Wedding Wednesday | Our Wedding Registry

Sine Jeff and I have already have most of the things we need around the house we had no idea what to put on our wedding registry.

I googled and searched Pinterest, but most of the guides seemed to be geared towards people who had never owned a home or had their own apartment before. Jeff and I had a majority of the items on the lists.

But thanks to many chats with my Maid of Honour, Megan, and a super helpful registry consultant we were able to put together what we feel is a well rounded registry.

We’ve registered for a few items we don’t have and a few “upgrades”. There’s a wide range of prices, so there are options for different budgets.

So what did we register for?

Fine China 

I love the idea of having special wedding China. I like that we can have nice place settings to take out on special occasions, like our anniversary or even Christmas. I also like the idea of taking really good care of it, so that we can pass it on. I would love to have some of my grandmothers good China.

We (I) chose this China from Kate Spade. There were a bunch of beautiful options and as much as I love some of the bolder choices like this one, I wanted something a little more timeless looking. As much as I like what we registered for, ive been thinking about finding a similar pattern in a more classic brand. Something I know should hold value and always be classic. 

Everyday China

Jeff is always (not everyday but often enough) complaining that we don’t have enough matching plates for when we have family in for supper. So we (again I) decided to register for some everyday China as well.

Again, I chose Kate Spade. And again, I’m not 100% settled on what I’ve chosen. I’m not sure I wan’t to be committed to the blue coloured pattern. I may have to consider my options again.

Bar Ware

I’ve always wanted a decanter. Honestly, I wish I had the type of job where having one in my office would be appropriate. Albeit I’m not much of a hard liquor fan, but I’d find something to put in it.

I love how classy decanters look. And this one has such an elegant feel about it. It would look great on the bar cart Jeff bought me for my birthday last year. Of course we registered for the matching old fashioned and high ball glasses too. 

And because bloggers seem to love them, and because they’re kinda cute, I couldn’t resist adding some moscow mule mugs as well.

Casual Dining Ware

We registered for a not so fancy, every day pieces like this great chip and dip bowl for game nights, a gravy boat just because I hate dipping gravy out of a bowl or pot (gravy boats are classier in my mind), and a few other things like this, this and this.

Jeff and I already have a lot of kitchen type things, but Bed Bath and Beyond had a great selection of items that match a lot of our current stuff and that would fill a few of the holes in our “collection”. I registered us for this, this and this. Basically I’m a sucker for cute white bowls and platters. 

PS. I totally would have chosen this Kate spade gravy boat if Jeff would have let me and if it wasn’t so expensive.

Small Appliances

A food processor is pretty much the only small kitchen appliance that we don’t have right now. We chose this one because it’s not too big, yet not too small. We likely won’t use it often, so we didn’t want anything that would take up a lot of storage space, but we also wanted something that would be big enough to do decent size batches of things when we did use it.

For the Rest of the Home
Pretty much the only non-kitchen item we registered for was this clothing steamer

Its not something I came up with on my own. Megan has one and loves it, so we suggested we get one too. I think it will be great for getting wrinkles out of delicate clothes. And out of the clothes that sits in a pile on our guest bed for weeks. Right Jeff?

And thats pretty much it. What did you register for? 
Any suggestions for things we may have missed?

To Travel & Beyond

Gifts for #BossBabes

The holidays seem to be creeping up so fast. I had promised myself that I would be way more prepared for Christmas this year and have my gifts bought by now. But as per usual, life had other plans. So just in case some of you out there are like me, unsure of what to buy all the wonderful people in your life, I decided to put together a few gift guides to help you out.
First up, a bunch of lovely things for all the #bossbabes and #careergirls in your life!

1. Kate Spade business card holder
2. file folders – so pretty, they’ll liven up any desk
3. Paper weight
4. Acrylic letter holder – pretty, and will help curb the chaos on her desk. #winning
5. Mind Over Matter print – for the days she needs a reminder that shes #gotthis
6. travel mug – for early mornings and late nights and for whatever gets you by, like hot chocolate, le duh
7. Day planner – a simple and beautiful place to start each day.
8. mobile charger – for the girl on the go

Comfort Zone Schmomfort Zone

It’s a good thing I don’t measure my success on this blog by my consistency of posting these days. Sorry y’all for the 100th unplanned hiatus this year. Things at the “steel distribution company that shall not be named” has been super super busy. I’ve worked late more days in the past few weeks than I have in the past few years leading up to this point. Oh the joys of management. I’m not complaining though, even though I have a love/hate relationship with my job, I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead such an amazing group of people.

Yesterday while I was procrastinating a little by taking a gander at my Instagram feed, because what better way to waste the time that should be used productively, I came across a picture from Shane and she was encouraging ambitious women to read Sheryl Sandberg’s (COO of Facebook) book Lean In. I don’t read books like that very often. Truthfully, I prefer the books that don’t require me to think very much, which I guess isn’t exactly and awesome thing since I am quite ambitious. I was intrigued by what Shane had to say and figure that its never to late to try and broaden my horizons and what not. So I bought it, and even though I’ve only read the introduction I’m sure that its going to be an amazing book and will be worth the $30 I paid for it. I’ll be sure to post a review as soon as I’m finished.

If you’ve ever seen Sheryl’s Ted Talk you know that she is a huge advocate for women being confident and standing tall and putting themselves out there. It’s something that I struggle with every single day. I know I have a lot to offer, but I’m scared others won’t feel the same. Failure scares me. Its a lot of the reason I hold myself back from trying new things.

