Oh Hey, Friday! ….. I mean Saturday?

Well this post was supposed to go live yesterday. Apparently saving doesn’t publish, oops.

This week. This week has been ridiculously frustrating. And I’m basically brain dead, so lets just get down to it.

My Five

1. Thursday morning I had a piece of burning wood fall out of the stove, nearly locked myself out of the house and I slipped and fell on the ice in my driveway all while I was in a mad rush because I was running late to get to my dentist appointment. I made it just in time for my appointment, only to discover that the day was in fact Wednesday. I wasn’t on time for my appointment, I was 24 hours early. And a full day more away from Friday.

2.       Some days Jeff has to go to work before I do and leaves the house at least a half an hour before I even have to get up. Most days he will come back in the room, give me a quick kiss and be on his way. Its kind of adorable, I love it. Other days, like a few this week, he has come into the room to have a chat before he leaves. I love this less. Way less. Like, “please kiss me and go away now, I would like to finish snoozing. K, thanks.” I am not a morning person. Update: He did this again this morning.

3. Cross Border Pick Ups charged me $40 shipping, for a package valued at $40. Which is absolutely insane. More on that later.

4. A time sensitive package I was waiting on arrived at the UPS depot here in Corner Brook on Tuesday, but wasn’t delivered until Friday morning, because “adverse weather conditions may cause delays.” Apparently sunshine and zero precipitation for days makes parcel delivery tricky.

5. I forgot to water the beautiful flowers Jeff’s mom sent me for my birthday, and now they’re so dead.  (I had a better five when I sat down to write this post, but I forgot, because I’m pretty much losing my mind.)

Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been an entirely terrible week.
But I hope yours has required less hair pulling than mine.

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