Oh Hey, Friday!

I don’t even know where to start today. My mind is so full of thoughts. Mostly about the wedding, but also a former coworker just visited my office with their 140lb Great Dane “puppy” and I’ve spent the last 45 minutes stressed the eff out by its presence and nearly vomiting at the sight of its drool. Blech. I have yet to recover, so I am not operating at full capacity.

I could entertain bore you with wedding planning chit chat, but I think I shall save all of that negativity for next Wednesday.

So lets get right to it. Oh Hey, Friday! Here’s some randomness…

1. Megan and I have been bitching all week about the struggle that is finding clothes we like at reasonable prices and what not. Twenty eight is a peculiar age where you feel a little too old to have your entire wardrobe supplied by H&M, Forever 21 and Garage yet you’re just not ready to be shopping at Reitmans with your mother. Its like how do you dress for this age without looking like you’re trying to be a teenager, yet not look like your 50. Anyways, then we found this video and it is everything. I’d embed it for you, but Tumblr/Blogger won’t let me.
2. This child is freaking adorable. 

3.This is basically my life right now. Okay, so not exactly my life, but I do wake up when my fiance climbs out of bed at 3am.
Credit: Unknown

4. ALLLLL of my shows will be back next week and JW will be lucky to get his hand on the remote at all. Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder. They will all be watched. Time to stock up on the chocolate and wine!

5. About that chocolate. I’m supposed to be Shedding for the Wedding, or Shredding for the Wedding? Or is it Sweating for the Wedding? Either way, I’m supposed to be losin’ inches and ell bees. Chocolate is likely not going to help me do that. So I guess I’ll start dieting the Monday after this Monday?

And that all I got, people. That all I got. TGIF

It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, I hope you have you some fun!

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