Staying on the Fit Track

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At the beginning of the year I made a few resolutions, one of them was to exercise more regularly, the other was to lose 25 lbs this year. And I was off to a pretty good start in January. I ate healthy, I went to the gym, and I lost 5 lbs.

And thennn, I totally fell of the wagon…way off the wagon. The diet went out the window, I’ve been back to the gym like maybe one time, and I’ve packed most of those ellbees back on.

But enough is enough, its time to get back on track, and I have a game plan, one thats worked for me before. And just in case you’re in the same boat I am, I’m sharing it with you.

five tips for staying motivated

Meal Prep – For Jeff and I this has been vital. I typically am not a breakfast eater. Perhaps because I prefer an extra few minutes of sleep over having time to grab a bite. When lunch time rolls around, I’m much more likely to come home to eat if there’s something quick to get. If “there’s no food” at home, meaning I have to make something, I’m much more likely to opt for eating out.  We usually try to make a bunch of breakfast wraps Sunday evening to last us all week. When we cook dinner, we make enough to have left overs for lunch or dinner the next day. We also like to keep a bunch of cooked chicken breast on hand to go with salads. When you do the prep work, its a lot easier to make healthy choices.

FitBit – Jeff and I both have Fitbits. He’s had his for more than a year. I bought mine in January when I made my resolutions. What we both love about the wearable is that it helps give us an idea of how active we really are. My job is quite sedentary, but it wasn’t until I got my Fitbit Charge that I realized just how little I was moving during the day. We also love the little community we have because of them. We do weekly challenges with our friends, which brings out our competitive nature. On the days we’re feeling lazy, the desire to win gets us off the couch. We also find that the challenges keep us accountable to our friends, which is a pretty good motivator.

Goals – Setting goals and (reasonable) deadlines will help keep you on track. For me, its making sure my dress fits, and looking great on my wedding day. #sweatingforthewedding Five months is lots of time for me to meet the goals I have. Having a goal helps me have a definite purpose. And starting early means my goal is attainable and I’m not setting myself up for disappointment and frustration.

Its not All About the Scale – I used to think the number on the scale was the only way to track progress. I was wrong. In January I joined a Dietbet. I exercised and counted every calorie I ate. But the scale didn’t seem to change much at all the first few weeks. It was frustrating not to see the results I wanted on that little screen. But, my clothes were somehow fitting better. Even though the scale wasn’t telling me what I wanted, the measurements were. Don’t forget that while you’re burning fat you’re also building muscle. Your body is changing, but your weight may not. Its all about the non-scale gains. Measurements and pictures are the best way to keep track of progress.

Cute Workout Gear – Obviously this one is my favourite. I find it a lot easier to get my butt to the gym if I like what I’m wearing. I like my gear to be fashionable, functional and feminine. To be something I don’t mind being seen outside the gym in, so great pants are key. I own these and these, and I want these

Do you have any tips for staying motivated?

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