds are at their lowest.
18. I am a terrible dancer. It. Is. Just. That. Bad.
19. I dont have any pets. And I don’t want any. They’re too much work.
20. I used to wait tables at Boston Pizza. I was terrible at it. Really truly. Its a horrible job, and anyone who can do it well gets my respect.
21. I hate the whole tipping thing. I think tips should be earned not expected. And I think it is total bullshit that restaurants take money from their wait staff based on the sales they made, assuming they received tips. Not every patron tips. And its bullshit to assume otherwise. Stop stealing from your staff!
22. My hair is super long but its super thin. It is such a pain. I have no volume. Seriously, how do I get thicker hair?
23. I dislike coffee but I like caramel macchiatos which have espresso. Figure that one out if you can.
24. Target Canada reposted one of my pictures on Instagram and I completely nerded out. I mean, there was squealing, and a happy dance, and texts sent to my friends. I was over the moon. But I’m still not famous, so that was a bit of a let down.
25. I drive a white Honda Civic that I’ve nicknamed “The Civ.” We have a love/hate relationship happening. She’s great on gas, but she’s a bitch to drive during the five months of the year we have snow on the ground.
26. I love to read, but I haven’t picked up a book in at least four months.
27. I cut the cord and cancelled my cable in June to save money, and its killing me. Thursday nights were once my favorite, now they’re just plain rough with out the cast of Grey’s.
28. I have only lived in three different cities, but I’ve had 8 homes. FYI, moving sucks.
29. I have an affinity for staying up late every night. I regret it every morning.
30. I can be vain and selfish and self absorbed. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to think of 30 facts about myself.
But enough about me, I wanna know about you. Link up for Blogtober would ya.

A Lazy Monday Morning Post…Just Cause

I’ve been MIA around these parts, again. There’s no good excuse for it except that some IRL people have discovered this little piece of the web and I’ve been a little unsure of how to proceed knowing that. You see very few people in my life actually know about this blog, for a couple of reasons. I’m a bit self-conscious about my writing skills, but also, if no one knew about this thing, then I had to filter myself less. And there’s really something to be said about having a place to go and say whatever you want to say, without having to filter it, or worry about what the people in your life would think about it.

I guess I always knew this day would come, but secretly I had hoped it wouldn’t, I liked being able to be free with my words. When I was told that the IRLers were reading the things I write, I was thrown a little. Suddenly I worried about the things I’ve posted. Had I posted anything too personal that I wouldn’t want them to know? Had I ever written about them? And then I began to worry about having to be careful about the things I said in the future. I lost every ounce of creative spark I had going, and I deserted this place for a while. Trying to figure out how to proceed.

I’m slowly crawling out of the dark hole that surrounded this tiny piece of the Blogosphere, its gonna take some time I think, to get my groove back. To stop worrying what people think, and to tell them to “bite me” if they don’t like it.

So, to get things rolling around here again, I’ve resorted to my favorite lazy day post.

Currently I’m…

Eating: Nothing, and I’m starving. Forgot my lunch at home. Dammit.

Not my current hot chocolate. Throwback to Paris. Take me back!

Drinking: Hot chocolate, with marshmallows of course. Cause whats a non-coffee-drinker supposed to do when its super cold out? And yes, I know that 7 degrees isn’t “super cold”, but it feels that way so leave me alone.

Purchasing: Nothing, because that requires money.

Looking forward to: The weekend. Seriously. Because I’m getting out of town. This girl is headed to the cabin and going hunting. Moose…watch out. Ha!

Watching: Nothing at this very moment. Cause I’m at work. But as soon as I get home you can bet your bottom dollar that Revenge will be on my TV screen. Can’t wait. Hopefully its better than the rest of the fall premieres. Seriously, Scandal, Greys, you’ve disappointed me.

Reading: I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book. Its been months. And that’s sad. But with more weather heading this way, cause fall y’all, I’m sure I’ll be spending more time curled up on the couch with a good read.

Craving: The leftover Chinese food that’s home in my fridge. Get in my belly!

Feeling: Its a cold, wet, dreary, Monday morning. How do you think I’m feeling?

Peacing out: Because my break is over and I have work that needs to get done.

Let’s Get Real Vol. 7

I’m happy to report that this week is going eleventy billion times better than last week, not like thats hard or anything. But I digress, you`re here for Humpday Confessions and you shall get them.

– Saturday night was Erika`s bachelorette. I didn`t start decorating until Friday night, but 98.9% of everything that needed to be done didn`t even get looked at until Saturday. My apartment was a procrastination station last week. Oops. But I pulled it all off, so thats all that matters.

– I took all of one picture of the bachelorette. Oops. Bad Blogger. You’ll understand why shortly.

– It had been 8 years since Erika, Linda, Robyn and I had partied together and Linda suggested we party like it was 2006. I decided to take it a step further and party like it was 2006 through 2014. Many beers were consumed, and yours truly drank an entire bottle of Relax Riesling, straight from the bottle in the limo. Classy as fuck.

