Why You Should Have A Wedding Registry

Jeff and I both moved out of our parents’ homes shortly after high school. That means that for the past 10ish years we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. There isn’t really much we “need.” Yet, we’ve decided to have a wedding registry.

I hadn’t planned to have one, not a lot of people seem to do that sort of thing around here, but when Jeff’s stepmom asked for ideas for gifts for us, well it got us to thinking about why we should reconsider.

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Etiquette is important.

I’m a member of a few Facebook groups for wedding planning and a question that is regularly asked is “How do I word my invitations to let guests know that we would like money instead of gifts?”
My honest opinion, since you’ve asked, is to not include anything about gifts on the invite. Personally, I find it tacky. Second, it’s rude AF to ask someone for money. In some social circles (not all), not having a registry is seen as implying you want money.

People are going to give you gifts. 

I know, I know, most wedding guests give the bride and groom a monetary gift these days. But not everyone does. Registries are helpful for friends and family who want to give you an actual thing.

Not every gift giver will buy something from your list, but registries to help reduce the risk of you receiving something you don’t need or like.


Still have your cutlery from college? You could register for something nicer. Would you like new wine glasses? Or maybe a food processor that isn’t a hand me down from your mom? Since people out there are bound to give you gifts, now’s a good chance to upgrade a few of the things you have.

Completion Deals

Many stores have registry completion programs. Basically, after your wedding you get the option to purchase any of the remaining items on your registry for a discounted price, usually 10-20% off. If you like sales, that’s too good of a deal to pass up.


Lots of times the people you work with will want to give you something to mark the occasion. Often they will pool their money together to buy one gift. Since these people  likely don’t know your likes and dislikes as well as your friends and family, so a registry can be a huge help to them.

Did you register for your wedding?

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