Will Work for Makeup

It’s no secret that I’m far from a makeup expert, but I’m trying. It helps to have a best friend who is an addict and enjoys helping me out. There isn’t a wide selection of products available in my city, and with Target closing, the options are going to be a lot less awesome. Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to E.L.F., NYX, Pixi, Sonia Kashuk and a bunch more I’ve grown attached to.

I’ve struggled for a while with spending money on makeup at all, so its taken me quite a while to warm up to the idea of paying non-drugstore prices. But, over the holidays, my mom and I swung into a Sephora in Montreal, and  when I expressed my dislike of the amount everything cost my mom said, “If you’re looking for quality products, you’re going to have to pay for it.” While I didn’t buy anything that day, I took note of some products I was interested in so that I could quiz Megan about them when she got home from her trip to Mexico (jealous).

After a few back and forths, and numerous hours combing their website, I decided to give Sephora a go. A few clicks later and I had placed my very first order, for a whopping total of $200.

I had an eye infection when my order showed up, and I was under strict doctors orders not to wear makeup around my eyes, or wear my contacts, so I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to try anything out. As soon as I’ve thoroughly tested it all out, I’ll do a review of some sort. Promise!

P.S. I bought a new North Face parka over the weekend, and my only thought when I made the purchase was “I could be spending this money at Sephora.” Safe to say I may have a new addiction.

Hope you all had  fantastic weekend!