Staying on the Fit Track

Pants: c/o Yoga Outlet / Shirt: Similar / Purse: Similar

At the beginning of the year I made a few resolutions, one of them was to exercise more regularly, the other was to lose 25 lbs this year. And I was off to a pretty good start in January. I ate healthy, I went to the gym, and I lost 5 lbs.

And thennn, I totally fell of the wagon…way off the wagon. The diet went out the window, I’ve been back to the gym like maybe one time, and I’ve packed most of those ellbees back on.

But enough is enough, its time to get back on track, and I have a game plan, one thats worked for me before. And just in case you’re in the same boat I am, I’m sharing it with you.

five tips for staying motivated

Meal Prep – For Jeff and I this has been vital. I typically am not a breakfast eater. Perhaps because I prefer an extra few minutes of sleep over having time to grab a bite. When lunch time rolls around, I’m much more likely to come home to eat if there’s something quick to get. If “there’s no food” at home, meaning I have to make something, I’m much more likely to opt for eating out.  We usually try to make a bunch of breakfast wraps Sunday evening to last us all week. When we cook dinner, we make enough to have left overs for lunch or dinner the next day. We also like to keep a bunch of cooked chicken breast on hand to go with salads. When you do the prep work, its a lot easier to make healthy choices.

FitBit – Jeff and I both have Fitbits. He’s had his for more than a year. I bought mine in January when I made my resolutions. What we both love about the wearable is that it helps give us an idea of how active we really are. My job is quite sedentary, but it wasn’t until I got my Fitbit Charge that I realized just how little I was moving during the day. We also love the little community we have because of them. We do weekly challenges with our friends, which brings out our competitive nature. On the days we’re feeling lazy, the desire to win gets us off the couch. We also find that the challenges keep us accountable to our friends, which is a pretty good motivator.

Goals – Setting goals and (reasonable) deadlines will help keep you on track. For me, its making sure my dress fits, and looking great on my wedding day. #sweatingforthewedding Five months is lots of time for me to meet the goals I have. Having a goal helps me have a definite purpose. And starting early means my goal is attainable and I’m not setting myself up for disappointment and frustration.

Its not All About the Scale – I used to think the number on the scale was the only way to track progress. I was wrong. In January I joined a Dietbet. I exercised and counted every calorie I ate. But the scale didn’t seem to change much at all the first few weeks. It was frustrating not to see the results I wanted on that little screen. But, my clothes were somehow fitting better. Even though the scale wasn’t telling me what I wanted, the measurements were. Don’t forget that while you’re burning fat you’re also building muscle. Your body is changing, but your weight may not. Its all about the non-scale gains. Measurements and pictures are the best way to keep track of progress.

Cute Workout Gear – Obviously this one is my favourite. I find it a lot easier to get my butt to the gym if I like what I’m wearing. I like my gear to be fashionable, functional and feminine. To be something I don’t mind being seen outside the gym in, so great pants are key. I own these and these, and I want these

Do you have any tips for staying motivated?

Why You Should Have A Wedding Registry

Jeff and I both moved out of our parents’ homes shortly after high school. That means that for the past 10ish years we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. There isn’t really much we “need.” Yet, we’ve decided to have a wedding registry.

I hadn’t planned to have one, not a lot of people seem to do that sort of thing around here, but when Jeff’s stepmom asked for ideas for gifts for us, well it got us to thinking about why we should reconsider.

wedding registry

Etiquette is important.

I’m a member of a few Facebook groups for wedding planning and a question that is regularly asked is “How do I word my invitations to let guests know that we would like money instead of gifts?”
My honest opinion, since you’ve asked, is to not include anything about gifts on the invite. Personally, I find it tacky. Second, it’s rude AF to ask someone for money. In some social circles (not all), not having a registry is seen as implying you want money.

People are going to give you gifts. 

I know, I know, most wedding guests give the bride and groom a monetary gift these days. But not everyone does. Registries are helpful for friends and family who want to give you an actual thing.

Not every gift giver will buy something from your list, but registries to help reduce the risk of you receiving something you don’t need or like.


Still have your cutlery from college? You could register for something nicer. Would you like new wine glasses? Or maybe a food processor that isn’t a hand me down from your mom? Since people out there are bound to give you gifts, now’s a good chance to upgrade a few of the things you have.

