Hey There Old Friend

Well its been another hot minute since I sat down to write. Not because I haven’t thought about it, but because I just couldn’t seem to actually get myself to do it. There was some writers block. A lot of comparing myself to other bloggers. A little frustration that I wasn’t really gaining the traction I had hoped (so the best way to solve that is to stop, right? haha). And honestly I’ve been really affected by the terrible weather we’ve been having around here. I know it seemed to take forever for Spring to start everywhere. But, its been rainy, overcast, bitter cold and super windy around here for months. AND we had snow twice, TWICE, in the past two weeks.

So, I can sit back and wait for the stars to align and give me great weather to motivate me, or I can just give myself a shake and get back at this thing. So here we are. Lets catch up.

– Skeeter has been losing soooo much fur lately. Jeff tells me its normal and that he’s just losing his “winter coat”. But no matter the reason, its been nearly impossible to keep up with the fur all over our dark floors. Sweeping just sends the fur flying, and while Swiffer was quite effective I would go through two or three just to get all our living room, dining room and hall clean. Plus, I’m not a fan of having to Swiffer and then sweep my floors to get all of the dirt. So, I decided to buy a vacuum. I already own one, but its never been awesome. I didn’t need anything heavy duty, and I wanted something small, lightweight and versatile. Also, since Jeff isn’t convinced a vacuum will be effective, the less pricey the better. The Bissell Featherweight for $30 fit the bill. It arrived yesterday and I used it immediately. So far, I’m happy with it.

PS. You know you’re an adult when you’re excited about a vacuum.

– I’ve spent the past few weeks Lobster fishing with my Dad. Its not something I ever expected to have the opportunity to do, so I jumped at the chance as soon as my Dad mentioned it. Waking up at 4am wasn’t fun, and I certainly never got used to the cold. But I loved the experience. I enjoy learning new things, so it was great to learn more about lobster fishing, the fishing industry in general, and my family’s business. But, I think the best part was getting to spend all of that time with my Dad.

– I’m not sure how many times I made the three hour drive between Corner Brook and Port Saunders since the lobster fishing season opened. Its not the longest drive ever. But, it can be a bit boring. There’s no cell service for a majority of the drive, so after the first few trips I was tired of the music I had downloaded. For the last trip a friend suggested I get an audiobook. I was skeptical, but I downloaded Audible on my phone and used my free credit to “buy” Adrift. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the story was great. But, it was also an excellent way to pass the time. The only downside was that I didn’t finish the whole book in one drive, so I had to wait for the drive back to finish it, and the whole time in between I was desperate to know what happened. Travelling is the only way I’d be able to listen to a book, otherwise I’d be too distracted by other things and I wouldn’t hear what was being read.

– We have our wood stove lit today. For the fourth day in a row. It was lit a few days last week as well. Summer, where are you?

– One of my favourite places to eat when I lived in Grande Prairie was Earls. Back then I was a fan of spending hot Summer days on their patio indulging in good food and beer. These days, the chilly weather makes me crave their delicious Jeera Chicken Curry. I recently discovered that they released a cook book full of their recipes, so today I caved and ordered it from Chapters with the hopes that the recipe for their wonderful spicy dish will be in it.

– I met friends for coffee at Harbour Grounds the past two days. Both times we attempted to sit outside on the patio and both times we were too cold and ended up moving inside. Here’s to hoping patio days are just around the corner.

– I’m patiently waiting for sandal weather, but in the meantime I’ve been living in these super cute New Balance Classic 515s. I grabbed mine at Winners, but I’ve found a few similar pairs on Amazon here, here, here and here.


Cheers to being back. And sticking around this time. I hope you’ll stick around too.

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