My Sephora VIB Sale Shopping List

I’m kind of really excited about the Sephora VIB sale this weekend. I’ve never been VIB before, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the deals.

This year though, this year, I’ve dropped enough of my hard earned cash to be eligible for the 20% discount.

I’ve got a few products I’d like to restock, and I’ve got my eye on a few things that I’ve wanted for a while, and might pick up now that I can get them a little cheaper.

MUFE Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – I was looking for a good foundation for the days before and after my wedding so I picked up a few samples in store. This one was the clear winner and since I live 8 hours away from the nearest store, Megan was kind enough to deliver it all the way from Edmonton. I had really just hoped to love it enough to wear on special occasions, since its just a bit more expensive than my usual foundation choices. But, I love it so much that I wear it everyday. It does a great job of covering my uneven complexion and still not looking cakey. (I wear color 115 = R230 – Ivory.)

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush – I wear this blush every day. And I have every single day since I discovered it. Well not really discovered, it was a Megan recommendation. I wear the color “Exposed”. Its wonderfully pigmented and a great option for both day and night. (I reviewed it here.)

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Another everyday wear (and Megan recommendation, are you seeing the trend here?). I have the darkest under eyes, and this concealer does a great job of covering them. (My review here.)

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics – I’ve been wanting a Naked palette forever. But I’ve never been able to justify the cost because I can’t guarantee I’d use it often enough. I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow, mostly because I’m not great at applying it (I don’t practice enough) and because I’m not sure what looks good on me (these hooded eyes are difficult to work with). However, this palette has a pretty good range of neutral colors (which would be good for an eyeshadow newb like me) so while I’m not 100% sure I’ll be purchasing it, I’m giving it serious thought.

Amuse Bouche Mauvember – I’m a sucker for Bite Beauty lipsticks. I’m rolling the dice on this one because mauves usually look pretty good on me, and I love that half of the sales of this lipstick go to the Movember Foundation

Give Me Some Bold Lip – I’m loving all of the colors in this kit.Kate Von D Damned is really calling my name. I have my eye on the Best Bite Redux as well. There’s just too many colors, for too good of a deal to pass them up.

Clinique Clearing Gel – My complexion has been less than awesome for the last year and a half. I haven’t found anything that has help, so I’m thinking of giving this a try. One last ditch effort before I give in and see a dermatologist. 

Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo – One more lippie. They used to call these babies Mingles. And I love them. They’re soooo many interesting color combos available, but I’m pretty sure that if I order one, it will be Opal & Jam.

Will you be taking advantage of the VIB sale? What do you plan to buy? 

Sephora Splurges: A Review

In the past year I’ve really gotten in to wearing more make up. I mean I always wore it before, but I’ve become more interested in trying new products.
Corner Brook doesn’t have the greatest makeup selections, especially since Target left so I’ve been making most of my purchases at Sephora. Thankfully, I can shop them online.
I’ve gotten pretty lucky, I haven’t really bought any products that were duds, mostly because I’ve got a few friends who’ve given me good direction when it comes to what products I should try.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush 12-Hour in Exposed
Last January I was looking for a new blush. Something that had good pigmentation and lasting power, and that would be good for day and night. Megan gave this one two thumbs up and suggested I try it out. I’m glad she did. The product was perfect for a beginner like me. And while the price tag may seem a little steep, but I used it every day (sometimes more than once) and it lasted an entire 12 months. That’s pretty good bang for your buck if you ask me.
If you’re looking for a nearly-neutral shade of blush, that’s buildable, lasts all day and can go from day to night, I highly recommend you try this one out.
Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner
I received a sample of this when I purchased the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I’m ashamed to say I had it for months before I even took it out of the box. 
What can I say, my make up obsession hadn’t quiiiite begun yet. And to be honest, make up intimidates me sometimes, this product was no exception. I hadn’t tried gel liners, and had been cautioned that this one wasn’t the easiest for beginners to use.
I’m happy to say that that may be the case for some people, it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a pro, but I find the liner fairly easy to use. It goes on quite easily and it’s not hard to create a smooth line. I can’t do any fancy looks, just a simple thin line, but I can see how this product would be great for creating things a little more advanced like a winged or cat eye.
I have only two “complaints”. One, it dries quickly, so if you make a mistake, it isn’t easily fixed. Two, every time you remove the cap there’s excess production hanging out of the tip that wasn’t there when you finished using it. Which is just wasting the product. And since it’s not cheap, you don’t want any of it going to waste.
Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara
This one was a recommendation from a friend of a friend on my most recent journey to an actual Sephora store. It’s really good. I’m a pretty terrible mascara applier, so a little ends up on my lids every time, but it’s super easy to remove. It looks great with or without having curled my lashes and it applies well to bottom lashes. I find it great for length and volume without getting clumpy or spidery, but I do find it loses a little bit of its “pop” throughout the day. 
It should be noted that I have found that while it applies very well to super clean lashes, if there’s even a hint of yesterday’s mascara hanging around, it can clump and spider.l, which is generally not the look I’m going for. 
Biotherm AquaSource
I seem to always be on the hunt for a good moisturizer. No matter what product I’ve tried, there eventually always seems to be something wrong with them. They either are great for a while and then start to irritate my skin, take too long to dry, or dry quickly but not moisturize enough.
My mom has sworn by this one for years. So while I was home for a week in Christmas I decided to try it out. And I really really liked it. So much so that the $49 cad price tag didn’t phase me (much).
I couldn’t not add it to my latest order from make up heaven. It goes on easily, dries super quick, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. The smell is a little off putting at first and take a bit to get used to but, but it’s not so bad that id not use the product. And don’t let the small jar fool you, a little goes a long way with this stuff. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