Completion Deals

Many stores have registry completion programs. Basically, after your wedding you get the option to purchase any of the remaining items on your registry for a discounted price, usually 10-20% off. If you like sales, that’s too good of a deal to pass up.


Lots of times the people you work with will want to give you something to mark the occasion. Often they will pool their money together to buy one gift. Since these people  likely don’t know your likes and dislikes as well as your friends and family, so a registry can be a huge help to them.

Did you register for your wedding?

To Travel & Beyond

Things I Learned on a Sick Day

From me time to time my feet give me a bit of trouble. And I’ve had two major inflammation flare ups before, one during summer break in high school, and one in 2013. But overall I wouldn’t say that I typically have an inflammation problem. 

Today sucks. After taking an Aleve, I went to work, but I only lasted like 4 hours. It’s hard to be productive when your fingers and wrists hurt so bad that writing and typing is a challenge. And when your elbow hurt while resting on your chair’s padded arms, you may as well just pack it in for the day. 

But all is not lost, I’ve learned a few things during my quality time on the couch.

– Say Yes to the Dress Canada stinks. Give me some Kleinfelds or Bridal by Lori over this any day.

– There’s not much I want to watch on daytime tv.

– Sunshine makes me want to be productive. And not be taking it easy. Pain and sickness should be reserved for cloudy days.

– The sunshine is also making me feel a little okay with the snow melting and winter being over soon. Can we just skip Spring and get right to Summer?

– I liked soaps a lot better when I was a teenager, and my mom wouldn’t let me watch them.

– Sugar, carbs and alcohol, all of my favorite food groups can cause/aggravate inflammation.

– I can still nap pretty well during the day.

– Sick days are great days to give your skin a break from make up and maybe even to try a facial mask or new treatment.

– But if you decide to “try” to go to work, you will inevitably have an inner debate about make up. Should you give into the laziness/tiredness and go light on the make up and maybe still look sick? Should you wear enough to not look like death and risk coworkers not believing you’re actually feeling miserable? 

– The guilt you feel when taking a sick day off work is so real.

– Everything on that to do list sitting on your desk seems far more urgent than it would if you were in the office.

– There will almost certainly be something happening the night/evening of your sick day that you wanted to take part in, but can’t or at least shouldn’t. For me its the Battle of the Badges.

– Afternoon bubble baths are heavenly. And this Paris Amour bubble bath is worth every penny.

– Sick days are an absolutely good excuse to indulge in yummy treats and a large slice of Chocolate Chunk Buttercream Bar will make even the worst of day (except those with gastro) a lot better.

Have your sick days taught you anything?

Oh Hey, Friday! ….. I mean Saturday?

Well this post was supposed to go live yesterday. Apparently saving doesn’t publish, oops.

This week. This week has been ridiculously frustrating. And I’m basically brain dead, so lets just get down to it.

My Five

1. Thursday morning I had a piece of burning wood fall out of the stove, nearly locked myself out of the house and I slipped and fell on the ice in my driveway all while I was in a mad rush because I was running late to get to my dentist appointment. I made it just in time for my appointment, only to discover that the day was in fact Wednesday. I wasn’t on time for my appointment, I was 24 hours early. And a full day more away from Friday.

2.       Some days Jeff has to go to work before I do and leaves the house at least a half an hour before I even have to get up. Most days he will come back in the room, give me a quick kiss and be on his way. Its kind of adorable, I love it. Other days, like a few this week, he has come into the room to have a chat before he leaves. I love this less. Way less. Like, “please kiss me and go away now, I would like to finish snoozing. K, thanks.” I am not a morning person. Update: He did this again this morning.

3. Cross Border Pick Ups charged me $40 shipping, for a package valued at $40. Which is absolutely insane. More on that later.

4. A time sensitive package I was waiting on arrived at the UPS depot here in Corner Brook on Tuesday, but wasn’t delivered until Friday morning, because “adverse weather conditions may cause delays.” Apparently sunshine and zero precipitation for days makes parcel delivery tricky.

5. I forgot to water the beautiful flowers Jeff’s mom sent me for my birthday, and now they’re so dead.  (I had a better five when I sat down to write this post, but I forgot, because I’m pretty much losing my mind.)

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been an entirely terrible week.
But I hope yours has required less hair pulling than mine.

