Fondue for Two

– I have a list of baby names stored in the notepad on my iPhone. Obviously that’s not something I share with everyone. Can you imagine how fast a guy would run for the hills if he found out? And omg, pretty sure my parents would have a panic attack. But in any case, its there. And any time I hear a name I like, I add it. Pretty sure though that by the time I’m ready to name a child, I’ll look at every name on that list and wonder wtf I was thinking.

– The skin on my face is always dry and flaky. No amount of moisturizer can fix it. And it makes it super hard to find BB creams and foundations that will help color correct my skin tone, without looking like a total effing mess.

– I’m on a super tight budget these days. And its killing me. I have never wanted to shop so bad. I mean why does Target have to come out with all this awesome clothes right as I decide that I have zero room in my budget for clothes shopping? And why do e-books have to be so darn expensive when the temperatures are frigid and I’m cooped up in my apartment with nothing else to do but read?

– I’m really looking forward to the Divergent movie. But I’ve never read the books, and probably should get on that ASAP. Speaking of, the trailer just came on tv while I’m catching up on PLL.

– If I ever elected to have plastic surgery, I’d get myself a boob job, a little work on my super thin upper lip, have something done about the permanent bags under my eyes (never noticed them? thank you Photoshop), and have my slowly developing saggy under the chin area taken care of.

– 100 points for anyone who understands the title of this post.

– And yeah I know I don’t even like coffee, but Coffee Talk sounded a whole lot better than Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Talk, plus I totally stole this idea from Casey.

The #Goalvember Fail

You may or may not remember this post where I nicknamed this month Goalvember, because I was gonna be a really good girl, be super productive,start living a better lifestyle and set some goals for myself.
These goals to be exact. 
I’m sad to report that I have failed terribly at every single one so far.
I’ve been a little bit late (5 mins or less), but late nonetheless, almost every day. I blame my cozy bed, my unruly hair, and the slippery roads.
Zero exercise has been accomplished, or attempted for that matter.
No money has been saved, I had really good intentions for this one. But my car needed new brakes and an oil change last week, so $350 went towards that. And lets be honest, safety comes before savings.
Welp. The thing is, if I don’t exercise, this one just isn’t going to happen. They kinda go hand in hand.
I’ve ate out at least three times, probably more. But I do remember at least two trips to Subway, and one to Tim Horton’s. And I’m not even counting my 3 trips to Starbucks for yummy Caramel Macchiatos.
The moral of the story is this, I’m failing thus far, but its not too late to turn it around. There’s still two weeks left to this month, and I can at least try to meet my goals during that time. 
Moving on. I had a fantastic weekend.
Hockey Friday night was great and exhausting. And I guess I kind of lied about the zero exercise thing, but there was zero exercise outside of hockey. Anywho, after hockey I vegetated, just me, my couch, and a few episodes of The O.C. 
Saturday I took my cousin, aka The Little Sister, to Target for a Girls Day Out. Which was really just my sneaky way of taking her shopping to find out what she wants for Christmas. Which was basically a fail, because while she found a ton of nice clothes that she liked, she could care less if she ever owns any of it. 
But even so, we had a really nice day together. Which to be honest was a bit unexpected, because we argue a lot when it comes to clothes. She lives in black leggings, and tops that hang off her shoulders, and a myriad of other terrible articles of clothing that “Big Sis” has deemed unflattering for her body type, or inappropriate for a 10 year old. And the child is stubborn, and usually says no to everything I suggest, on principle, not because she doesn’t like it. But to both of our surprise, we found quite a few items we both agreed on, like the adorable hat and pleather jacket above. Isn’t she cute? And can you believe she’s only 10? 
I also successfully created a Starbucks addict. But don’t worry people, Little Miss wasn’t given coffee or espresso. She stuck strictly to the Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Of course I had a sip or two, because I had to make sure it wasn’t too hot, safety first people. It tastes just like After Eight mints. Which is a good and a bad thing I suppose. Its certainly yummy, but I think it would make my tummy hurt if I drank too much, its just a little bit too sweet, just like me.

