The First Trimester

the first trimester

I am excited to share my first pregnancy update. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever to do bumpdates on the blog. I hope to make my updates more frequent as I make my way through this process and I’m really looking forward to sharing the journey with you all. Hope you enjoy these updates and if there is anything else you are dying to know, please leave me a comment on this blog post and I will be sure to include in my next update.


By some miracle I only gained 3 or 4 pounds. I was really expecting to gain more, since I basically ate like an asshole the entire time.


Nausea: Practically zero morning sickness to report. I was only nauseous a handful of times. And I only remember throwing up three times. Once from brushing my teeth in the morning. Once because I had eaten way too much. And once because I took my prenatals on an empty stomach.

Growing pains: I had cramping on and off the entire first trimester and while it certainly made me anxious, it was just because my uterus was stretching a lot to accommodate baby.

Pregnancy Brain: I swear pregnancy brain is a real thing. I talked about it a little bit in our pregnancy announcement. I feel like my brain is just not functioning the same. I am so forgetful and my brain is just a jumbled mess.

Skin: My skin hated me those first 13 weeks. My face was almost constantly broke out.

Exhaustion: I was so exhausted. I’d be ready for a nap every morning about 2 hours after I had crawled out of bed. Fortunately, I rarely gave in. But the struggle was very very real. Truth is that you can never understand pregnancy exhaustion until you’ve experienced it.

Sense of Smell: My sense of smell was definitely heightened. But the only thing I remember finding particularly pungent or overwhelming was Skeeter’s dog food and treats.

Other symptoms: While I may not have morning sickness, that does not mean that my digestive system has been my friend. Between constipation and indigestion I was pretty uncomfortable from week 8 forward. It seemed that no matter how much (or little) I ate I felt uncomfortably full for hours after. One night I even threw up because I needed that feeling to go away so badly. These symptoms are fairly common in the first trimester because progesterone slows your digestive system down. I suspect they may have been a little worst for me because of the additional progesterone I was taking.


Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Happy. Overwhelmed. Hopeful. You name it, I felt it.

Having our two previous pregnancies end in miscarriage made it extremely difficult to allow positive feelings seep in. Almost as soon as I felt them, they were pushed away by thoughts of doubt and anxiety.


I’m not sure if you’re supposed to this early on but I didn’t really have any specific cravings or aversions. But I did go through a period of time where I had an aversion to all food. It wasn’t that the thought or smell of things turned my stomach, it was just that absolutely nothing appealed to me, especially if I had to cook it.


You would think that given the terrible exhaustion I felt, that sleeping would be a breeze. It wasn’t. It seemed to take forever to fall asleep, and then I would wake up a dozen times a night. I never felt like I was fully rested.


Zero exercise. I was so exhausted that I just could not motivate myself to move.


I know that a lot of people transition to wearing maternity clothes during the first trimester, however I was able to keep wearing most of my regular clothes the entire time, jeans included.


I didn’t “pop” in the first trimester, so it felt like there was no point to take pictures of a belly that didn’t look any different. Now that I’m writing these updates, I wish I had pictures to share.


We didn’t do much in the way of baby prep in the first trimester. Mostly because we tried not to get a head of ourselves before we heard the heartbeat at our 12 week appointment.

We did buy a dresser at IKEA while we were in Halifax in late April. It felt a little soon, but I knew what dresser I wanted for our nursery regardless of gender, and I just love the piece in general, so it made sense to buy it in store rather than pay shipping a few months later.

I fell in love with this crib early in my first pregnancy. However, it was a bit more than I wanted to pay for a crib. Not that it isn’t worth the money, but I’ve been trying to be a frugal as I can (I have a tendency to have expensive taste). But, my mom fell in love with it as well and when it went on sale a few months ago she bought it right away.


I am currently in my second trimester and working on some updates for you guys that will hopefully be a little more timely than this one.