Sand & Sun

This summer is turning to out to be one of the best I’ve had in quite a few years (minus the unemployment, obviously). I’ve been super busy and having a lot of fun. Next week I’m heading to the itty bitty island of Fogo for my aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. I’m really looking forward to being surrounded by family, meeting new people, and partying it up with my cousin and her friends. I’m also looking forward to heading to Fogo’s gorgeous beach. And since I don’t get much beach time, at all, I may have went a little overboard dreaming of things I would own if I lived in a place where I could visit the beach on the reg.

Therapy Thursday - Beach Bags

If there’s one thing you should know about me if we are going anywhere together, its that I like to over pack. I’m a girl who needs options. Getting ready to head to the beach is no different. I don’t want to have to use the same bag every day. What we’ll be doing when we get there, how long we’ll be there, or if we will be making other stops besides the beach, all have to be taken into consideration. If we’re going all day, I’ll need a bigger bag so that I can take a few snacks, magazines, frisbees, etc. And if we’re going to do a little shopping, I’ll want a smaller bag so I don’t have to carry around a large tote.

If I’m heading to the beach a few days in a row, I need more than one towel. Obviously its nice to switch things up. But mostly, that thing is gonna get dirty and sweaty, and the thought of using one a second day without washing it, is kinda nasty. And we all know that I’m not big on doing laundry any more often than absolutely necessary. And if they all rolled up as neat and tidy as the Roxy, that would be fantastic.

Much like towels, there are hygienic reasons why more than one suit is a definite plus for beach goers. But if we’re being honest, I’m mostly for having lots of options, cause suits are still fashion. And I like to look good. And I don’t want the beach hotties to see me in the same thing over and over. That would just suck.

What would you take to the beach?

Link up and share the things you’d love to splurge on for the beach, your closet, your house…

Parisian Style

I would love to be able to go to Paris and be one hundred percent fashion forward. Nice trousers, gorgeous blouses and to die for shoes. Unfortunately, I can only take it so far. At some point I have to sacrifice style for practicality and comfort. For that reason I need to come up with some creative footwear ideas that will look great, not stand out as being “American” or “Canadian” and be super comfortable, especially with my flat feet diagnosis, since we’ll be spending all day every day on our feet walking around the city.

So what does a style savvy traveler do in a situation like this? Google acceptable footwear of course. And Google I did. I learned that, thankfully, Parisians are slowly coming around to the idea of sneakers/runners/kicks. However, they only wear casual styles and do not wear white. Apparently white is a tip of the you’re American (or in my case Canadian) and makes you a target for pick pockets and thiefs. 

Therapy Thursday

With all that edumacation fresh in my brain I’ve been looking for some suitable options. I’m not sure which route I should go, and really wish I had an unlimited supply of moula and no baggage limit for my flights. I could just buy em all instead of having to choose.

But, I’m leaning towards the all black pair of Lacoste in the upper left corner because of their solid color. They’ll go with just about any outfit.

What pair do you think I should choose? Suggestions and other options would be appreciated.

$135 –

New balance footwear
$120 –


Swipe Swipin’

First off I want to send out a HUGE Happy 4th of July to all you Americans out there. I hope you have a fantastic time celebrating!

Its on my list to spend the 4th in America at least once. Cause I’m sure the parties and fireworks are unbelievable.

It was incredibly difficult to narrow down the items for this week’s edition of Therapy Thursday. There was an awful lot of swipe swipin’ going on on my trip to St. John’s, pretty sure my credit card is worn out, but I came back dreaming about a bunch of stuff I didn’t buy. So without further ado…

Therapy Thursday

Everly is becoming one of my favorite brands. The clothes is flattering and while the prices may be a little higher than I’m used to paying (student budget and all), the quality is great so its worth it. For that reason I picked three Everly pieces this week.

one.  I love this color. I always gravitate towards it in stores.What I love about this dress is that the short hemline is well balanced with the modest neckline and elbow length sleeves.

two. This one is alot like number one, but I had to include it, I just had to. I mean, how could I not, look at that amazing chevron pattern. Swoon.

three. Again, another chevron, but this one is a little different, so I feel its justified. I’m really enjoying loose fitting vests right now. They’re great alone, or under a blazer or cardigan. I have a few solid ones, but I’d love to get one in a playful pattern like this one.

