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Sine Jeff and I have already have most of the things we need around the house we had no idea what to put on our wedding registry.

I googled and searched Pinterest, but most of the guides seemed to be geared towards people who had never owned a home or had their own apartment before. Jeff and I had a majority of the items on the lists.

But thanks to many chats with my Maid of Honour, Megan, and a super helpful registry consultant we were able to put together what we feel is a well rounded registry.

We’ve registered for a few items we don’t have and a few “upgrades”. There’s a wide range of prices, so there are options for different budgets.

So what did we register for?

Fine China 

I love the idea of having special wedding China. I like that we can have nice place settings to take out on special occasions, like our anniversary or even Christmas. I also like the idea of taking really good care of it, so that we can pass it on. I would love to have some of my grandmothers good China.

We (I) chose this China from Kate Spade. There were a bunch of beautiful options and as much as I love some of the bolder choices like this one, I wanted something a little more timeless looking. As much as I like what we registered for, ive been thinking about finding a similar pattern in a more classic brand. Something I know should hold value and always be classic. 

Everyday China

Jeff is always (not everyday but often enough) complaining that we don’t have enough matching plates for when we have family in for supper. So we (again I) decided to register for some everyday China as well.

Again, I chose Kate Spade. And again, I’m not 100% settled on what I’ve chosen. I’m not sure I wan’t to be committed to the blue coloured pattern. I may have to consider my options again.

Bar Ware

I’ve always wanted a decanter. Honestly, I wish I had the type of job where having one in my office would be appropriate. Albeit I’m not much of a hard liquor fan, but I’d find something to put in it.

I love how classy decanters look. And this one has such an elegant feel about it. It would look great on the bar cart Jeff bought me for my birthday last year. Of course we registered for the matching old fashioned and high ball glasses too. 

And because bloggers seem to love them, and because they’re kinda cute, I couldn’t resist adding some moscow mule mugs as well.

Casual Dining Ware

We registered for a not so fancy, every day pieces like this great chip and dip bowl for game nights, a gravy boat just because I hate dipping gravy out of a bowl or pot (gravy boats are classier in my mind), and a few other things like this, this and this.

Jeff and I already have a lot of kitchen type things, but Bed Bath and Beyond had a great selection of items that match a lot of our current stuff and that would fill a few of the holes in our “collection”. I registered us for this, this and this. Basically I’m a sucker for cute white bowls and platters. 

PS. I totally would have chosen this Kate spade gravy boat if Jeff would have let me and if it wasn’t so expensive.

Small Appliances

A food processor is pretty much the only small kitchen appliance that we don’t have right now. We chose this one because it’s not too big, yet not too small. We likely won’t use it often, so we didn’t want anything that would take up a lot of storage space, but we also wanted something that would be big enough to do decent size batches of things when we did use it.

For the Rest of the Home
Pretty much the only non-kitchen item we registered for was this clothing steamer

Its not something I came up with on my own. Megan has one and loves it, so we suggested we get one too. I think it will be great for getting wrinkles out of delicate clothes. And out of the clothes that sits in a pile on our guest bed for weeks. Right Jeff?

And thats pretty much it. What did you register for? 
Any suggestions for things we may have missed?

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