Sunday Lately

I’m working on updating my About Me page. It’s been needing a refresh for a while so its time to buckle down and get it done. Stay tuned for that.

So many things that I need to get done at work this week. I’m also trying to make a list of all of the wedding things I need to tackle. It’s going to be such a busy week, I don’t even know if there will be time to eat.
To take body measurements. I’ve been eating much healthier, working out and drinking a lot more water lately. I also haven’t had any Pepsi in 29 days (this is huge!), but I haven’t seen any results on the scales. Measurements will help me stay motivated, and show progress, even when the scale doesn’t. The wedding is officially less than three months away and I neeeed to lose weight (or at least to slim down) to fit into that dress.
Jeans and a sweater. It has not been tropical around these parts for the past few days.
Stressed, yet motivated. I really really want to blog more, and to get my Etsy shop updated. It just always seems like there is never enough time in the day.

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Sunday Lately

Life Lately

Sunday Lately

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Having out on the couch with Jeff relaxing and watching The Catch. The perfect way to wind down after a very full and wonderful weekend of bbqs, family suppers, and our first backyard fire of the season.
Being surrounded by great family and friends. I know what its like to live very far away from your family. And ever since I’ve moved home from Alberta, I know what its like to live very far away from your best friends. Its been nearly five years but I’m finally starting to settle in and have a group of people around me.
A lot of things lately. I’m working on some new products for my shop, putting together a plan for our backyard (it needs to look great when everyone is around at wedding time), and working on a design for my cousin’s new rental property. I’ll be sure to share all of the things when I’m done 🙂

I know its not new, and totally last year, but every time it comes on the radio it gets stuck in my head.
This is going to be a very busy week at work, and outside of work. I’m working my butt off to get things ready for rowing season, aiming to launch the new products in my shop within the next few weeks, and hoping to post a little more regularly.

Life Lately

You guys these past few weeks have been sooo busy. I feel like I haven’t stopped.

A couple weeks ago flew to Labrador City to spend the weekend with Jeff and his family and to keep him company on the drive back. Lab City, its not an awesome spot, but I am so glad I went. I got to see a lot of the province that I hadn’t seen before, and I loved spending time with Jeff’s family. They’re a blast. We couldn’t have asked for more generous and gracious hosts. I wish they lived closer. 

The drive back was soooo long. Hours upon hours of nothing. A six hour long section of unpaved road. And zero cell service for a majority of the time. We left Lab City at 5am and got to our hotel in Forteau at 7pm. We showered, grabbed pizza for supper, and were asleep long before 10pm. The next day we got up at the crack of dawn, took the ferry to St. Barbe and hit the road for home. We finally pulled into our driveway around 2:30pm and I wanted to kiss the pavement in our driveway.

Last weekend Jeff and I had a fire with friends Friday night. Spent Saturday doing chores. Sunday was beautiful so we ate breakfast on the deck, hung out at the petting zoo in our back yard, and worked on a few wedding things (yay).

“These guys don’t know how close to death they really are.” – Jeff
Finally sandal weather

And this past weekend I went home to spend Mother’s Day with my Momma. Which was really really nice. And I stuffed my face with lobster and mussels for the first time this year! Sooo good.

PS. I haven’t had a can of Pepsi in 8 days. Which is huge for an addict like me. Here’s to hoping the pounds start falling off.
Have you been super busy lately too? How did you spend Mother’s Day weekend?

Flying High While Flying High

I’m a nervous flyer. 
I haven’t always been.
In fact, in the beginning, when I was a child and teenager I loved it. 
I’m not sure when exactly the change began to happen since its been kind of gradual.
I’m not sure why either.
I suppose I’ve been on some truly rough flights over the years. One of those being kind of traumatizing.
Or perhaps it’s because the older I get the more I think about mortality.
Death causes me great anxiety. 
The past year or so I’ve been having mini panic attacks about it, sometimes frequently. I attribute the beginning of those attacks to following the Brittany Maynard story. I believe in someone’s right to die with dignity, I just can’t imagine choosing it. 
Ever since she ended her life, and my anxiety about death began, my fear of flying has become significantly worst. Every time I get on a plane I’m struggling more and more to hold it together. 
The entire time I’m on a plane I’m evaluating the sounds of the engines, my fingers are griping the seat every time the plane moves. If it gains or loses altitude I panic and wonder what’s wrong. And if there is turbulence I’m a wreck. It’s basically a flight long panic attack. 
Last Tuesday Jeff decided to drive the 22 hours to Labrador City to spend a week with his family. A day later Jeffs family invited me to join them for the weekend. They booked me a flight for Friday after work (thanks Mark). I’d never been to Lab City before, and I love Jeffs family, so I was excited. But that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach grew. Id have to get on a plane. Alone. With no one to distract me or hold my hand. 
I wasn’t sure how I would survive the two flights to get there. So, I acquired some Ativan, just in case I needed it.
I hadn’t planned to take a pill. Unless I got on the plan and the panic consumed me and I had no other alternative. But, work was super busy, I was stressed the entire day. I never left work on time, and was convinced I would miss my flight. By the time I made it through security (after being randomly selected for a wand scan and a trip through the full body scanner) I was just a little on edge. And no amount of breaths could make it go away.
So I stuck the little pill under my tongue and prayed it worked and that I wouldn’t have any terrible side effects.
I’m writing this from the plane. So the verdict is still out until my second flight lands. But so far so good. The thoughts about why the plane is bouncing around, or losing or gaining altitude are still there, but no feelings of my stomach in my throat.
In the past I would never have been able to sit here and concentrate on writing this. And I never would have been able to take a minute to enjoy watching as we flew over Cow Head and Shallow Bay. 