I buy my Everly at a store called Envy which I talked about here. But you can also shop for it online at Red Dress Boutique and Piperlime.

Four. I desperately need a new pair of jeans. I wear jeans almost every day, and I have two or three pairs that I rotate through. So as you can imagine, they get a lot of wear. Normally I buy Silver brand jeans, but lately I’ve been thinking about buying a pair of J Brand. They’re a bit more expensive than I what I’m used to, but I’ve been told buy a bunch of people that the quality is great, the color hardly fades and that they’re worth it. I’m really looking for a pair of super dark skinnies, and I think these fit the bill.

I love Aldo Shoes. I can almost always find what I’m looking for, and the price doesn’t break the bank.

Five. I’m usually not a fan of flats, but sometimes you want to look put together at times when heels are just not practical. I’m liking these because the shape of the toe helps elongate the leg which is something I think is super important.

Six. Again, these have that great pointed toe that I like. What I enjoy most about these though is the metallic toe cap. It jazzes them up a bit which is great for when you want to take an outfit from day to night. No shame showing up at a bar in these.

Seven. I am the queen of jean shorts. I own at least 8 pairs, most of which are fairly similar. What can I say, when I find something I like, I stick with it. With that said, I have zero casual/dressy shorts. For those times when jean shorts are too casual or just not the appropriate choice. These black shorts from Scotch & Soda are great because they would look good dressed down with a t-shirt or you could dress them up a bit with a nice blouse if you chose to. You have to love items that are versatile.

Eight. Its no secret around these parts, or to my friends and family, that I love blazers. I own a bunch and they get lots of wear. I love them because they’re a great way to classy up an outfit. In the summer I try to stay away from dark colors and neutrals, and infuse some color into my wardrobe. This blazer from Smart Set would be an excellent way to do that.

That concludes this week’s edition of things my bank account hopes I don’t buy.

What would you swipe swipe for if you could? Grab a button and link up below.


Maxi-mum Style. Maxi-mum Comfort.

Therapy Thursday

I’m anxiously awaiting some continuous good weather. And with warm weather comes shorts, and tanks, and wonderful dresses. I took me a while to come around to the maxi dress trend. But I should have tried one on sooner, because they are wonderful. Stylish and comfortable, two features that rarely go together in fashion. I only have one maxi dress in my closet, and I can’t wait to add a few more.
one. I love this one because its bright and playful. And of course I’m a huge fan of the chevron pattern. Its adorable, and could be worn to the beach or to dinner.
two. I’ve always been a fan of black and white stripes. And this dress has a wonderful casual feel to it.
three. I’m super into the mostly solid top and patterned skirt. Its a nice contrast. And this one has a less casual feel about it.
four. This one makes me swoon, the colors, the chevron. I want it.
five. I really like the look of a belted maxi. It takes the outfit up a notch. Casual yet refined is a look I can really get behind.

What would you splurge on this week? Grab a button and link up below.


Therapy Thursday Graduation Edition

Therapy Thursday

Next Friday is my graduation, and for some crazy reason I completely forgot that I’ll be needing an cute outfit to wear. Usually I’m dying for an excuse to buy new clothes.

One and Two. I’m hoping to go for a sophisticated look and either of these dresses would be a great piece to start with.

Three. This clutch would work with either dress because of its classic color and shape.

Four. These anchor earrings are adorable and understated. They would go great with an updo.

Five. If I go with a black dress a statement necklace would be a great way to add a punch of color.

Six. Loving this bow bangle. Its too cute.

Seven. These booties add some height and a little “somethin somethin.” They could go with either dress.

Eight. Love the classic look of these peep toes and the color is very summery. They would look great with a black dress.

Nine. Shoes are a great way to add a punch of color to an outfit. Red shoes would look fantastic with a black dress.

Ten. These earrings would go great with either dress no matter what hairstyle I choose.


“Give A Girl the Right Shoes, and She Can Conquer the World.”

Marilyn Monroe was one smart lady. But how is a girl to know what shoes are the right ones? I’d hate to think I owned the wrong pair. For that reason I like to err on the side of caution, and buy a lot of them.

