A “Classy” Bachelorette

As many of you know, because I talked about it incessantly, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to fly across the country, to my old stompin’ grounds, to spend a few weeks with my friends and to celebrate the wedding of my sister from another mister, Sarah.

Of course before we could send her down the aisle we had to giver her one last fling before the ring.

The maid of honor, DJ, and I planned the shindig for months. Blowing up each other’s Facebook Chat with ideas, pictures and updates. The weeks leading up to the day were super stressful. Would our handmade decorations look good? Would the food taste good? Would everyone have fun? Would we be able to pull of the night Sarah had been dreaming of?

Happy to report that it was a smashing success!

Sarah didn’t want a typical bachelorette party with straws, and pins and cakes shaped like penises (I don’t blame her), she wanted something “classy”. Obviously that meant that I would need to consult the almighty Pinterest to find ideas for decor and fun things to do.

One // Two // Three // Four 

It wasn’t hard to become inspired and it was clear that this party was going to be needing a lot of glitter.

Planning a party for a large age group and one where mothers are invited is a challenge. DJ and I wanted to make sure we were “appropriate” but that everyone had a good time. And we had a lot of fun, we played the Groom Quiz and Who Knows the Bachelorette. We had a Passion Party, a photobooth, great food and tons of booze. And really y’all, thats a recipe for a great night. It certainly didn’t hurt that Sarah’s friend and my fellow bridesmaid, Fringina, was able to get up the VIP section at Spurs either.

Our handmade decorations.
Photo backdrop inspired by this LaurenConrad.com tutorial.
All you need for a good time is to chug a little Sourpuss, amirite?!

Why I Can’t Wait to Go Back “Out West”

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say that I can’t wait to get my ass back on Alberta soil. I never thought I’d miss it this much. Perhaps its because it was my home for five years and I did so much growing there. I fell in love with people, and places and food. Especially the food.

Because I’m super busy preparing for vacation and making sure all my work is up to date before I leave, I have resorted to another of my beloved listicles, not to be confused with testicles (but those aren’t so bad either in the right context).

– Sarah, Megan, Monica, Alisha and Tracey. You know the amazing ladies I’m friends with cause I chose em, not cause I grew up with them.

– Sarah’s Bachelorette. Its going to be an amazing time. Or at least it better be. And oh what a relief it will be to have it over. Planning these things from so far away has been a challenge.

– Ikea, West Edmonton Mall, South Edmonton Commons. Bring on the shopping. I can hear my momma’s credit card shwiping already.

– Taco Bell. Seriously, there isn’t a single one in Newfoundland. I feel deprived of its yumminess and cheapness. Do. Not. Judge. Me. Capeesh?

– Decorating for Sarah’s Wedding. Yeah. Thats a total lie. I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be done. But, I am happy I get to share the experience with her. I’ll let you know if I’m still happy about it after its all said and done.

– Girls nights. They’re always a shit show and its been way too long.

– Mr. Mike’s, because seriously I think I miss this place the most. They have by far the best burgers ever, and I love their stir fry, and spinach dip and calamari. And shit, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

– Drinks on patios. My number one favorite summery thing to do.

– Champagne. Le duh.

– And last but not least, the not having to go to work. Obviously.