I’ve been obsessed with home decor for years, I’ve probably spent more than a few months worth of mortgage payments on House and Home and Style at Home magazines. I’ve dreamed of decorating my own place with the style and flair that is so often shown on their pages. Unfortunately my bank account has never been in favor of my doing so, unless I can find ways to DIY things. And since I’m determined to have a bachlorette pad that I love, I’ve been doing just that for quite a while.

A few weeks ago, before I ever heard of Lean In, I decided to stop letting myself get in my own way of learning new things and my potential success, and I opened my own Etsy shop, Kathryn Lavers Design.

Honestly, while I had hoped for massive success (of course), I really didn’t expect to sell a single print. Thankfully that has not been the case, and the response to my store has been amazing.  Big thanks to everyone who has stopped by to purchase a print, or even just to look.

I am so glad that I decided to step outside my comfort zone, and put myself out there.

Sheryl is right, sometimes we have to stop holding ourselves back, we have to break down our own barriers, and when we do the results can be worth making ourselves a little bit uncomfortable.

Sand & Sun

This summer is turning to out to be one of the best I’ve had in quite a few years (minus the unemployment, obviously). I’ve been super busy and having a lot of fun. Next week I’m heading to the itty bitty island of Fogo for my aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. I’m really looking forward to being surrounded by family, meeting new people, and partying it up with my cousin and her friends. I’m also looking forward to heading to Fogo’s gorgeous beach. And since I don’t get much beach time, at all, I may have went a little overboard dreaming of things I would own if I lived in a place where I could visit the beach on the reg.

Therapy Thursday - Beach Bags

If there’s one thing you should know about me if we are going anywhere together, its that I like to over pack. I’m a girl who needs options. Getting ready to head to the beach is no different. I don’t want to have to use the same bag every day. What we’ll be doing when we get there, how long we’ll be there, or if we will be making other stops besides the beach, all have to be taken into consideration. If we’re going all day, I’ll need a bigger bag so that I can take a few snacks, magazines, frisbees, etc. And if we’re going to do a little shopping, I’ll want a smaller bag so I don’t have to carry around a large tote.

If I’m heading to the beach a few days in a row, I need more than one towel. Obviously its nice to switch things up. But mostly, that thing is gonna get dirty and sweaty, and the thought of using one a second day without washing it, is kinda nasty. And we all know that I’m not big on doing laundry any more often than absolutely necessary. And if they all rolled up as neat and tidy as the Roxy, that would be fantastic.

Much like towels, there are hygienic reasons why more than one suit is a definite plus for beach goers. But if we’re being honest, I’m mostly for having lots of options, cause suits are still fashion. And I like to look good. And I don’t want the beach hotties to see me in the same thing over and over. That would just suck.

What would you take to the beach?

Link up and share the things you’d love to splurge on for the beach, your closet, your house…

Therapy Thursday Graduation Edition

Therapy Thursday

Next Friday is my graduation, and for some crazy reason I completely forgot that I’ll be needing an cute outfit to wear. Usually I’m dying for an excuse to buy new clothes.

One and Two. I’m hoping to go for a sophisticated look and either of these dresses would be a great piece to start with.

Three. This clutch would work with either dress because of its classic color and shape.

Four. These anchor earrings are adorable and understated. They would go great with an updo.

Five. If I go with a black dress a statement necklace would be a great way to add a punch of color.

Six. Loving this bow bangle. Its too cute.

Seven. These booties add some height and a little “somethin somethin.” They could go with either dress.

Eight. Love the classic look of these peep toes and the color is very summery. They would look great with a black dress.

Nine. Shoes are a great way to add a punch of color to an outfit. Red shoes would look fantastic with a black dress.

Ten. These earrings would go great with either dress no matter what hairstyle I choose.


It’s Therapy Thursday!

When I lived in Alberta my friend Megan and I loved to shop together. Especially when we were in less than stellar moods. It was our therapy. Boy troubles = shop. Work trouble = shop. Friend trouble = shop. “That time” = shop with chocolate in hand. We called our retail therapy “buying happies.”

If I could buy myself a Happy right now (or 10 Happies in this case) and money was no object, I’d buy allll of this.
Therapy Thursday

One. Kate Spade iPad sleeve. Isn’t it gorgeous. And the quote definitely applies to me. Love it. And will own it.
Two. Jack Daniels tank. Because its a little country. A little rock and roll. And a little bad ass.
Three. Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses. They’re adorable and acrylic. So I can get sloshed with cute glasses that I don’t have to worry about breaking.
Four. Jennifer Lopez wedges. I seen these in a tealish color at Kohl’s when I was in Maine last summer. Really regretting not buying them since Kohl’s doesn’t ship to Canada,
Five. Toms ballet flats. They’re cute and stylish. And One for One. Need I say more?
Six. Maxi skirt. It just looks soooo comfortable. And on trend. A rare find in fashion.
Seven. Self tanner. I’m so pale I’m surprised I don’t glow under black lights. And tanning beds just aren’t the healthiest way to go.
Eight. Adidas camo leggings. I’m kinda on a camo kick. And since metabolism has recently stopped being my friend I need to start exercising. And I’d like to look cute doing it.
Nine. Lulu Lemon sports bra. Because sports bras should be a little sexy.
Ten. Cowboy boots. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while. And a funky color seems the way to go. 
What would you splurge on? Link up below.


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