Let’s Get Real Vol.2

Today is Wednesday, which means its time to confess all my crap with Kathy, even if I am late posting today. Better late than never right?

Vodka and Soda

– It actually stresses me out a little a lot when I post outside of “approved blogging hours” or better yet not at all. I actually bothers me the entire day.
– I honestly forgot how much traffic you get when you participate in great links. No, thats not why I’m back here again this lovely Humpday. I actually think confession sessions are fun.
– The blog traffic doesn’t hurt my motivation though.
– New coveralls for my employees made me way more excited than I should admit. But its like finally seeing some of my vision for the steel distributor that shall not be named finally coming together.
– I’m running super low on some of my makeup (see: all of my makeup), and I refuse to replace any of it until I get to Alberta. The selection is way better there, hello Sephora! I won’t be complaining that the taxes are only 5% there compared to the 13% I pay here.
– I added a few IRL people to Instagram. And then I used it to plug a blog post. Oops. You bet they noticed. Yeah I’m talking about you Laura.
– Its been so ungodly warm here lately that I have honestly been thiiiiiiis close to complaining about it. But I won’t cause there’s a tropical cyclone headed this way.
– I’ll be in Alberta when that cyclone hits, so I don’t actually care. Sorry, not sorry.
– The word “cyclone” sounds scary.
– I spent all day yesterday at the park for a fundraiser for my rowing club, trying to raise money to fix the boat that was heavily damaged due to vandalism a few weeks ago. Only one other person showed up to help me out, and I was piiiisssed the entire day. I am still very unsure of how I managed to smile and be sweet and hand out balloons to children for 6 hours in 36 degree heat (thats 96.8 to you Americans out there).
– And then I came home and wrote a less than kind Facebook message to the rest of the club’s executive members for not helping out, which caused a stink, and resulted in an emergency meeting being called for tomorrow. Pretty sure I’m going to look a lot like this when we all get together, cause ya know, its not good enough to just want the money, its gonna take a little effort on everyone’s part to replace that boat. (Repairs are gonna cost 5 grand, not cheap)
– I am less than 72 hours away from leaving for Grande Prairie and I still have way to much stuff to do. So much stuff in fact that I don’t actually have time to be writing this post. But whatever.
– To celebrate all the fantastical things about July, like Canada Day, Independence Day, vacations and sunshine, everything in my Etsy shop is 50% off for the entire month! Just use coupon code CANADAUSA.

Comfort Zone Schmomfort Zone

It’s a good thing I don’t measure my success on this blog by my consistency of posting these days. Sorry y’all for the 100th unplanned hiatus this year. Things at the “steel distribution company that shall not be named” has been super super busy. I’ve worked late more days in the past few weeks than I have in the past few years leading up to this point. Oh the joys of management. I’m not complaining though, even though I have a love/hate relationship with my job, I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead such an amazing group of people.

Yesterday while I was procrastinating a little by taking a gander at my Instagram feed, because what better way to waste the time that should be used productively, I came across a picture from Shane and she was encouraging ambitious women to read Sheryl Sandberg’s (COO of Facebook) book Lean In. I don’t read books like that very often. Truthfully, I prefer the books that don’t require me to think very much, which I guess isn’t exactly and awesome thing since I am quite ambitious. I was intrigued by what Shane had to say and figure that its never to late to try and broaden my horizons and what not. So I bought it, and even though I’ve only read the introduction I’m sure that its going to be an amazing book and will be worth the $30 I paid for it. I’ll be sure to post a review as soon as I’m finished.

If you’ve ever seen Sheryl’s Ted Talk you know that she is a huge advocate for women being confident and standing tall and putting themselves out there. It’s something that I struggle with every single day. I know I have a lot to offer, but I’m scared others won’t feel the same. Failure scares me. Its a lot of the reason I hold myself back from trying new things.

I’ve been obsessed with home decor for years, I’ve probably spent more than a few months worth of mortgage payments on House and Home and Style at Home magazines. I’ve dreamed of decorating my own place with the style and flair that is so often shown on their pages. Unfortunately my bank account has never been in favor of my doing so, unless I can find ways to DIY things. And since I’m determined to have a bachlorette pad that I love, I’ve been doing just that for quite a while.

A few weeks ago, before I ever heard of Lean In, I decided to stop letting myself get in my own way of learning new things and my potential success, and I opened my own Etsy shop, Kathryn Lavers Design.

Honestly, while I had hoped for massive success (of course), I really didn’t expect to sell a single print. Thankfully that has not been the case, and the response to my store has been amazing.  Big thanks to everyone who has stopped by to purchase a print, or even just to look.

I am so glad that I decided to step outside my comfort zone, and put myself out there.

Sheryl is right, sometimes we have to stop holding ourselves back, we have to break down our own barriers, and when we do the results can be worth making ourselves a little bit uncomfortable.