High Five for Friday!

I’ve never done a High Five for Friday link-up with Lauren before. But its never too late to start taking time to reflect on your week (or life) and acknowledge all of the things, people, and experiences you are blessed with and so thankful to have.

1. Two of my favorite people just landed in Newfoundland. Can’t wait to spend time with the!

2. Love getting to spend quality cuddle time with these gorgeous munchkins.

3. BBQs with my wonderful extended family. They’re the craziest, funniest, most supportive, down to earth, amazing people that I know.

4. Customers who appreciate your service so much they bring you a wonderful Iced Capp from Timmies. Its great to feel appreciated.

5. Thankful for still being allowed to wear heels for the time being. Flat feet you can kiss my azz. I’ll be rocking my new Aldo’s all weekend.

  photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png
And now its time to….
It’s #backthatazzup Friday!

The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up at I Wore Yoga Pants and have a jam sesh with all of us!

This song just makes me want to find a beach, a beer and a lawn chair. And do absolutely nothing but lay in the sun all day long.