My Worst Nightmare

I’ve been wishing for a while that I could link my Instagram to my Facebook page, but I held off for a long time because I didn’t want to share my posts to my personal profile. My Instagram is 99% for blog purposes, and 1% personal, probably less. The only IRL people I share my Instagram with, are people I’ve told about my blog. So, very few.

Tuesday I got the great idea to “Google” and find out if I could link Insta to my page. Turns out you can. I was so excited and linked the accounts right away. Making sure to take all of the steps to have my posts not show up on my personal page. But I didn’t think it all of the way through. Turns out that when people logged into Instagram, it told them that their “friend” had joined and that they should add me.

Almost immediately people were adding me, liking my photos and leaving comments. And then I panicked and immediately unlinked my accounts.  And its still happening, the ads keep coming, even with the accounts unlinked. Thanks for that stupid apps.

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, you know that it’s linked to this blog. And I wasn’t ready for IRL people to come here. At all. Like, I`ve been dreading this.

So, I shut this place down for a few hours, and deleted sooo many old posts. The ones where I over shared, the ones that were poorly written, the ones I didn’t want to share with people who know me. So yeah, a good 90% of past posts are gone. Oops.

If you find links that are broken, that’s why. 

I plan to revamp some of those posts. So they’ll be back…eventually.

And going forward, well, we’re still going forward. Perhaps with a few more readers.