Things I Learned on a Sick Day

From me time to time my feet give me a bit of trouble. And I’ve had two major inflammation flare ups before, one during summer break in high school, and one in 2013. But overall I wouldn’t say that I typically have an inflammation problem. 

Today sucks. After taking an Aleve, I went to work, but I only lasted like 4 hours. It’s hard to be productive when your fingers and wrists hurt so bad that writing and typing is a challenge. And when your elbow hurt while resting on your chair’s padded arms, you may as well just pack it in for the day. 

But all is not lost, I’ve learned a few things during my quality time on the couch.

– Say Yes to the Dress Canada stinks. Give me some Kleinfelds or Bridal by Lori over this any day.

– There’s not much I want to watch on daytime tv.

– Sunshine makes me want to be productive. And not be taking it easy. Pain and sickness should be reserved for cloudy days.

– The sunshine is also making me feel a little okay with the snow melting and winter being over soon. Can we just skip Spring and get right to Summer?

– I liked soaps a lot better when I was a teenager, and my mom wouldn’t let me watch them.

– Sugar, carbs and alcohol, all of my favorite food groups can cause/aggravate inflammation.

– I can still nap pretty well during the day.

– Sick days are great days to give your skin a break from make up and maybe even to try a facial mask or new treatment.

– But if you decide to “try” to go to work, you will inevitably have an inner debate about make up. Should you give into the laziness/tiredness and go light on the make up and maybe still look sick? Should you wear enough to not look like death and risk coworkers not believing you’re actually feeling miserable? 

– The guilt you feel when taking a sick day off work is so real.

– Everything on that to do list sitting on your desk seems far more urgent than it would if you were in the office.

– There will almost certainly be something happening the night/evening of your sick day that you wanted to take part in, but can’t or at least shouldn’t. For me its the Battle of the Badges.

– Afternoon bubble baths are heavenly. And this Paris Amour bubble bath is worth every penny.

– Sick days are an absolutely good excuse to indulge in yummy treats and a large slice of Chocolate Chunk Buttercream Bar will make even the worst of day (except those with gastro) a lot better.

Have your sick days taught you anything?

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  1. I feel guilty when I take sick days too! When I take a sick day I always revert to watching the same two movies I've watched every sick day I've had since I was a kid: The Empire Strikes Back and The Wizard of Oz. 🙂

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