I have terrible dark circles and bags under my eyes on the best of days. They’ve plagued me since high school. I’ve struggled with finding a concealer that would provide the coverage I need without caking or creasing around my eyes. This is the best one I’ve found yet. I plan to buy it again once the one I have is empty.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

When I went to Montreal last winter I was on the hunt for a new perfume, I’d been wearing Paris Hilton since I was 18 and I thought it was time for a change, something more mature perhaps. I found this Dolce at The Bay but their credit terminals were down, and I don’t typically carry cash. I ordered it as soon as I got home. I’ve worn it nearly every day since, and I love it. JW likes it too.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Fall and Winter mean super dry lips for me, but I hate applying lip balm. I had read reviews about this lip mask and decided to give it a try. I wear a light layer like a balm through the day, and then put it on thick at night. JW isn’t always the biggest fan of this practice, but its helped so much that he’s going to need to get over that, fast.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

I’ve been having trouble with my left cheek since last March. Its constantly breaking out. I’ve switched foundations, and brushes. Made changes to my diets. And it refuses to clear up. I decide to try this cleanser on a recommendation. It hasn’t been working miracles, but its not getting worst either. I’m hoping things will improve after extended use. It does a pretty good job of removing the makeup and grime from my skin, but doesn’t dry it out. Both are qualities I look for in a skin care product.

Bonus: This pretty red lip is courtesy of the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro sample (in shade 400).

What beauty items have you splurged on lately?

Will Work for Makeup

It’s no secret that I’m far from a makeup expert, but I’m trying. It helps to have a best friend who is an addict and enjoys helping me out. There isn’t a wide selection of products available in my city, and with Target closing, the options are going to be a lot less awesome. Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to E.L.F., NYX, Pixi, Sonia Kashuk and a bunch more I’ve grown attached to.

I’ve struggled for a while with spending money on makeup at all, so its taken me quite a while to warm up to the idea of paying non-drugstore prices. But, over the holidays, my mom and I swung into a Sephora in Montreal, and  when I expressed my dislike of the amount everything cost my mom said, “If you’re looking for quality products, you’re going to have to pay for it.” While I didn’t buy anything that day, I took note of some products I was interested in so that I could quiz Megan about them when she got home from her trip to Mexico (jealous).

After a few back and forths, and numerous hours combing their website, I decided to give Sephora a go. A few clicks later and I had placed my very first order, for a whopping total of $200.

I had an eye infection when my order showed up, and I was under strict doctors orders not to wear makeup around my eyes, or wear my contacts, so I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to try anything out. As soon as I’ve thoroughly tested it all out, I’ll do a review of some sort. Promise!

P.S. I bought a new North Face parka over the weekend, and my only thought when I made the purchase was “I could be spending this money at Sephora.” Safe to say I may have a new addiction.

Hope you all had  fantastic weekend!