The Very Best Way to Spend Your Boyfriend’s Night Shift

“So what are you going to do while I’m at work? Go shopping? Do laundry? Clean the apartment and get ready for Linda’s visit? Visit Erika?”

Every time my boyfriend works a night shift we have the same conversation before he heads out. He asks what my plans are for while he’s at work, I reply that I don’t know, perhaps maybe a little tv and some housework, all the while I know quite well that very little productivity will occur.

So what do I do when J.W. isn’t here?

1. Plop on the couch as soon he’s out the door, and spend most of the evening there.

2. Take hot baths with candles and wine or beer.

3. Eat an embarrassing amount of ice cream, cookies and sweets. Likely all at once.

4. Drink sugar coma inducing amounts of Pepsi.

5. Watch all the tv shows he’s not into like Chasing Life, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.

6. Rearrange my shoe and purse collections.

7. Pin eleventy billion outfits I wish I owned

8. Test out the products in my new Ipsy Glam Bag. Its best to do this while the bf is away, especially if you told him you weren’t going to spend anymore money on make up. #oops

9. Read a book, its always so hard to concentrate when they’re around. Amiright?

10. Do whatever the hell I want, where whatever you want, no one is around to judge me. #nobra #sweatpants #sorrynotsorry

Basically I revert back to my SSB.

What do you do when your boyfriend/husband isn’t around?

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