My Worst Nightmare

I’ve been wishing for a while that I could link my Instagram to my Facebook page, but I held off for a long time because I didn’t want to share my posts to my personal profile. My Instagram is 99% for blog purposes, and 1% personal, probably less. The only IRL people I share my Instagram with, are people I’ve told about my blog. So, very few.

Tuesday I got the great idea to “Google” and find out if I could link Insta to my page. Turns out you can. I was so excited and linked the accounts right away. Making sure to take all of the steps to have my posts not show up on my personal page. But I didn’t think it all of the way through. Turns out that when people logged into Instagram, it told them that their “friend” had joined and that they should add me.

Almost immediately people were adding me, liking my photos and leaving comments. And then I panicked and immediately unlinked my accounts.  And its still happening, the ads keep coming, even with the accounts unlinked. Thanks for that stupid apps.

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, you know that it’s linked to this blog. And I wasn’t ready for IRL people to come here. At all. Like, I`ve been dreading this.

So, I shut this place down for a few hours, and deleted sooo many old posts. The ones where I over shared, the ones that were poorly written, the ones I didn’t want to share with people who know me. So yeah, a good 90% of past posts are gone. Oops.

If you find links that are broken, that’s why. 

I plan to revamp some of those posts. So they’ll be back…eventually.

And going forward, well, we’re still going forward. Perhaps with a few more readers.

A “Currently” Post

Yeah, another week of slacking on the blog. I’m the worst at writing posts in advance (I’m working on that, I swear) and this past week has been super busy, and mentally draining. My creative juices, they just weren’t flowing. So here I am, breaking the rules, and posting on a Saturday night. #SoSueMe

Eating – All of the chocolate. Seriously. All of it. Its ridiculous.

Drinking – Pepsi. Yeah, we’re having a healthy day around here.

Working on – So many things. But mostly. Designing invitations for a fellow bride. 

Trying to – Figure out how where to hang pictures around the house. JW has been kinda on my case to get things a little more decorated around here.

Listening to – My House – Flo Rida….I’m addicted to it, and it helps that JW likes it too.

Thinking – That I’m the only person in Bloglandia that didn’t watch the Oscars last weekend. Award shows are just really not my thing. I don’t watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette either. #sorrynotsorry

Watching – Saved by the Bell – the College Years. That’s right, not Fuller House. I plan to binge watch that though. Perhaps the next time JW works night shift.

Wanting – Make up. Make up. And more make up. I’ve discovered some new brands at a couple local drugstores and I’m dying to try some of them out. Also wanting to go shopping and spend all of the gift cards I got for my birthday this past Sunday. 

Considering – Buying Olaplex. Has anyone else tried it? Does it really work?

What are you currently?

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress


I opened up my app today, and was smacked in the face with the reality that our wedding is approaching. Fast. 186 days. In just a few days we will hit the 6 month mark.

Panic is beginning to ensue. There is sooo much left to be done.

Luckily my mom will be in town this weekend and we plan to tackle the to-do list hard.

Back in November my mom, aunt and I drove the 700 kms from Corner Brook to St. John’s for a girls weekend and dress shopping. 

We drove in on a Wednesday, with appointments at salons for Thursday morning. I was so confident that finding a dress would be a breeze, that I was mentally planning the other stores (Sephora) I would hit Thursday afternoon.

It was anything but. I didn’t really know what type of a dress I wanted. I just knew that I wanted it to be classy, and elegant, and not like anything any of my friends had had so far. You know, I wanted to be different. Oh, and satin. Definitely satin. I figured I would just “know” when I saw it.

We started the day at The Model Shop where I tried on a bunch of beautiful dresses. The staff was wonderful. And my mom even cried when she saw me in one of the dresses. But I wasn’t ready to “say yes to the dress.” It’s hard not to be a little indecisive in a store that carries so many beautiful dresses. 

Next we went to The Bridal Salon. My least favourite place. It appeared tacky as soon as we walked through the door. The walls in the bridal area were bright red. My mom and Aunt were not allowed to look at the dress selection. They had to sit on a hard wooden bench, and weren’t allowed to even stand up and move around while waiting for me (there were signs saying they had to keep seated). The dress selection didn’t seem to be quality (my personal opinion only) and while I was polite and tried on a few dresses, I didn’t liked anything at all. The only positive about the place was that the lady helping me was nice. Oh and heads up Newfoundland brides, you are not allowed to take pictures of dresses you like.