Look at those sandy beaches, too bad the water is never warm.
Update: Landing in Goose Bay was a piece of cake. Taking off out of there wasn’t too bad either. I had a few nervous moments, but they were mild compared to what they would have  been. I made it the entire way to Wabush without any real moments of anxiety and it was such a relief. 

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Our wedding registry

Lust List


1. Wine Glasses – I’ve been swooning over these glasses for as along as I’ve been addicted to Scandal and dreaming of being Olivia Pope. Girl has serious style! I’m sure Jeff would have the stems smashed off in record time, but I’d be willing to take that risk.

2. Booties – I’m generally a heels kind of girl, but I’m having a bit of a love affair with cute booties these days. I’ve been having inflammation issues in my joints recently, and heels sometimes aggravate that. I’m trying to wear flat footwear from time to time, and sacrificing style for comfort is not something I’m a fan of so great looking options are super important. I bought this pair a few weeks ago, and I’ve had my eyes on these too.
3. Bracelet – I’d take this beauty in gold or silver. I love its simple style and the idea of being able to personalize it with a special date or name.
4. Lip Pencil – I’m kind of distraught that Bite changed their lipstick lines. I had collected a few mingles (smaller double ended sticks with a different color on each end) and planned to buy my favourite colors in full size. Now my fav shades no longer exist. But, these matte pencils seem to have a few shades similar to the ones I love. And I love Bite, so I’m not ready to give up on them yet.
5. Strappy Heels – I know that stilettos won’t be as popular a chunky heels this summer, but I love the look of these. I think they’d look great with a pair of ankle jeans. Plus I’m a sucker for a great pair of Steve Maddens.
6. Bed –  Sometimes I can’t help but be a copy cat. When I visited Megan and Garrett a few summers ago I fell in love with their cozy guest room. It was small, but packed with style. When we went to Ikea I picked up the duvet cover and sheets like she had, but sadly I couldn’t fly the bed frame back from Edmonton. I haven’t given up on owning it. If only Ikea’s shipping costs weren’t more than the price of the bed frame.
7. Flat – When I went to Paris a few years ago I fell in love with a pair of Michael Kors flats at Galeries Lafayette. They were a gorgeous shade of purple and weren’t cheap. Since I had spotted them on one of the first days of my trip I wasn’t ready to commit to buying them. I wanted to wait until later in the trip when I knew I’d have enough money for them. But when we returned they were gone. I’ve never found another pair in a color I like that much, but I’m really liking these. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of black shoes.
8. Necklace – I’ve been dreaming of this necklace for years. Patiently awaiting the day that it would be totally appropriate to own. I love that it makes a bit of statement yet isn’t obnoxious. Can I own it in silver and gold? Hint Hint Jeffrey.
Of course this isn’t a complete list of everything I’m loving, that list could go on forever, and I don’t want to bore you. And clearly I have a thing for shoes. What are you lusting for?

Wedding Wednesday | Our Wedding Registry

Sine Jeff and I have already have most of the things we need around the house we had no idea what to put on our wedding registry.

I googled and searched Pinterest, but most of the guides seemed to be geared towards people who had never owned a home or had their own apartment before. Jeff and I had a majority of the items on the lists.

But thanks to many chats with my Maid of Honour, Megan, and a super helpful registry consultant we were able to put together what we feel is a well rounded registry.

We’ve registered for a few items we don’t have and a few “upgrades”. There’s a wide range of prices, so there are options for different budgets.

So what did we register for?

Fine China 

I love the idea of having special wedding China. I like that we can have nice place settings to take out on special occasions, like our anniversary or even Christmas. I also like the idea of taking really good care of it, so that we can pass it on. I would love to have some of my grandmothers good China.

We (I) chose this China from Kate Spade. There were a bunch of beautiful options and as much as I love some of the bolder choices like this one, I wanted something a little more timeless looking. As much as I like what we registered for, ive been thinking about finding a similar pattern in a more classic brand. Something I know should hold value and always be classic. 

