Life Lately

You guys these past few weeks have been sooo busy. I feel like I haven’t stopped.

A couple weeks ago flew to Labrador City to spend the weekend with Jeff and his family and to keep him company on the drive back. Lab City, its not an awesome spot, but I am so glad I went. I got to see a lot of the province that I hadn’t seen before, and I loved spending time with Jeff’s family. They’re a blast. We couldn’t have asked for more generous and gracious hosts. I wish they lived closer. 

The drive back was soooo long. Hours upon hours of nothing. A six hour long section of unpaved road. And zero cell service for a majority of the time. We left Lab City at 5am and got to our hotel in Forteau at 7pm. We showered, grabbed pizza for supper, and were asleep long before 10pm. The next day we got up at the crack of dawn, took the ferry to St. Barbe and hit the road for home. We finally pulled into our driveway around 2:30pm and I wanted to kiss the pavement in our driveway.

Last weekend Jeff and I had a fire with friends Friday night. Spent Saturday doing chores. Sunday was beautiful so we ate breakfast on the deck, hung out at the petting zoo in our back yard, and worked on a few wedding things (yay).

“These guys don’t know how close to death they really are.” – Jeff
Finally sandal weather

And this past weekend I went home to spend Mother’s Day with my Momma. Which was really really nice. And I stuffed my face with lobster and mussels for the first time this year! Sooo good.

PS. I haven’t had a can of Pepsi in 8 days. Which is huge for an addict like me. Here’s to hoping the pounds start falling off.
Have you been super busy lately too? How did you spend Mother’s Day weekend?

Weekend Shennanies

As per usual my weekend was more relaxing that eventful. And I in true terrible blogger fashion I didn’t take many pictures.
My Fahja bought a new CanAm sidexside last week so I made him take me for a spin. It was super dusty and I looked Like I had some seriously grey hair when I got home.  And gotta love those lovely lines on my forehead. I’ve had em since I was like 12. But still.

 Megs and I went out for a little while Saturday night. I introduced her to the CamMe app. 
Craig was not very impressed to be sitting in the back of the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Zero leg room sucks. Not that I would know. I claimed shotgun pretty fast.

All the smoke from Quebec and Labrador. Makes the sun look super weird and orange. This picture just doesn’t show it well.

What shennanies did you partake in?

Sami's Shenanigans

Hello Sunshine!

Summer has taken quite a while to reach these parts. We had a decent month of May, but let me tell you, June, well June and I, we aren’t on speaking terms. It was cold and windy, and it rained nearly every day.

July has been pretty good so far, sunshine every day and the temperatures have been great. If only the wind would stop. But thats wishful thinking here in Newfoundland.

But I’m a take what I can get kinda girl, so I’ve been soaking up every bit of sun I can, and doing my best to take advantage of the not freezing my ass off temperatures.

As you can tell les jambes are ghostly white so I need all the sunshine I can get.

My idea of the perfect way to spend a few hours in the sun.
Last evening it was finally time to put the boats for the rowing club in the water. When we were done a few of the experienced rowers decided to go out for a spin. I can’t wait to try it out.

I know what you’re thinking. Kathryn, I thought you said it was sunny. Doesn’t look very sunshiney in these pics.  Okay, so maybe you weren’t thinking that, but just in case you were, I feel I should explain that it was in fact super sunny yesterday. And that haziness you are seeing in these pictures is not fog, or clouds. It is smoke. Thats right, thick, yucky, smelly smoke. There’s a forest fire 480 miles away (near Labrador City) and that lovely wind I was telling you about is bringing the smoke our way. 
And even though Whitney is off enjoying her long weekend. I’m still #backinthatazzup.