10 Things On A Friday

How beautiful is my current view of Corner Brook Harbour.

– Jeff and I had been planning to have a delayed honeymoon. Perhaps a trip to Florida in February or March. But no we’re thinking we would like to have a bit of a mini-moon before that. I’ve been looking at flights to NYC. Any recommendations on where to stay or what to do while we are there (if we go)?

– It had been quite warm here the past few weeks. Too hot to sleep some nights even. But it was so cold this morning that we had to light our wood stove.

– Jeff’s parents were in town the weekend before last for his Nan’s 90th birthday. We love when they visit, especially when there’s something to celebrate while they are here.

– The last time they were in town, we celebrated our engagement, now we are one day less than two months away from the big day.

– Jeff’s dad made like five batches of fudge while he was here. My taste buds are happy, my waistline is not.

– Rowing has started up again, and being on the water again is giving me life.

– I really need to find a new lipstick to replace my Bite Beauty in Violet. Its almost completely used up, and is no longer available 🙁

– Work has been incredibly busy, incredibly frustrating, yet incredibly rewarding lately. I’m exhausted at the end of the day, hence my lack of a presence around here. But I’m hoping to find a little balance.

– Jeff had to work almost the entire long weekend. He went to work Friday morning, and I didn’t really see him again until Sunday afternoon. And that was only for 3 hours.

– It was a sunny 13 degrees here this afternoon. It certainly wasn’t tropical, but I had a lovely lunch with a coworker at Harbour Grounds. The place was so busy that we had no other choice but eat at a table on the patio. The food was so delicious that I didn’t even mind getting a bit chilly. Highly recommend checking the place out if you ever find yourself in Corner Brook.

How have you been spending your summer so far? 

Camping, a Sunburn, a Long Weekend, and a Few Snaps

I’m back to work after a wonderful long weekend. And since we were closed yesterday things are a little crazy in these parts today, which means not alot of time to pound out a quality post unfortunately. But have no fear, I did manage to take a few pictures the past few days, and I have zero qualms about filling this entire page with them.

Enjoy. And I’ll be back for real tomorrow.

I’m not a dog person, but even I can admit that Molly is super cute.
Sometimes I forget how beautiful my province is. Its easy to miss, when you’re just focused on the drive.
Decided to do a little sun tanning. Got a lotta bit burned. Ouch.
Tunes on blast. Sunroof open. Windows down. Only way to drive on a beauty day.
Did a little camping. Enjoyed the campfire and s’mores, mmmm.
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. I’m so looking forward to what the rest of summer will bring.