Ever After was up next. It was a cute salon. They didn’t take appointments and when I got to the store there was another girl there trying on dresses. Because the store was small, with just one pedestal and mirror, and side by side dressing rooms, I felt like I was intruding upon her shopping experience. It was so tight that we kept stepping on each other’s dresses when going to and from our dressing rooms. The dress selection was nice, but I didn’t fall in love with anything.
By this point I was beyond frustrated and on the verge of tears. 

Did you know that satin dresses are not very popular right now? And did you know that it’s a fabric that can make even the skinniest girls look pudgy? In the past year I’ve gained a bit of weight, and I haven’t been happy with my body. I never dreamed that I would ever be shopping for wedding dresses and feeling bad about myself. It sucked hard to have the type of dresses I anticipated loving, not being very flattering.

After a meltdown and a quick trip to Kathy Evans Bridal (dislike the place so much that I have nothing to say about it) we decided to call it quits for the day and to grab supper and drinks at Montana’s. Because beer and nachos make everything better.

The next day I headed back to the Model Shop with a more open mind, ready to try on every dress in the store. And I pretty much did. By the time I left I had narrowed it down to two dresses. The one my mom loved, and one I had pinned on Pinterest before the trip, but hadn’t seen the day before. 
Over the course of the day I thought hard about what I wanted to look like on my wedding day and how I felt in each of the dresses. And yes, a few more tears were shed.

I didn’t get the dress my mom loved, and that was a hard choice to make. I wanted so badly for her to have the same reaction to the dress I chose. She didn’t but that’s okay. The dress she loved was absolutely beautiful, and was totally a “me” dress, but it was lacking va-va-voom and I wanted that.
Of course I have zero intentions of showing you “the one” but have no fear we took pictures of all of the other dresses I tried on. 

The dress my mom loved. Maggie Sottero – Aideen
Maggie Sottero – Serencia 

Please forgive the hot mess that I was. We got caught in the rain once or twice. Ugh.

How was your dress shopping experience? 
Did you find it right away or did it take you a little longer like me?

Sephora Splurges: A Review

In the past year I’ve really gotten in to wearing more make up. I mean I always wore it before, but I’ve become more interested in trying new products.
Corner Brook doesn’t have the greatest makeup selections, especially since Target left so I’ve been making most of my purchases at Sephora. Thankfully, I can shop them online.
I’ve gotten pretty lucky, I haven’t really bought any products that were duds, mostly because I’ve got a few friends who’ve given me good direction when it comes to what products I should try.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush 12-Hour in Exposed
Last January I was looking for a new blush. Something that had good pigmentation and lasting power, and that would be good for day and night. Megan gave this one two thumbs up and suggested I try it out. I’m glad she did. The product was perfect for a beginner like me. And while the price tag may seem a little steep, but I used it every day (sometimes more than once) and it lasted an entire 12 months. That’s pretty good bang for your buck if you ask me.
If you’re looking for a nearly-neutral shade of blush, that’s buildable, lasts all day and can go from day to night, I highly recommend you try this one out.
Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner
I received a sample of this when I purchased the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I’m ashamed to say I had it for months before I even took it out of the box. 
What can I say, my make up obsession hadn’t quiiiite begun yet. And to be honest, make up intimidates me sometimes, this product was no exception. I hadn’t tried gel liners, and had been cautioned that this one wasn’t the easiest for beginners to use.
I’m happy to say that that may be the case for some people, it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a pro, but I find the liner fairly easy to use. It goes on quite easily and it’s not hard to create a smooth line. I can’t do any fancy looks, just a simple thin line, but I can see how this product would be great for creating things a little more advanced like a winged or cat eye.
I have only two “complaints”. One, it dries quickly, so if you make a mistake, it isn’t easily fixed. Two, every time you remove the cap there’s excess production hanging out of the tip that wasn’t there when you finished using it. Which is just wasting the product. And since it’s not cheap, you don’t want any of it going to waste.
Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara
This one was a recommendation from a friend of a friend on my most recent journey to an actual Sephora store. It’s really good. I’m a pretty terrible mascara applier, so a little ends up on my lids every time, but it’s super easy to remove. It looks great with or without having curled my lashes and it applies well to bottom lashes. I find it great for length and volume without getting clumpy or spidery, but I do find it loses a little bit of its “pop” throughout the day. 
It should be noted that I have found that while it applies very well to super clean lashes, if there’s even a hint of yesterday’s mascara hanging around, it can clump and spider.l, which is generally not the look I’m going for. 
Biotherm AquaSource
I seem to always be on the hunt for a good moisturizer. No matter what product I’ve tried, there eventually always seems to be something wrong with them. They either are great for a while and then start to irritate my skin, take too long to dry, or dry quickly but not moisturize enough.
My mom has sworn by this one for years. So while I was home for a week in Christmas I decided to try it out. And I really really liked it. So much so that the $49 cad price tag didn’t phase me (much).
I couldn’t not add it to my latest order from make up heaven. It goes on easily, dries super quick, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. The smell is a little off putting at first and take a bit to get used to but, but it’s not so bad that id not use the product. And don’t let the small jar fool you, a little goes a long way with this stuff. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla

I have terrible dark circles and bags under my eyes on the best of days. They’ve plagued me since high school. I’ve struggled with finding a concealer that would provide the coverage I need without caking or creasing around my eyes. This is the best one I’ve found yet. I plan to buy it again once the one I have is empty.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

When I went to Montreal last winter I was on the hunt for a new perfume, I’d been wearing Paris Hilton since I was 18 and I thought it was time for a change, something more mature perhaps. I found this Dolce at The Bay but their credit terminals were down, and I don’t typically carry cash. I ordered it as soon as I got home. I’ve worn it nearly every day since, and I love it. JW likes it too.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Fall and Winter mean super dry lips for me, but I hate applying lip balm. I had read reviews about this lip mask and decided to give it a try. I wear a light layer like a balm through the day, and then put it on thick at night. JW isn’t always the biggest fan of this practice, but its helped so much that he’s going to need to get over that, fast.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

I’ve been having trouble with my left cheek since last March. Its constantly breaking out. I’ve switched foundations, and brushes. Made changes to my diets. And it refuses to clear up. I decide to try this cleanser on a recommendation. It hasn’t been working miracles, but its not getting worst either. I’m hoping things will improve after extended use. It does a pretty good job of removing the makeup and grime from my skin, but doesn’t dry it out. Both are qualities I look for in a skin care product.

Bonus: This pretty red lip is courtesy of the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro sample (in shade 400).

What beauty items have you splurged on lately?

Wedding Wednesday: Top Five Planning Resources

Planning a wedding can be an amazing, wonderful, fun-filled time. It can also be crazy, hard, frustrating and anxiety inducing.
On a number of occasions I felt like I was drowning in the less than awesome. There is so much to do when planning a wedding. So many things to decide. What theme do you want? What will the colors be? Gold or silver? What venue(s) do you want?
Its so easy to lose track of the all of the good things, for the anxiety to take away from this wonderful time in your life. Don’t let it. 
I’ve put together a list of my favorite planning resources that have helped ease some of my stresses, hopefully they will help you too!
wedding planning resources

The Knot
Literally everything you need to plan your wedding can be found on The Knot. The website has so much inspiration for brides to be from dresses, to decor, to cakes. It also has some really great tools like a planning checklist, budget planner, guest list planner, and free website builder.

For all of you digital gals out there, this app is great for keeping your notes on the go. To do lists, questions to ask vendors, due dates. You can keep it all in the palm of your hand.

If you’re old school like me, a coiled notebook is the best place to keep all of your lists, thoughts, dreams and plans. I like to tape inspiration pictures in mine

With an endless supply of inspiration, Pinterest can be a great place to get a lot of ideas. Just try not to get overwhelmed, or try to make everything you see on Pinterest happen. Or your wedding could end up looking like it has multiple personality disorder, or that Pinterest threw up all over it.

Friends and Family
This one can be dangerous, I know. Too many opinions can be a huge problem. But if you have someone you trust, who’s been down this road before, who understands your vision, and who isn’t trying to make your wedding their own, use them. My Matron of Honor, Megan, has been a total life saver through this entire process so far. She helps keep me on track, brings me back to earth when I need to be thinking more realistically, and helps me decide what details are important and which ones are not (read: they all are, I’m basically Bridezilla).

What wedding resources are you finding or did you find helpful?