10 On Tuesday – A Completely Random List of Thoughts

– I did my first ever “outfit” type post yesterday. And damn guys, taking pictures for that was facking awkward. Like I was nervous, sooo nervous. And I felt weird about getting my picture taken in public. So I opted for locations that were closed and didn’t have many people around.  It turned out okay I guess. I had higher hopes, but the weather was less than cooperative and Jeff and I had zero clue what we were doing. We just flew by the seat of our pants. Lets just say it was super stressful, but we didn’t kill each other, or fight, so I’m chalking it up to a win.

– Blogging is pretty great for pushing you outside your comfort zone. As mush as that can be super stressful, it may be my favorite part of the whole thing.

– Since when is Easter about more than Jesus and Chocolate? Seriously. When I was a kid we did the church thing, and we got a basket full of sugar. Maybe a trail of eggs around the house. And done. Yet it seems like now the day of all things holy and delicious is about toys and gifts? My Facebook feed is full of happy parents showing off the Christmas sized hauls their children got. When did the Easter Bunny become Santa Claus? And can it please all go back to normal before I have kids?

– Why did Bite Beauty have to change their lipstick line? I loved collecting the mingles, and had grand plans of restocking some of my favorite colors, like Tangerine and Violet. And now none of those shades exist anymore, and I kind of feel lost. I almost don’t want to use the ones I have left very often. Its like I must save them for special occasions. 

– My fiancĂ© isn’t a fan of me calling him a man-child, but he likes his veggies steamed to basically mush, sooooo…

– The forecast says there’s a lot of rain in store for us today and I’m kinda unsure how I feel about it. On the one hand I’ve been super jealous of all the bloggers who’ve been able to stop wearing layers, and making outfit decisions based on what will fit under a parka. And who can do fabulous outfit posts (something I may give a go eventually.) But on the other hand, I’m not ready to see the snow go. I haven’t had enough rides on skidoo, or been to the cabin enough, and I never got to Ski Marble this year. Basically, I’m conflicted.

– I went to the gym today after work, well, after the nap I had after work.

– While I understand the reason for the policy, I really hate that my gym will only let you use the treadmills for 30 minutes. It totally sucks on the days when all I want to do is walk/run.

– I’m pretty sure discount Easter chocolate tastes even better than full price chocolate. Hellooooo Lindt bunny.

– I’m so not a fan of the nights Jeff has to work. Its kinda boring around the house when he isn’t here. Its going to get worst when all of my tv shows are on hiatus for the summer.

I’ve been wanting a DSLR or even an awesome point and shoot camera for like ever. The awkward photoshoot only made me want one more. Do any of you know of any deals?