I love designer bags, just not the ones that hang out under my eyes.

Side note: I love Target so far, and I love Starbucks. But I have a bone to pick with them right now. Multiple bones actually. 
Bone One
You know that lovely BOGO campaign everyone is talking about, welp, thats not offered at the Starbucks in the Target store here. Which really kind of rots me. I mean, if Starbucks is offering a promotion, it should be chain-wide. I should not be showing up at my local store only to find that it is exempt from such wonderful deals. 
Bone Two
Starbucks has points cards, kind of. Basically, you buy reloadable cards, put money on the account, and when you use the card to buy drinks, you get points towards free drinks. Not exactly a new concept, but one I appreciate none the less, because I’m probably gonna drink two or three times my body weight in Starbucks in the next 365 days. The problem is that the Starbucks in my local Target does not accept Starbucks gift cards, or the reloadable cards, or the app that acts as an digital card. Which means folks, that I get zero points for any of the Starbucks I purchase in my city. Which I think is effing ridiculous. 
And the moral of this story, because I’m in to morals today, is that All Starbucks Should Be Created Equal.
Saturday night a bunch of us got together at my friend Kelly’s house for a few drinks and to watch UFC. Basically the same thing everyone did Saturday night. I was DD because I really just didn’t feel like drinking and then having to pay to take a cab home, working on the saving of money for Goal #3. Even with the being sober, it was a really good time. It always is with these people. 99% of the time, the guitars come out to play and the guys start singing a bunch of songs they’ve parodied. Which ends up with me falling on the floor laughing, tears streaming down my face.
And Sunday I had a lazy brunch with the fam jam for my Aunt’s birthday, and then I spent the rest of the day with Ryan Atwood and the rest of the O.C. crew. Which in my books is a perfect day.

Losing My Virginity

I’ve been wanting to visit a Target for quite a while now. In fact I totally planned on going to one on my trip to Maine last year, but we didn’t manage our time very well and weren’t able to squeeze it in. I was pretty bummed out. Needless to say, I’ve been really looking forward to the roll out of the stores in Canada. And yesterday it FINALLY opened in my city. And I went there straight after work of course.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. A few of my family members visited stores in the good ol’ US of A and said they weren’t impressed and that it was nothing special. But so many people in Blogland seem to love it. I’m so sick of shopping at Wallyworld all of the time, that I had my fingers and toes crossed that my family was wrong, and all of the wonderful ladies I follow on Bloglovin’ were right.

The verdict: It was fantabulous!

I loved it. Really truly did. It was bright, and airy, and just really really pretty compared to Walmart. I’m a sucker for wide aisles, good lighting, and clean sight lines, and this store had all of it. I was in heaven as soon as I walked in, and that was before I laid my eyes on my favoritist place ever….Starbucks! Two awesome additions to my city on one day, color me happy.

Let’s talk clothes. The ladies department was a wee bit smaller than I would have hoped, but they packed in a really solid selection. The prices seemed to be pretty decent and the quality seemed good as well. I found a lot of things I really liked. There were so many pieces that were just the perfect mixture of stylish and professional. I took a few pics to share with you, but mostly so I could send my mom a few ideas of what Santa could bring me for Christmas.

If Starbucks and the clothing department weren’t enough to make this little shopaholic’s heart swell with glee, then it nearly burst out of my chest when I discovered the home decor. Unbelievable selection. So many pretty things, and such amazing prices. It had my bank account running scared.

This pretty baby is going to be a prop in my friend Debrah’s wedding pictures.

While I found so many things I wanted right then and there, I was able to keep myself under control, and managed to walk out the store only $60 poorer. With a Christmas gift and prop for Debrah’s wedding picture. Successful evening for sure!

The only downside was that I couldn’t find a shoe department. And that isn’t cool at all.

But don’t worry Target, I’ll be back, very very soon.