Sunday Lately: 58

This is my first time doing a Sunday Lately post, in fact I didn’t even know about it until I discovered Janine’s blog last week. She linked up, it seemed like fun, so here I am.
This week’s theme is: updating, remembering, needing, wearing and being,
Updating: I’m working on a new About Me page. The current one definitely needs a refresh.
Remembering: That after a week of eating pretty terribly, that I have a dress to fit into in August. Its time to get this healthy lifestyle back on track, and get my ass back to the gym.
Needing: My Sephora order to show up. And also a vacation. Not necessarily to leave town. Maybe a staycation? I just need a week off work to relax. Burn out is very real.
tarte amazonian blush
I’m also really needing my Sephora order to arrive. My Tarte Amazonian blush has seen better days and I’m seriously missing it. 
Wearing: Leggings, Cabot & Sons merino wool socks, long sleeve shirt, and JW’s hoodie. JW owns a property maintenance company, so we spent the evening doing snow clearing around town. We made it home with pizza just in time to watch Super Bowl 50.
Being: Unbelievably lazy. All that snow shoveling makes a girl tired. Especially after a busy weekend of snowmobiling. 
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  1. I wrote my first Sunday Lately last night too! I hear ya about the shoveling snow! My father always plowed our driveway with his truck but it's out of commission for a little while. So I've had to shovel with John a lot this winter too. 🙁

  2. Yes to getting in shape (I was doing so well, not so much anymore!), Sephora goodies and vacations from work! I am also in dire need of all of the above!

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