– I woke up Sunday morning with a plethora of bruises on my legs and a few chafes on my knees with absolutely no idea how I got them. After a while it came rushing back that I had spent a good portion of the hour and half limo ride crawling around on the floor. Hope no one saw my Britney.

– There are still numerous parts of Saturday night that I don`t remember, like the ride home. Ooops. This is not typical of me…I swear.

– This biotch did not have a hangover on Sunday. Booyah! This is in no way indicative of how often or much I drink.

– I like Taylor Swift. I dance at my desk to Shake It Off on the reg. Go ahead, judge me. #DontCare

– I’m still in the process of decorating my apartment. I’ve only been living here a year and a half, cut me some slack. My bathroom is starting to come together nicely, finally has some style happening. I’m loving this print I made, and the little vase was $1.50 on clearance at Target. Win!

And that is all.
Bye for now.
Vodka and Soda

Let’s Get Real Vol.5

Vodka and Soda

– I have finally filled my favorite pretty notebook with thoughts and musings and nonsense but haven’t had the time to buy a new one, so I’ve been using a Hilroy notebook that I “borrowed” from work. The boring red cover has not been cutting it, thus I have spent an unhealthy amount of time beautifying it with my doodles.

– FYI I can’t draw to save my life, yet I am a doodler. Pretty sure its hereditary, and I got it from my momma.

– I am anxiously awaiting the professional photos from Sarah’s Wedding, but mostly because I want to see the ones that I am in. #itsnotallaboutthebride #sometimesitsaboutthebridesmaid

– I slept in yesterday and was late for work. On Purpose. I was just seriously exhausted. It needed to happen. #sorrynotsorry

– Planning an event is hard y’all. Regatta Day, which I am planning with five other people, will likely be the death of me, or at least the reason I go bald or prematurely grey. I’ve wondered quite a few times lately how people survive planning their wedding. But, then I remember that you only have one person to consult about things, and one person who’s opinion matters, YOU. Unless of course you’re a “give the husband a say” type of person, which I am not. So yeah, planning a wedding might actually be okay. #bridezillainthemaking #mineistheonlyopinionthatcounts #poorfuturefiance

– I am not an animal person. I’ll probably be crucified by all of Bloglandia for saying that, but its the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish them any harm, I’m just not a fan. I can’t deal with the drool, and the fur, and the jumping, or the bodily functions. Yuck. I do not think that all dogs are cute (just like all babies are not cute, oops). If its cute, I will say so, and if it is ugly, I won’t pretend otherwise. Animal lovers crack me up. Kissing your dog? Vomit! Buying it gifts for the holidays? Girl, you’re fucked in the head, you could have spent that money on new shoes. Having your dog as your flower girl, ring bearer, or in your wedding at all? I can’t even…I just can’t even…There are no words.

PS. If you’re animal loving freak,  I hope this happens to you…

– Employees who question every.single.thing you ask them to do…Because I Fucking Said So!

Hump Day Happies

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest. Its fantastical for crafts, and wedding ideas, and dreaming about clothes. But my favorite part is finding new funnies to brighten my day. And because I love being generous and giving and sharing and all that jazz, here are the ones I’m loving the most right now.

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If You Really Knew Me

You would know that…

I am terrified of heights.

I prefer beer to all other alcoholic bevies.

I have an insanely long list of places I want to visit.

I’ve been making lists of potential baby names since I was a kid. I’ll never be able to choose a name for future bambinos.

I watch an unhealthy amount of tv.

I am extremely competitive, about everything.

I love kids and sometimes prefer them to adults.

I can hold my own in sports conversations.

I cry during the father-daughter dances at weddings. For no reason.

I’m not much of an animal person. But I do find small kitties and puppies cute.

That I hate the bags and dark circles under my eyes, so I edit them out of almost every photo before uploading them.

I do not watch scary movies. Ever. Period. I’d like to thank my friend for having Scream as the movie at the sleepover for her 12th birthday. I have yet to recover.

I am extremely shy around people I don’t know well. Which leads to them sometimes thinking I’m a huge stuck up bitch.

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Carry On Essentials

Carry On Essentials

I’ve spent so much time flying the past few years I’ve become almost an expert when it comes to packing my carry on. I’ve learned all the things I absolutely need, and the things that aren’t worth the space.
I always traveled with my laptop, but once I got my iPad I hardly ever take my laptop in my carry on anymore. My iPad does most of the things my laptop does, weighs so much less, and doesn’t take up nearly as much space. Plus it doubles as an e-reader. 
I’m always cold. So a light blanket is an absolute must.
I always thought these travel pillows where the dorkiest looking things ever. I couldn’t imagine that they were comfortable or worth the money. But on one long trip across the country I broke down and bought one, and boy was I ever wrong about them. Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. Now I don’t travel without it. Short haul, long haul, car, plane, train, doesn’t matter, I take it.
The air on planes is always dry. Moisturizer is must. And I love Hempz. It smells nice, isn’t greasy, and dries super fast.
Lip balm, can’t travel without it.
I find that mascara is the easiest way to freshen up your look. A few swipes and you look rejuvenated. Also, I probably should have included some deodorant here as well. I definitely always have it packed in my carry on.
Cosmo is my go to travel magazine. So many different articles to keep me occupied.
And of course headphones. Earbuds just don’t cut it for long amounts of time. They hurt my ears. And these lovelies are great for reducing outside noise and let me focus on my inflight movie or my tunes. Plus, the person next to me is usually pleased that they reduce the noise the people around me can hear.
What are your carry on essentials?
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7.22 CAD –

