The Week Ender V1.3

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This week has been busy!

Partially because its my birthday week! I turned 31 (I’m really 30 and holding) on Wednesday.

My parents flew home from Florida on Tuesday, so they stayed in town for the night so that we could have a big family dinner to celebrate me being another year older. It was great to get together with everyone, (I enjoyed being the center of attention for a night) but the food wasn’t as great as we had hoped (especially not considering what it cost), so I won’t share the name of the restaurant we ate at.

On Wednesday Jeff invited all of our friends over for pizza and ice cream cake. It was far from wild, but I had a great time. I have awesome friends who really know how to make a girl feel special.

I don’t think that I’ve made a single purchase this entire week. But its been hard. The struggle is real friends.

Its especially hard when shopbop is having a sale. I really want this cute t-shirt, this pullover and this sweater.

Also, how cute is this salsa bowl?!

Skeeter is losing his puppy teeth and his breath is soooo bad. He’s also been been on a seek and destroy mission with all of his toys. I keep having to sew them up, because if I threw them out he wouldn’t have a single one left. There’s no way we could afford to keep replacing them at the rate that he makes the stuffing fly out of them.

For one last birthday hurrah we’re going bowling tonight with friends. I’m really looking forward to it. I enjoy bowling, even though I’m terrible at it, and its been at least a year since we’ve went.

I was so used to my favourite shows being on hiatus during the Olympics that I forgot that they came back this week. Jeff is working nights this weekend, so I will likely use the alone time to catch up on my shows, paint my nails and try out the GLAMGLOW masks I bought from Sephora.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy belated birthday!! Nothing worse than disappointing food on a special occasion (or anytime really) though. At least you had a lot of other fun things planned for the week!

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