Because This Thursday Feels Like A Monday

Shameless summer selfie. Hat:Le Chateau, Shirt: Garage, Sunnies: Aldo similar 


Binge Watching – Orange is the New Black Season 3 and Chasing Life

Craving – Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.  Even though its still very much summer here all of the “fall is almost here” blog posts I have been reading have me reminiscing about that time my little city had its very own Starbucks. #BooOnYouTargetCanada for taking it away. #sadface

DIYing – Sewing pillow covers to jazz up my living room.

Planning – A trip to Florida for next March. Anyone have any tips for doing Orlando/Disney/Daytona on a budget? p.s. We might be heading their during #daytonabikeweek.

Listening to –This song by JoJo. Its been a long decade without her. 

Reading – I just finished reading 99 Days by Katie Cotugno. Its the first book I’ve really read in more than a year, and it was just what I needed. I read the entire thing in one night. #notjoking

Doing – Cleaning the house so that it looks presentable when J.W.’s brother and sister-in-law show up tomorrow. Procrastination at its finest people.

Wanting – new jeans. I’ve got maybe 15lbs on since Christmas…oops…and I’m down to one pair of jeans that fit. But I’m basically refusing to buy a size up. So maybe what I’m really wanting is to lose those pounds and fit into all of the clothes I already own.

Pinning – A lot of work appropriate fall outfits that will look great outside of the office.

Wearing – Sleeveless blouses. Everyday. Its just to warm and sticky for anything with sleeves. I will not risk the sweat stains.

Writing – A bunch of halfway there posts for this place.

Needing – for this summer to last just a little bit longer. And to drink more water and exercise a little more.

Loving – Life. Seriously. It is sooo good.

While I Was Away

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve checked in around here. Its not that I lost that lovin’ feeling for this place, its just that things have been so crazy lately, and mostly with things I haven’t been able to tell you all about. Not being able to talk about the things going on in my life has made it hard to get those creative juices flowing, but I’m working through it.

So instead of getting into a long soliloquy about why I’ve been away so long, lets just get caught up.

Here’s whats you’ve missed while I was away…

– My grandma had her 90th birthday, and we had a huge celebration with all her family and friends.

– JW and I went on our first vacation together.

– My bff got married

– Jay Dubs and I moved in together.

– We renovated the house.

– And decked out the back yard.

– I helped Erika throw the cutest baby shower.

– And learned to sew…kind of.

– We built a wood fire pizza oven.

And I learned that happiness really is a way of life, not a destination.

I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things around here!