Eagle Creek rectangle throw pillow
30 CAD –

Off My Rocker

So here’s the deal, I’m kinda super weird, and you probably already know that, but in case there are any new faces around here today, I thought I’d put that out there.

Need proof?

I’m a girl who hates, hates, hates all things domesticated like cooking, baking and cleaning. I’ll go out of my way to avoid it as much as possible. I’m not proud of it, and I try to change it, but so far no luck. I am never in the mood to do any of those things. But every once in a while I’ll get the urge, and it will be at the strangest times. I’ve been known to start cleaning my apartment at 9:30 on a Sunday night, or clean my bathroom at 1:00 am Saturday morning. Not normal right? Well it happened again this weekend. Sometime just before midnight on Saturday I got the sudden need to bake a banana bread. First one ever at that. And I did it. And it turned out pretty good. I’m super proud of myself. And because I’m always sometimes bad at this bloggy thing, there are zero pictures. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I found a simple recipe here and then tweaked it for the things I had in my cupboards:


For the bread:
3 over-ripe bananas, smashed up
1/3 cup melted butter
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
1 1/2 cups flour


Preheat oven to 350. Butter and four a loaf pan. Mine was 9 x 5, but you could use any sort, I suppose. Just keep a close eye on it in the oven, and adjust the time as needed

Mix bananas, butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla together. sprinkle baking soda and salt around on top of the banana mixture. Then gently stir in flour. Be careful not to over-mix!

Pour mixture into pan.

Bake for 50-60 minutes, but remember, if you’re using a different-sized loaf pan, be careful and keep a close eyeball on it!

Guys I’m telling you, this recipe is super simple. If I was successful on the very first try, its impossible to mess it up.

And now I’m off to work, to do my very best to be productive for the three short hours I’ll be there before heading to the airport!

I’ve got a few posts lined up for while I’ll be gone, so that this place won’t be abandoned. And since so many of you said you want me to keep you updated of my adventures in Paris, I’ve decided to do what all the cool people do and came up with a hashtag for Twitter and Instagram so that you guys can check up on me if want.

The Post That Was Meant to Be

Note to self: To be a successful blogger, one must make sure to schedule posts for the correct date.

I had this post ready to go for Friday, but apparently I wasn’t quite paying attention when I scheduled it. So, I updated it a little and here it is. A short and sweet September Goals update.

ONE //  I’ve done pretty well with this one. I cheated last Saturday night with some pizza after a night of many Bud Lights. And I don’t feel at all bad about that because really, it was preventative measures. If a $5 slice of pizza saves me from a hangover, its worth the money and calories. I did however cave and grab some McDs for lunch on Friday. I forgot to pack my lunch. And the oatmeal I had in my lunch bag just was not gonna cut it.

TWO //  I did great on this one. The birthday gift I bought for my mom does not count.

THREE //  Yeaaaaah. Definitely was unsuccessful at this one. I only exercised once. But I made up for it on Saturday by helping my dad out with yard work around the cabin. Not as good as cardio, but still a healthier choice than lying on the couch watching HGTV.

FOUR //  I was 138 lbs when I set these goals and Friday morning I was 135.8. Not too shabby for someone who didn’t exercise at all. Very minor lifestyle changes have occurred, and things are moving in the right direction.

FIVE //  Most days I’ve done pretty well with my water intake. Some days I have to force myself to drink more, but all in all its going well…minus the bagillion trips to the ladies room.

SIX //  To be honest, I haven’t assessed this situation for a few days, mostly because I’m scared to look at the finances, but I’ve avoided the stores like the plague, so that means things should be looking better, right?

Did you set any goals this month? How are you doing with them? Hit up the comments and let me know.


I’m jumping on the idea stealing train today. Ty made a list like this on Wednesday and I felt inspired. I’ve had a list of goals in my head for this month, but I have a tendency to make goals and then forget about them.
For that reason I’ve decided to write them down. And perhaps if I put them out there for all of you to see I’ll be more inclined to follow them through.

 So there you have em. They’re pretty lofty, but I think I can do it. I’ll post updates every Friday on how I’m doing with them (brief ones I promise).

one. Bridesmaid dress shopping.
two. Yummy meals out with coworkers. And those cute retro fry baskets.
three. Taking a time out to feed the ducks at the river.
four. Morning cuddles with this precious face.
Five. Silly selfies on the mini roadie with the cousin.

And because no Friday is complete without a tune or two its time to…

Peace out trouts. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!