Eggs & Bacon

I haven’t posted very often lately but when I have, its been all about the wedding. What can I say? I’ve got planning on the brain 24/7.

It was brought to my attention last week that as soon as I got engaged I jumped right into talking about the planning but I haven’t wrote at all about how happy I am to be spending my life with the man of my dreams. When I first read the comment, I’ll admit, I got my back up a little bit, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that its true. 

So today is dedicated to JW, the eggs to my bacon, the love of my life, man of my dreams.

You guys, I’m a seriously lucky girl.

This guy is amazing. 

He cooks me breakfast on the weekends.

He cleans and does laundry.

Hes so handy. He can lay flooring, and paint walls. Heck, he renovated our entire house himself. Most of it prior to us living together, but I’ve seen the before photos.

He makes me laugh. All of the time.

When I’m sad, he does whatever he can to cheer me up. 

He likes to cuddle. And its the best thing ever.

He loves his family. And mine.

He loves being a firefighter. He seems to really enjoy lighting fires too. The backyard kind of course.

He’s motivated and determined. The boy runs his own company on his days off.

He’s far from lazy.

He likes being social and spending time with our friends. But he likes time with just the two of us just as much.

He supports all my crazy ideas. This blog and my Etsy shop.

He gives my parents a run for their money when it comes to being my biggest cheerleader.

He likes being spontaneous.

I have fun with him even when we are doing boring things. 

He loves selfies.

He makes me feel smart and beautiful.

He wants the same things I do. To travel, to build a great house together, to have as much fun as possible. He doesn’t want all the shoes I want though. I’m unsure why.

He has the biggest heart. And he is unbelievably generous.

He leaves me love notes around the house at times when I least expect it.

He is cheesy and sappy. And I love it.
JW and I found each other exactly when we needed each other. 
With this guy by my side I could be broke and homeless and never be poor.