Oh Hey, Friday! ….. I mean Saturday?

Well this post was supposed to go live yesterday. Apparently saving doesn’t publish, oops.

This week. This week has been ridiculously frustrating. And I’m basically brain dead, so lets just get down to it.

My Five

1. Thursday morning I had a piece of burning wood fall out of the stove, nearly locked myself out of the house and I slipped and fell on the ice in my driveway all while I was in a mad rush because I was running late to get to my dentist appointment. I made it just in time for my appointment, only to discover that the day was in fact Wednesday. I wasn’t on time for my appointment, I was 24 hours early. And a full day more away from Friday.

2.       Some days Jeff has to go to work before I do and leaves the house at least a half an hour before I even have to get up. Most days he will come back in the room, give me a quick kiss and be on his way. Its kind of adorable, I love it. Other days, like a few this week, he has come into the room to have a chat before he leaves. I love this less. Way less. Like, “please kiss me and go away now, I would like to finish snoozing. K, thanks.” I am not a morning person. Update: He did this again this morning.

3. Cross Border Pick Ups charged me $40 shipping, for a package valued at $40. Which is absolutely insane. More on that later.

4. A time sensitive package I was waiting on arrived at the UPS depot here in Corner Brook on Tuesday, but wasn’t delivered until Friday morning, because “adverse weather conditions may cause delays.” Apparently sunshine and zero precipitation for days makes parcel delivery tricky.

5. I forgot to water the beautiful flowers Jeff’s mom sent me for my birthday, and now they’re so dead.  (I had a better five when I sat down to write this post, but I forgot, because I’m pretty much losing my mind.)

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been an entirely terrible week.
But I hope yours has required less hair pulling than mine.

Oh Hey, Friday!

Oh hey, Friday! Where have you been you beautiful thing you? I’ve been waiting and longing for you for days. This week has seemed to just crawl by, even though I have been quite busy.

I don’t even know what I want to say today, I just really wanted to show up to class. I’ve put little to zero effort into this place for most of the week. It seemed like every time I actually had some time to sit down and write something, I got writers block, usually part way through, so there’s a bunch of half written posts that I hope I will eventually hit publish on.

But whatever, I’ve got a bunch of random thoughts happening in my head, and rather than trying to be organized and making full posts about them and all that jazz, I’m just gonna spill them all now.

1. Thursday Night TV
TGIT. Oh how I’ve missed you! My life has felt broken and incomplete while you were gone. Please don’t ever leave me like that again. At least not mid-season anyways.
Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder all came back on ABC last night and it was glorious. JW was working night shift so I was able to hang out on my couch and watch them all with zero distractions. It was TGIT heaven.
2. My Blog Design

 You may have noticed that my header/logo/nav bar is missing. Last night I was trying to install Janine’s button on my side bar, and something went all wonky with Blogger, and when I deleted her button, it deleted a whole mess of other stuff. I nearly had a panic attack. I’m really hoping my blog designer Erin will be able to fix it for me.
3. Snow

We have a warm weather system headed our way next week and I’m probably one of very few people who are not thrilled about it. I love winter. Winter means the cabin, and skidooing and snowboarding. It also means money. JW’s company does snow clearing. And the company I work for is always busier when the snow is falling. So winning all around when the white stuff is floating down. Warm weather, hold off another month or so, mmmkay?
4. Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. For me it has always seemed that in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives it can be easy to put date nights and romance on the back burner. Valentine’s is a great reminder that we should be taking time out and spending it with the people we love. For all the single ladies (and guys) out there, its a great day to make time for friends.
I don’t need gifts to mark the occasion, I mean I won’t complain about them, but I don’t need them. I’d rather JW and I spend our money on a nice meal our favourite restaurant (or splurge on a place we don’t normally go to) and a movie. Memories are more important than things on Valentine’s Day, or at least they are for me.
And even though the day usually is all about cupids and hearts and mushy stuff, I decided to spoil everyone at work with delicious treats from the lovely ladies at Cravin’ a Cupcake.

5. Currency

This downward slide of the Canadian dollar is a real buzz kill. I so badly want to go on an online shopping spree at Target, Nordstrom, Joss & Main and Wayfair. But it is sooo not cheap right now.
I suppose that’s enough rambling for now. Cheers to the weekend!

Oh Hey, Friday!

I don’t even know where to start today. My mind is so full of thoughts. Mostly about the wedding, but also a former coworker just visited my office with their 140lb Great Dane “puppy” and I’ve spent the last 45 minutes stressed the eff out by its presence and nearly vomiting at the sight of its drool. Blech. I have yet to recover, so I am not operating at full capacity.

I could entertain bore you with wedding planning chit chat, but I think I shall save all of that negativity for next Wednesday.

So lets get right to it. Oh Hey, Friday! Here’s some randomness…

1. Megan and I have been bitching all week about the struggle that is finding clothes we like at reasonable prices and what not. Twenty eight is a peculiar age where you feel a little too old to have your entire wardrobe supplied by H&M, Forever 21 and Garage yet you’re just not ready to be shopping at Reitmans with your mother. Its like how do you dress for this age without looking like you’re trying to be a teenager, yet not look like your 50. Anyways, then we found this video and it is everything. I’d embed it for you, but Tumblr/Blogger won’t let me.
2. This child is freaking adorable. 

3.This is basically my life right now. Okay, so not exactly my life, but I do wake up when my fiance climbs out of bed at 3am.
Credit: Unknown

4. ALLLLL of my shows will be back next week and JW will be lucky to get his hand on the remote at all. Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder. They will all be watched. Time to stock up on the chocolate and wine!

