Life is Beautiful

In high school (Go Dorsets!) most of my friends were guys. Not because I was a skank (that came later in life), or because I wanted to avoid girl drama, but simply because I seemed to have a lot more in common with Adam, Robin and Jeremy than I did with most girls, and I genuinely enjoyed the time I spent with them. As great as those friendships were, and they were truly great (Adam and I are still best friends, and well Jeremy, we’ve talked about him around these parts before), I longed for the days when I would have great girl friends a la Sex and the City.

Luckily for me, somewhere around my 20th year on the planet and my second year in Alberta, I met my Charlotte and Samantha (obviously I’m Carrie, no one wants to be Miranda, that bitch was a mess).

While I may have skipped the whole college thing, I most certainly did not skip the boozing. Clearly.

Who knew that a tipsy Halloween night would lead me to finding the sisters I never had but always wanted.

I am truly blessed to have Sarah and Megan in my life, and I am so very much thankful that our friendships have lasted no matter the distance between us.

A week from today I am getting on a plane to fly 6000kms to be reunited with them, if only for a short while, and I can hardly wait.

And now to honor to our beautiful friendship, a song we drunkenly moved to danced to many many times.

Vacation get at me!

PS. For a girl who loves photoshopping, it was seriously difficult to post those pictures.

I Believe…

 That 80’s movie marathons being the best way to spend a Sunday.
 In hockey and the Detroit Redwings.
 In Sidney Crosby.
That chick flicks are good for the soul.
In blogging whatever you want…as evidenced here.
When in doubt, overdress.

That your best friends are your soul mates.

In alcohol, specifically beer, tequila and peach bellinis.

That heels are the best way to make yourself look and feel better.

In being silly.

In spending too much time on Pinterest.

In never being too old to be students.

That mint chocolate chip ice cream makes every day better.

That the best way to drive is with the sunroof open and music up high.

That sometimes you just need to cry it out.

That snowboarding is heaven. Even when you fall down. Kind of.

And I believe in loving life, and living every minute of it.