Everyday China

Jeff is always (not everyday but often enough) complaining that we don’t have enough matching plates for when we have family in for supper. So we (again I) decided to register for some everyday China as well.

Again, I chose Kate Spade. And again, I’m not 100% settled on what I’ve chosen. I’m not sure I wan’t to be committed to the blue coloured pattern. I may have to consider my options again.

Bar Ware

I’ve always wanted a decanter. Honestly, I wish I had the type of job where having one in my office would be appropriate. Albeit I’m not much of a hard liquor fan, but I’d find something to put in it.

I love how classy decanters look. And this one has such an elegant feel about it. It would look great on the bar cart Jeff bought me for my birthday last year. Of course we registered for the matching old fashioned and high ball glasses too. 

And because bloggers seem to love them, and because they’re kinda cute, I couldn’t resist adding some moscow mule mugs as well.

Casual Dining Ware

We registered for a not so fancy, every day pieces like this great chip and dip bowl for game nights, a gravy boat just because I hate dipping gravy out of a bowl or pot (gravy boats are classier in my mind), and a few other things like this, this and this.

Jeff and I already have a lot of kitchen type things, but Bed Bath and Beyond had a great selection of items that match a lot of our current stuff and that would fill a few of the holes in our “collection”. I registered us for this, this and this. Basically I’m a sucker for cute white bowls and platters. 

PS. I totally would have chosen this Kate spade gravy boat if Jeff would have let me and if it wasn’t so expensive.

Small Appliances

A food processor is pretty much the only small kitchen appliance that we don’t have right now. We chose this one because it’s not too big, yet not too small. We likely won’t use it often, so we didn’t want anything that would take up a lot of storage space, but we also wanted something that would be big enough to do decent size batches of things when we did use it.

For the Rest of the Home
Pretty much the only non-kitchen item we registered for was this clothing steamer

Its not something I came up with on my own. Megan has one and loves it, so we suggested we get one too. I think it will be great for getting wrinkles out of delicate clothes. And out of the clothes that sits in a pile on our guest bed for weeks. Right Jeff?

And thats pretty much it. What did you register for? 
Any suggestions for things we may have missed?

To Travel & Beyond

10 On Tuesday – A Completely Random List of Thoughts

– I did my first ever “outfit” type post yesterday. And damn guys, taking pictures for that was facking awkward. Like I was nervous, sooo nervous. And I felt weird about getting my picture taken in public. So I opted for locations that were closed and didn’t have many people around.  It turned out okay I guess. I had higher hopes, but the weather was less than cooperative and Jeff and I had zero clue what we were doing. We just flew by the seat of our pants. Lets just say it was super stressful, but we didn’t kill each other, or fight, so I’m chalking it up to a win.

– Blogging is pretty great for pushing you outside your comfort zone. As mush as that can be super stressful, it may be my favorite part of the whole thing.

– Since when is Easter about more than Jesus and Chocolate? Seriously. When I was a kid we did the church thing, and we got a basket full of sugar. Maybe a trail of eggs around the house. And done. Yet it seems like now the day of all things holy and delicious is about toys and gifts? My Facebook feed is full of happy parents showing off the Christmas sized hauls their children got. When did the Easter Bunny become Santa Claus? And can it please all go back to normal before I have kids?

– Why did Bite Beauty have to change their lipstick line? I loved collecting the mingles, and had grand plans of restocking some of my favorite colors, like Tangerine and Violet. And now none of those shades exist anymore, and I kind of feel lost. I almost don’t want to use the ones I have left very often. Its like I must save them for special occasions. 

– My fiancé isn’t a fan of me calling him a man-child, but he likes his veggies steamed to basically mush, sooooo…

– The forecast says there’s a lot of rain in store for us today and I’m kinda unsure how I feel about it. On the one hand I’ve been super jealous of all the bloggers who’ve been able to stop wearing layers, and making outfit decisions based on what will fit under a parka. And who can do fabulous outfit posts (something I may give a go eventually.) But on the other hand, I’m not ready to see the snow go. I haven’t had enough rides on skidoo, or been to the cabin enough, and I never got to Ski Marble this year. Basically, I’m conflicted.

– I went to the gym today after work, well, after the nap I had after work.

– While I understand the reason for the policy, I really hate that my gym will only let you use the treadmills for 30 minutes. It totally sucks on the days when all I want to do is walk/run.

– I’m pretty sure discount Easter chocolate tastes even better than full price chocolate. Hellooooo Lindt bunny.

– I’m so not a fan of the nights Jeff has to work. Its kinda boring around the house when he isn’t here. Its going to get worst when all of my tv shows are on hiatus for the summer.

I’ve been wanting a DSLR or even an awesome point and shoot camera for like ever. The awkward photoshoot only made me want one more. Do any of you know of any deals?