Some Goals and What Not

Who knew writing a vacation post would be so darn hard? Here’s the deal. I can’t decide how I want to organize things. I hate posts that go on and on forever, those get boring don’t they? But I’m also not a fan of vacation series’ either. I find I lose interest in both really fast. And Paris was so freaking amazing that I don’t want to you guys to be bored with it, or me for that matter.

The other delay is that I took eleventy billion pictures, and its taking a while to sort through all of them, get them organized, and delete the duplicates and crappy ones. And then Lord knows how I’ll decide which ones to share, cause I’m pretty sure no one will be happy if I even consider posting them all.

So instead of posting a poor quality post about my trip I’ve decided to share with you my 101 in 1001 that I started in August. And now seems like a good time to share it cause well, I’ve had a blank page dedicated to it for a while, and my vacation means I get to cross something off of it.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, 101 in 1001 is a list of 101 goals to hopefully be accomplished in approximately 2.75 year (1001 days). They can be anything you want them to be. I’ve been pondering over this list for a few weeks, and I’ve yet to come up with 101 goals, but 84 is a pretty good start right?

Get three new stamps on my passport 
     –France, 2013
Go on a legitimate road trip. 
Read 100 books. Novellas do not count. 
Take a ride on a train. 
     -Paris to Albert, October 2013
Complete a couch to 5k program 
Run the Downtown Dash. 
Run the Blue Nose 10k. 
Go to an NFL game. 
Go to an NHL game. 
Go to the airport and buy a random ticket to somewhere I’ve never been. 
Become proficient in another language 
Go to spring break somewhere 
Learn to fold a fitted sheet. 
Get a DSLR camera. 
Buy a house. 
Go to a ballet. 
Start my own business. 
Complete at least one Pinterest inspired pallet project. 
Refinish a piece of furniture. 
Try a Maine lobster. 
Try Sushi. 
Bake a cake from scratch. 
Learn how to use at least one new power tool. 
Host a dinner party 
Try Yoga 
Meet at least one blog friend 
Host a holiday celebration for my friends 
Hike the Man in The Mountain 
Hike Gros Morne 
Make 5 DIY projects on my Pinterest boards 
Eat dinner on a river boat. 
Pay off my credit card 
Buy one Designer piece (clothing, accessory, etc.) 
Send out 10 cards letting people know I’m thinking of them. 
Adopt a family for christmas 
Get a facial 
Learn how to use a sewing machine 
Make a quilt 
Find a red lipstick that looks good on me 
Buy a plant and keep it alive. 
Organize and use my office 
Buy a great watch 
Subscribe to the magazines I always buy in stores 
Learn how to do 5 new hairstyles 
Make my own artwork to hang in my own apartment 
Hang some of my own photos in my apartment 
Go on a picnic 
Get my daughter’s pride ring fixed and start wearing it again 
Be able to do 30 push ups 
Bring myself back down to weight I was when I graduated high school 
Save money for a cusion fund 
Try 10 new beer
     –Mill St. Brewery, August 2013
Put together a cookbook of recipes I love 
Go an entire week without watching tv 
Learn to fire a gun 
Go hunting with my dad 
Go out in boat with dad 
Buy a mug from Starbucks 
     –Paris, 2013
Guest post on 3 different blogs
     –Colorful Commotion, August 2013
Take at least 5 photos of every excursion
     –Paris, 2013
     –Beaumont-Hamel, 2013 
Start a dinner club with friends 
Face my fear of heights and go zip-lining 
Make a “mixed tape” and send it as a surprise to a friend 
Leave at least 10 Operation Beautiful notes 
Drink 8 glasses of water every day for a week 
Make 10 recipes from Pinterest 
Buy a floppy hat and wear it 
Learn sign language 
Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years 
Start saving for retirement 
Start a liquor cabinet and have at least 10 different kinds of alcohol in it 
Sell and item I made myself 
Go a month without eating out 
Write a post about a place that inspires someone to visit it 
Go strawberry picking 
Have 50 unique page visitors daily for a week straight 
Buy my own domain name 
Be able to do a chin up 
Buy a set of metal stamps and proceed to make some jewelry 
Get family photos done with my brother and parents 
Document each task completed with a blog post or photo 
Inspire someone to write a list of their own 
Give myself a small reward for every task completed 

Obviously a few of these are simple or trivial. But I feel that writing them down will help me save the the money required, or find the time to do them.

Do you have a 101 in 1001 or a set of short term goals?