Lust List – Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Why is it that every single time I put myself on an online shopping freeze so many awesome sales have to happen? Last week Jeff and I sat down and put ourselves on a budget. With our wedding fast approaching it was necessary. And this week Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly Sale, and I can hear my credit card calling my name from my purse across the room.

Even if I can’t buy anything (or do you think Jeff would notice a few tiny purchases?), that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent the weekend browsing the sales, and dreaming.

Here are a few of the things I’m lusting after…

Olivia Moon Knit Blazer – I’m a sucker for blazers. They’re such an easy way to make a tee and pair of jeans look put together. I love this one because its lightweight and has an easy & casual feel to it, yet it looks chic. It also comes in grey and navy.

Shift Dress – I’m all about filling my closet with versatile pieces. This dress could easily be worn on its own, or with a pair of leggings. It comes in a bunch of great colors. I’m loving it in white and blue grass.

Scalloped Top – In the Summer I love wearing sleeveless tops to work under my blazer or cardigan. Its a huge plus if I can take off a layer and still be dressed appropriately for the office. The scalloped hem dresses the top up a bit which I love. It would look great with jeans or shorts.

Tee – I’m always on the hunt for chic tees, but they’re so hard to find. I want to feel comfortable, yet put together, and this tee might just do the trick.

Sam Edelman Sandals – Jeff would tell me that I definitely do not need these. He’s not a big fan of my ever growing footwear collection, especially the number of sandals I own. I love that these are casual, yet can be dressed up a bit because they have a little sparkle. They run small, so order a size up.

Kate Spade Watch – I want all of the Kate Spade things. I love a good watch. This would look great day or night, office or weekend. I think it would do a great job dressing up a tee and jeans.

Kate Spade Bag – My collection of purses/bags is nearly as extensive as my collection of shoes. I love a bright colored bag for the summer. I have a Liz Claiborne purse in a very similar color, and its just the perfect pop for neutral outfits. 

Did you notice a trend? I love taking casual outfits and dressing them up a bit.
What pieces are you loving from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale?

Lust List


1. Wine Glasses – I’ve been swooning over these glasses for as along as I’ve been addicted to Scandal and dreaming of being Olivia Pope. Girl has serious style! I’m sure Jeff would have the stems smashed off in record time, but I’d be willing to take that risk.

2. Booties – I’m generally a heels kind of girl, but I’m having a bit of a love affair with cute booties these days. I’ve been having inflammation issues in my joints recently, and heels sometimes aggravate that. I’m trying to wear flat footwear from time to time, and sacrificing style for comfort is not something I’m a fan of so great looking options are super important. I bought this pair a few weeks ago, and I’ve had my eyes on these too.
3. Bracelet – I’d take this beauty in gold or silver. I love its simple style and the idea of being able to personalize it with a special date or name.
4. Lip Pencil – I’m kind of distraught that Bite changed their lipstick lines. I had collected a few mingles (smaller double ended sticks with a different color on each end) and planned to buy my favourite colors in full size. Now my fav shades no longer exist. But, these matte pencils seem to have a few shades similar to the ones I love. And I love Bite, so I’m not ready to give up on them yet.
5. Strappy Heels – I know that stilettos won’t be as popular a chunky heels this summer, but I love the look of these. I think they’d look great with a pair of ankle jeans. Plus I’m a sucker for a great pair of Steve Maddens.
6. Bed –  Sometimes I can’t help but be a copy cat. When I visited Megan and Garrett a few summers ago I fell in love with their cozy guest room. It was small, but packed with style. When we went to Ikea I picked up the duvet cover and sheets like she had, but sadly I couldn’t fly the bed frame back from Edmonton. I haven’t given up on owning it. If only Ikea’s shipping costs weren’t more than the price of the bed frame.
7. Flat – When I went to Paris a few years ago I fell in love with a pair of Michael Kors flats at Galeries Lafayette. They were a gorgeous shade of purple and weren’t cheap. Since I had spotted them on one of the first days of my trip I wasn’t ready to commit to buying them. I wanted to wait until later in the trip when I knew I’d have enough money for them. But when we returned they were gone. I’ve never found another pair in a color I like that much, but I’m really liking these. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of black shoes.
8. Necklace – I’ve been dreaming of this necklace for years. Patiently awaiting the day that it would be totally appropriate to own. I love that it makes a bit of statement yet isn’t obnoxious. Can I own it in silver and gold? Hint Hint Jeffrey.
Of course this isn’t a complete list of everything I’m loving, that list could go on forever, and I don’t want to bore you. And clearly I have a thing for shoes. What are you lusting for?