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harbour grounds

Grabbed another delicious lunch at Harbour Grounds today. If you’re ever in the area you really need to try it out.

As you may know, I’m a Pepsi fiend. Its not so much the taste that gets me but the carbonation. Obviously living on Pepsi is a terrible idea at the best of times, but its definitely frowned upon when you’re pregnant. One, because you need to reduce caffiene intake, and two, because you really need to be careful of how much weight you gain. So, if I’m going to be indulging in any questionable calories, its going to be food, not drinks. If at all possible. Therefore, I’ve traded in Pepsi for sparkling water. Which I cannot stomach unless its mixed with something. I started out with a splash of juice it helped. But then I found these 1883 syrups on Amazon and decide to grab this one and this one so I can recreate a sparkling version of my favourite coffee shop’s Raspberry Lemonade. Only the lemon has arrived yet, as the raspberry was back-ordered, but so far I’m loving it.

Speaking of things that are frowned upon when you’re with child, alcohol. I’m not someone who drinks everyday, or every second day for that matter, but when the weather gets warmer I crave an iced cold beer or fruity drink. I suspect this will be the most difficult part of pregnancy. Fortunately President’s Choice has a de-alcoholized Blonde beer that is as close to the real deal as I can find. It doesn’t quite hit the spot, but it helps. I’m also looking forward to trying this non-alcoholic sangria that Kate shared on her blog last week.

I’ve been pretty fortunate that I’ve been able to keep wearing some of my non-maternity jeans so far. I’m not someone who wears legging on a regular basis, jeans are always my go to so this is a pretty big deal for me. I have been living in these from Gap, because the waist is high enough that it doesn’t cut into my little bump quite yet.

With that said, I know I’m going to have to give up my favourite jeans before I know it. So I ordered these from Gap. I also grabbed this cute white button down and a few t-shirts and tanks from Old Navy.

A few people messaged and asked where I got the letterboard that I used to tease my pregnancy announcement on Instagram. Its from Amazon. You can find it here. Its super cute, the price is great, and it came with way more letters and characters than some of the other options I saw.

I haven’t taken any real bump photos so far. But, hoping Beverly and I can get together soon to take some to share with you all.


Hope you have a great weekend!

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