Fondue for Two

– I have a list of baby names stored in the notepad on my iPhone. Obviously that’s not something I share with everyone. Can you imagine how fast a guy would run for the hills if he found out? And omg, pretty sure my parents would have a panic attack. But in any case, its there. And any time I hear a name I like, I add it. Pretty sure though that by the time I’m ready to name a child, I’ll look at every name on that list and wonder wtf I was thinking.

– The skin on my face is always dry and flaky. No amount of moisturizer can fix it. And it makes it super hard to find BB creams and foundations that will help color correct my skin tone, without looking like a total effing mess.

– I’m on a super tight budget these days. And its killing me. I have never wanted to shop so bad. I mean why does Target have to come out with all this awesome clothes right as I decide that I have zero room in my budget for clothes shopping? And why do e-books have to be so darn expensive when the temperatures are frigid and I’m cooped up in my apartment with nothing else to do but read?

– I’m really looking forward to the Divergent movie. But I’ve never read the books, and probably should get on that ASAP. Speaking of, the trailer just came on tv while I’m catching up on PLL.

– If I ever elected to have plastic surgery, I’d get myself a boob job, a little work on my super thin upper lip, have something done about the permanent bags under my eyes (never noticed them? thank you Photoshop), and have my slowly developing saggy under the chin area taken care of.

– 100 points for anyone who understands the title of this post.

– And yeah I know I don’t even like coffee, but Coffee Talk sounded a whole lot better than Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Talk, plus I totally stole this idea from Casey.

A Rant and a Rave

I guess I should start by saying that I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend at the cabin with my parents. So wonderful in fact that I didn’t take a single picture. Also, pretty sure you don’t give a rat’s ass what I look like flaked out on the couch watching Four Weddings (and mentally planning my future nuptials) with my mom. Plus there was zero cell service I didn’t bother to keep the trusty iPhone charged. And as you know around these part no phone = no camera therefore no pictures.

Since my return to cell service and internet aka civilization Sunday evening, I’ve been a little perturbed about a few things.

Pretty Little Liars

Ezra is A

I know I’m a little late to this, but I just didn’t have a chance to watch the finale until Sunday night. And words cannot describe how I feel about this. Its just so wrong. I mean, how are they going to spin this? He can’t possibly be a good guy helping out the Liars. They did that last season with Toby. I’m a bit heartbroken. I really thought he loved Aria.

pointy ass nasty nails

Nasty Nails

I’ve got a few Facebook friends who are super in to make up and things, and a few are estheticians. Generally they post some pretty decent stuff. But the post that was staring me in the face bright and early Monday morning was down right foul. Seriously, here’s a trend that needs to die, like yesterday. Pointy nails just scream tranny hooker.  And while I don’t hate embellished nails, these are just gaudy and ridiculous especially since that thumb nail looks half an inch thick.

50 shades of disappointment
50 Shades of Disappointment 

Remember when Christian Grey was a hottie? Yeah, I do too. But obviously the people in charge of casting the 50 Shades of Grey movie missed that tiny detail when they read the books, or the chose not to bring that aspect of the novel to life on the big screen, cause this dude, Charlie Hunman, is fierce in all the wrong ways. I’ve been waiting with anticipation for months to finally find out who would be cast for this series, and its been the biggest let down of the year. Not even joking. Don’t think I’ll be lining up for hours at the theatre to see these two get it on.

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