Let’s Get Real Vol. 3

Vodka and Soda
– I was a terrible blogger while on vacation, and didn’t post at all. Oops.
– Vacay recaps will be tough, cause I hardly took any pictures. I’m still not comfortable looking strange to people for taking pics or having the “I’m a blogger,” conversation. Need to get over that. Stat.

– A few weeks ago I went for a ride on bike, with a guy who’s bike I probably shouldn’t have been on the back of, but thats really not the point of this story. Bikes require real footwear, not flip flops. Real footwear require socks, and I hate socks. So as soon as flip flop season comes around, I forget about them, and thus there are never any clean. So I had to fish some out of the laundry, and well, lets just say its a good thing his nose never got anywhere near my feet.

– I’m seriously considering a re-branding. “Adventures” just doesn’t seem to jive well with my life these days. I’m just not sure what I would re-brand to, and also, re-brands are a lot of work and I’m lazy.
– Going back to work after a vacation is always a struggle. This time was no exception. I wanted to cry my entire drive to the office on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday. Seriously, can’t I just get paid to be on permanent vacation?
– I have been a super loyal Air Canada customer. I never fly any other airline (mostly because of Aeroplan, duh) but I’m seriously ready to rip them a new one, and switch to West Jet. They lost one of my bags on my return flight last Saturday, and four days later they still have ZERO clue where it is. And their call center is in India, so you can imagine how much fun they are to deal with. There are soooo many things in that bag that I want, like right now. Like my brand new, never worn, took forever to find a pair that I loved, black Aldo stilettos. Ugh.
– I really love gifs, but I feel like that idiot in the classroom who has no clue what’s going on. Seriously, where do you all find all the amazingness that are gifs?

– It is disgustingly hot in my office. The a/c is not working. My feet are swollen, I had to ditch the heels. And basically, I’m sweaty and miserable, and wearing flats. Wednesday, what did I ever do to you??