Parisian Style

I would love to be able to go to Paris and be one hundred percent fashion forward. Nice trousers, gorgeous blouses and to die for shoes. Unfortunately, I can only take it so far. At some point I have to sacrifice style for practicality and comfort. For that reason I need to come up with some creative footwear ideas that will look great, not stand out as being “American” or “Canadian” and be super comfortable, especially with my flat feet diagnosis, since we’ll be spending all day every day on our feet walking around the city.

So what does a style savvy traveler do in a situation like this? Google acceptable footwear of course. And Google I did. I learned that, thankfully, Parisians are slowly coming around to the idea of sneakers/runners/kicks. However, they only wear casual styles and do not wear white. Apparently white is a tip of the you’re American (or in my case Canadian) and makes you a target for pick pockets and thiefs. 

Therapy Thursday

With all that edumacation fresh in my brain I’ve been looking for some suitable options. I’m not sure which route I should go, and really wish I had an unlimited supply of moula and no baggage limit for my flights. I could just buy em all instead of having to choose.

But, I’m leaning towards the all black pair of Lacoste in the upper left corner because of their solid color. They’ll go with just about any outfit.

What pair do you think I should choose? Suggestions and other options would be appreciated.

$135 –

New balance footwear
$120 –