Therapy Thursday - Shoe Edition

A great pair of shoes can take an outfit to a whole new level. They’re the best accessory. I’m loving the above styles right now.

One. I’ve been wanting a pair of metal toed shoes. I love the color of these. They’d be a great way to add a pop of color with a little bit of sophisticated edge.

Two. I’ve wanted this exact pair of Michael Antonio’s for a few years. I love that they have just a little bit of edge to them.

Three. I want to own a pair of shoes in every color. No joke. I don’t own purple yet. And I love the shade of these. They’ve got a real “wow” factor.

Four. These are adorable. And are so sophisticated and classy. A great way to dress up an outfit. Love.

Five. I love high heel boots. I’ve got a few pairs, but of course they’re black. Sometimes brown would be better though.

Six. Color Blocking at its finest. I’m loving the neon and grey combo. Perfect for summer.

Seven. I ‘ve never been able to walk in wedges. Its time to learn. And these are cute enough to motivate me.

Eight. I wear my Bobs more often than I’d like to admit. If I’m going to be dressing casual, it may as well be cute casual right? Hot pink Toms would fit the bill.

Nine & Ten. I was unsure of this style of sandal for a while. Some that I’ve seen have looked a little too old ladyish for my liking. But these are great cause of the bright colors. I chose two different pairs of these because of the different heel heights and strap sizes.

What would you buy for Therapy Thursday? Link up and share your dream splurges.



It’s Therapy Thursday!

When I lived in Alberta my friend Megan and I loved to shop together. Especially when we were in less than stellar moods. It was our therapy. Boy troubles = shop. Work trouble = shop. Friend trouble = shop. “That time” = shop with chocolate in hand. We called our retail therapy “buying happies.”

If I could buy myself a Happy right now (or 10 Happies in this case) and money was no object, I’d buy allll of this.
Therapy Thursday

One. Kate Spade iPad sleeve. Isn’t it gorgeous. And the quote definitely applies to me. Love it. And will own it.
Two. Jack Daniels tank. Because its a little country. A little rock and roll. And a little bad ass.
Three. Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses. They’re adorable and acrylic. So I can get sloshed with cute glasses that I don’t have to worry about breaking.
Four. Jennifer Lopez wedges. I seen these in a tealish color at Kohl’s when I was in Maine last summer. Really regretting not buying them since Kohl’s doesn’t ship to Canada,
Five. Toms ballet flats. They’re cute and stylish. And One for One. Need I say more?
Six. Maxi skirt. It just looks soooo comfortable. And on trend. A rare find in fashion.
Seven. Self tanner. I’m so pale I’m surprised I don’t glow under black lights. And tanning beds just aren’t the healthiest way to go.
Eight. Adidas camo leggings. I’m kinda on a camo kick. And since metabolism has recently stopped being my friend I need to start exercising. And I’d like to look cute doing it.
Nine. Lulu Lemon sports bra. Because sports bras should be a little sexy.
Ten. Cowboy boots. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while. And a funky color seems the way to go. 
What would you splurge on? Link up below.


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Introducing Therapy Thursday

A girl needs a little retail therapy every now and then. And sometimes when you can’t really afford to treat yourself its still nice to dream. So, every week I’ll be hosting Therapy Thursday (It would have been Therapy Wednesday for Hump Day, but that just didn’t have the right ring to it). I’ll share 10 things I’d buy that day if money was no object. And you guys can link up and share what you would splurge on .

Therapy Thursday

1. Burberry cashmere scarf. Because I want to own at least one Burberry item. And c’mon its cashmere.

2. Red glossy Hunter Wellies. Because I’ve been in love with them forever.

3. Nixon watch. Casual bling, is a must have in my work place.

4. Stella & Dot How Does She Do It bag. Because its gorgeous. No more explanation needed.

5. Zigi Soho boots. Because they’re a little bit badass.

6. Colored pants. Doesn’t hurt that these are 7 for All Mankind

7. Ray-Ban Aviators. Classic.

8. Hunter Bubble umbrella. Would be perfect for Paris.

9. Tory Burch flats in red. I’m a heels kinda girl, but when my feet need a break, I love a great looking flat.

10. Nude heels. Because they’re a wardrobe staple. And I wouldn’t complain if they were Louboutins.

What would you splurge on for Therapy Thursday?? Link up below.


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