Let’s Get Real

Its been too long since I’ve participated in a link-up, and I have no good excuse, except for the general lack of time I’ve had to put together any kind of post with slightly decent quality. I’ve been wanting to hang out with all the cool kids and link up with Kathy for quite some time now, because Humpday Confessions is a pretty great prompt, and because lets face it, its always fun to read the confessions of your favorite bloggers.

So, lets do this thing!

Vodka and Soda

I confess…

– that it is as real struggle to keep my Pepsi intake at one can or less per day.

– that I have been sleeping in on purpose every day for nearly a month and it has got to stop.
– that I was 100% determined to dislike Orange is the New Black. But, I just couldn’t, it is awesome. 
– that I have not washed my hair for three days. Not because its the healthy thing to do, but because I am lazy.

– I’ve been crafting and using a lot of glitter lately. Even after showering I’ve still been finding little pieces of sparkle in every nook and cranny of my body. Every.

– that I am seriously looking forward to my bff’s wedding.
– also that I’m looking forward to it being over so that I can start spending my money on other things.
– that the “other things” I want to spend my money on is refinishing patio chairs that I picked up on the side of the road a few years ago.
– that someday’s I am a crappy manager because I hate having to reprimand people. Conflict avoidance and all that jazz.

– that I photoshop/edit/filter almost every photo of myself. I remove the bags under my eyes, and whiten my teeth. Even on iPhone pictures.

– that my biggest issue with SnapChat is that I can’t do the above.

– that I am seriously rotted that it seems like the local Cineplex will not be getting The Fault in Our Stars any time soon, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Oh the joys of living in a tiny city.
– that I am still binge watching Netflix. In the last month I’ve watched all the seasons of Orange is the New Black, the last few seasons of Dawson’s Creek, and now I’m on to rewatching Nashville.

– that yesterday I thought it was a good idea to join POF. I changed my mind 30 seconds later, but it happened…I have hit a new low.

– that I seriously enjoyed writing this post making this list. And I shall do so again next week.

And now its your turn! Head on over to Vodka and Soda to play along.