No Excuses

I’ve been MIA for a month, again. This year really isn’t off to a very good start when it comes to blogging. I swear I’ve got an excellent excuse. But not really…

Work has been super busy, which of course is a great thing, except I tend to take a minute or two or sixty to catch up on my bloggy reading and to bang out a post each morning. But thats hard to do when you have a trainee hanging out in your office all day long, and you’re trying to set a good example. Clearly I’m more of a do as I say, not as I do type of person. And after work, well, I’ve just been so exhausted.

But I promise, no more excuses. I’ve got to make time for this. Because I love it. And I miss it when I’m way from it.

So to get myself back on track, lets start things off with my favorite go to for days like to day when I didn’t put very much thought into what I want to say here….

Currently I’m…

Eating – Nothing, because I slept in a little late today, and didn’t have enough time to grab anything for breakfast. Sleep over food yo.

Drinking – Hot chocolate. Le duh. This girl does not do coffee, and its still cold out, so I need a warm little pick me up in the morning.

Purchasing – Craft supplies to make decorations for my best friends bachelorette party. Being crafty helps save money, and occupies my time which keeps me from shopping when I’m bored. Win win.

Crafting – Wonderfully glittery decorations for Sarah’s last fling before the ring. I subscribe to the idea of “why buy it when I can make it for cheaper.” All the details of the party are going to be a surprise for the bride, so I’ll make my Pinterest board public as soon as the party is over. Until then, here’s a sneak peak of my Pinspiration.

Looking forward to – Getting this little blog back on track, summer, and heading out West for Sarah’s wedding & to see all my favorite people.
Watching – Just caught up on all the new episodes of Dallas. God love Jesse Metcalfe, he is fine.
Listening to – Best Day of My Life by American Authors. I almost wish I was getting married this summer (or at all), just so I could use this song at the ceremony. It may a bit too upbeat for some people’s taste, but I’d love it.

Loving – Pretty much everything in sight since I’m on a shopping diet. You know how it works…
Reading –  I finished the Divergent Trilogy a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I recommend you read it. But maybe not until after you have seen the movie. Cause as per usual, the books will make you pick the movie apart and you just won’t enjoy it as much.
Craving – Subway. I had it for supper last night. Its just something I can’t get enough of.
Feeling – Sore, because yesterday wasn’t Sunday Funday my friends. No, yesterday was Sunday Runday. I’m back on the exercise train and I’ve signed up for my first ever 5K. Its in three weeks, so I don’t have much time to get myself in shape. #KathrynsGettingFitWithVenus
Peacing out – Because I really do have a ton of work to get done.

Fondue for Two

– I have a list of baby names stored in the notepad on my iPhone. Obviously that’s not something I share with everyone. Can you imagine how fast a guy would run for the hills if he found out? And omg, pretty sure my parents would have a panic attack. But in any case, its there. And any time I hear a name I like, I add it. Pretty sure though that by the time I’m ready to name a child, I’ll look at every name on that list and wonder wtf I was thinking.

– The skin on my face is always dry and flaky. No amount of moisturizer can fix it. And it makes it super hard to find BB creams and foundations that will help color correct my skin tone, without looking like a total effing mess.

– I’m on a super tight budget these days. And its killing me. I have never wanted to shop so bad. I mean why does Target have to come out with all this awesome clothes right as I decide that I have zero room in my budget for clothes shopping? And why do e-books have to be so darn expensive when the temperatures are frigid and I’m cooped up in my apartment with nothing else to do but read?

– I’m really looking forward to the Divergent movie. But I’ve never read the books, and probably should get on that ASAP. Speaking of, the trailer just came on tv while I’m catching up on PLL.

– If I ever elected to have plastic surgery, I’d get myself a boob job, a little work on my super thin upper lip, have something done about the permanent bags under my eyes (never noticed them? thank you Photoshop), and have my slowly developing saggy under the chin area taken care of.

– 100 points for anyone who understands the title of this post.

– And yeah I know I don’t even like coffee, but Coffee Talk sounded a whole lot better than Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Talk, plus I totally stole this idea from Casey.