5. About that chocolate. I’m supposed to be Shedding for the Wedding, or Shredding for the Wedding? Or is it Sweating for the Wedding? Either way, I’m supposed to be losin’ inches and ell bees. Chocolate is likely not going to help me do that. So I guess I’ll start dieting the Monday after this Monday?

And that all I got, people. That all I got. TGIF

It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, I hope you have you some fun!

Oh Hey, Friday! | February Five

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve participated in a link up, and I don’t know why, cause I love them. oh hey, Friday is my favorite since there are basically no rules. And I’m a girl who enjoys having no rules from time to time.
My Five | A February Recap

1. J. Dubbs bought a new hat with winkers (ear flaps) and some silly photo shoots have ensued.

2. First Valentine’s Day with J.W. was my first real Valentine’s, ever. And let me tell you, he did not disappoint. 

Fruit just tastes better covered in chocolate and shaped like a heart.

3. I’m trying to learn more about make up. So I signed up for Ipsy and got my first Glam Bag. I haven’t tried all of the products yet, but its been fun adding new things to my collection, and playing around. I knew it was going to be great as soon as it arrived, because nothing bad shows up in a metallic fuchsia envelope! That eyeliner has a sharpener in its cover (lid?) how cool is that?! #ipsylove

4. I love home decor. Seriously. And any chance I get I like to revamp spaces, so I’m taking advantage of the Target Canada liquidations. Last week, I did a mini revamp in my bathroom. I had intended to go for a spa-like look, and nothing they had really suited that. But I’m loving the results anyways.
Before and After
5. I turned 28 on the 28th. It was my golden birthday, and I had a pretty golden weekend. I got to spend it at the cabin with my parents, brother and J.W., some of the people I love most. And while it wasn’t wild or even terribly exciting, I loved it.
I’ve been swooning over this bar cart at Target for like ever. J.W. sure knows how to give a good gift.

The view from the front deck of my parents cabin. I can’t get enough.

My Grandfather cut a skidoo trail up the side of Blue Mountain. My Dad, J.W. and I decided to ride up it on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to do something that would have made my Pop so proud. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend.
Don’t forget to link up!

Oh Hey, Friday | I’m So Happy to See You

Thank God its Friday. I am about 6 hours away from this week from hell being over. Except not really since I have to spend all evening getting ready for Erika’s bachelorette, and I have to work tomorrow. So basically I can’t wait until Sunday.

I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning this week. Work has been incredibly demanding. Tension and emotions have been running high there as we’ve been pushing hard to meet an impossible deadline. And there’s been more than enough stress in my personal life. Everywhere I turn there’s something going wrong, someone upset. Its like I can’t find any reprieve. When I finish up the work day I have zero energy, emotionally or physically, to deal with any of the things going on outisde the office. So in true mature Kathryn fashion I’ve been ignoring it and trying to find peace with a glue gun in my hand while crafting decor for the party I’m hosting tomorrow. While I can ignore the people, I can’t ignore the work I need to get done. And with every project I complete, I feel like I can breath just a smidge bit easier.

When I have weeks like this (none have ever been this bad) I find it is so easy to get swallowed up or suffocated by the stress, the low points, the weight of the world. I am predisposed to see the negative so I have to constantly remind myself to think positive, focus on the good, and be thankful, because even though I gripe, and complain and rant, I know that I am truly blessed.

Since its Oh Hey, Friday over at September Farm, now seems like as good a time as any to reflect on some of the good stuff…

My Five

From my Edmonton Adventures: Wouldn’t have made it through this week without this girl.

– I’m so thankful for my friends. Especially the ones who have checked in this week to see how I’ve been doing. The one’s who’ve brought me coffee (read:Tim Horton’s French Vanilla, not coffee) at work. The ones who swung by my house and got rid of my frog problem. The ones who taught me how to use some sweet power tools so that I could not only be productive and make things for the bachelorette, but also take out some of my frustration on some wood. The ones who’ve gone out of their way to make sure that there’s been at least a little light in every dark day this week.

– I’m thankful for my job,and the opportunity to be a manager, even with weeks like this. I’m learning a lot, about business and myself, and I know I’ll be a stronger person because of the trials I face here.

– I’ve been trying to eat healthier (I know you’ve heard this from me eleventy billion times before) and miraculously I’ve been able to not eat my feelings and binge on chocolate, ice cream and gallons of Pepsi. I’m down 2.4 lbs without exercising. Yay me!

– Couldn’t help but order this t-shirt from Sarah. Can’t wait for it to get here. I have grand plans to rock it at the World Juniors in Montreal and Toronto.

– I get to sleep in a little tomorrow and it will be heaven.


Oh Hey, Friday!

Today is the craziest of days, so lets just get right down to it.

My Five

one – I hate to complain about the amazing temperatures we’ve been experiencing this summer, but holy crap, its been hot. I’m nearly melting in my office. Need the a/c fixed stat!

two – We just got a load of steel in for a customer and every time I look at it I see wonderful little dollar signs flying around. Gosh, I love making money.

three – I’ve decided to wear heels despite my ankle being a painful bitch. I couldn’t stand wearing flats any long. What can I say? I am “that” girl. And beauty is pain, amirite?

four – Sidney Crosby is in my town for the weekend. I’d seriously pay for information to know where to find him. I’ve been following his career since he was 14 or 15, and swooning over him from the moment I first heard his name.

five – One of my best friends gets the keys to her first house this afternoon. I can’t wait to go check it out after work. With a case of cold beer in hand of course!

Happy Friday errrbody. Welcome to August!