Things I’ve Learned in (Almost) 28 Years

My 21st Birthday – Yes I still own the dress in case you’re wondering.

Truth, I don’t know the last time I made a huge deal out of my birthday. The occasion is usually celebrated with a pretty low key dinner with my family, and maybe some gifts and cake. I’ve never been a big birthday celebrator. I mean, I’ve always secretly hoped that other people would make a big deal about my special day, but that hasn’t really seemed to have ever happened. So fuck em all, I’m making a big deal about me because everyone deserves one day all to themselves and everyone should celebrate the hell out of it because there will come a day when you’ll run out of time and you won’t get any more birthdays.

And since this is my blog, and I’m celebrating me this week, I give you “28 Things I’ve Learned in 28 Years”, super original I know.

1. Day old bacon tastes a lot better than day old McNuggets.

2. Finding a perfect match in foundation is basically a game of guess and check.

3. I will never be content with a life without travelling.

4. Target trumps Walmart, all day everyday. Or at least the Walmart here anyways.

5. Beer is better than everything else. But a good Riesling won’t kill you. Neither will a gin and tonic with lime on a hot day.

6. Work hard, it will pay off.

7. Accept that some people are meant to become a part of your life but aren’t mean to stay forever.

8. Friends reruns are the very best way to waste a day.

9. If you find someone that makes your whole world light up, do whatever you can to keep them

10. Heels make your ass look better than flats. Its a fact. Just make sure you can walk in them.

11. Its extremely difficult to pass up a good sale, even if you don’t need anything and will have to eat 
cereal for a week if you spend any money.

12. Pay for butter on your popcorn at the movies. It tastes eleventy billion times better than the free margarine.

13. If your hair is greasy, don’t brush it. I mean it.

14. When you’re in a rush, at least toss on some mascara. 

15. There is nothing more annoying that a person who is negative and complains all of the time.

16. Some things are just way more fun when they are spontaneous. Be spontaneous people.

17. Jeans do not need to be washed after every wear. 

18. Target is the devil. It will suck every cent out of your bank account. 

19. Pepsi will make you fat. My jeans told me so.

20. Longchamp’s Le Pliage is worth every cent.

21. Its way easier to go to the gym directly from work than it is to go after you’ve already went home.

22. Shonda Rhimes doesn’t know how to make a bad tv show.

23. I will always be a Daddy’s girl.

24. Dry shampoo = lazy girl’s best friend

25. Shopiholism is a real thing.

26. There is no such thing as having too many shoes.

27. There’s no need to make your bed every day but it feels a whole lot better sliding into a made one.

28. Men are just as confusing as women. But the right guy is a whole lot less confusing. 

28 Shades of Kathryn

We’re basically hitting reset around these parts. To celebrate the new year I rebranded and said bye bye to The Adventures of Kathryn, Hello Coveting Life. And I decided to get brand new blog design, courtesy of the lovely Erin at Two Thirds Hazel. I’m loving it!
It’s birthday week y’all! I’m turning the the big 2-8 on the 28th! Holy fack, I’m getting close to the dreaded 30! So, to celebrate the rebirth of this blog, and the anniversary of my birth, there will be a whole week of posts all about me. You’re welcome.

1. Even though I live alone, I always close the bathroom door when I’m in there. And usually lock it.
2. I’ve only ever had one manicure, and I’ve never had a pedicure.
3. When I go to bed, I can’t rest unless the bedroom door is fully closed. If its open just a tiny bit, I stare at it through the darkness and envision the crack getting bigger and my night turning into a scene from Criminal Minds.
4. At night I can’t have any lights on in the bedroom when I’m trying to sleep. But I can nap in the day time no problem. Figure that one out.
5. I love thunder and lightening. I long to own a home with a covered porch so that I can sit outside and watch the storms.
6. I’m a gum swallower. Neither my stomach nor my butt have stuck together. Yet.
7. I’m the complete opposite of a morning person. But I can admit it feels good to get up early. I just can’t seem to get myself out of bed. Its just so cozy.
8. I could stay up all night reading, watching tv, surfing the web, working on the blog or Etsy shop.
9. As much as I love to travel I have only been to two other countries, the USA and France. Clearly I have some work to do.
10. I’ve been a blonde, a brunette, and a ginger.

11. I’m a Pinterest addict. Its out of control.
12. I’m nowhere close to having a baby, but there’s a list of baby names. Maybe I’ll share them with you sometime.
13. There’s also a Pinterest wedding board, and I’m not even engaged.
14. I prefer making notes with pen and paper, instead of with my phone.
15. Real books are better than an ereader. But mostly because I like to show my books off, and use them as decor.
16. I don’t want to change my name when/if I get married.
17. I prefer beer over a glass of wine any day. But a peach bellini from Shark Club would not get turned down.

18. I am a control freak.
19. I love to debate and argue. Quite possibly why I used to want to be a lawyer when I grew up.
20.  I dropped out of college, but I worked really hard, and I became a #GirlBoss at 26.
21. I easily have 30 pairs of shoes and I feel that that is not nearly enough.
22. I have three full closets of clothing. Also not enough.
23. I could never be a vegetarian. I love bacon and steak far too much. Plus, they annoy me.
24. I’m just as comfortable in sneakers as I am in heels. And I can go city girl to country girl in about 10 seconds flat.
25. I haven’t got a clue how to use it properly, but I’m having a love affair with make up these days.
26. I can’t dance to save my life, but boy do I love a night out dancing with the girls. Liquid courage is obviously a requirement.
27. I’m a Pepsi addict. Its why my pants are tight.
28. I have climbed exactly one mountain. It was fun but it was hard. And I’m torn about whether or not I want to put myself through that kind of suffering ever again. 

There you have it 28 things you didn’t really need to know about me.

PS. Coming up with 28 random facts about myself was harder than I thought.

Will Work for Makeup

It’s no secret that I’m far from a makeup expert, but I’m trying. It helps to have a best friend who is an addict and enjoys helping me out. There isn’t a wide selection of products available in my city, and with Target closing, the options are going to be a lot less awesome. Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to E.L.F., NYX, Pixi, Sonia Kashuk and a bunch more I’ve grown attached to.

I’ve struggled for a while with spending money on makeup at all, so its taken me quite a while to warm up to the idea of paying non-drugstore prices. But, over the holidays, my mom and I swung into a Sephora in Montreal, and  when I expressed my dislike of the amount everything cost my mom said, “If you’re looking for quality products, you’re going to have to pay for it.” While I didn’t buy anything that day, I took note of some products I was interested in so that I could quiz Megan about them when she got home from her trip to Mexico (jealous).

After a few back and forths, and numerous hours combing their website, I decided to give Sephora a go. A few clicks later and I had placed my very first order, for a whopping total of $200.

I had an eye infection when my order showed up, and I was under strict doctors orders not to wear makeup around my eyes, or wear my contacts, so I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to try anything out. As soon as I’ve thoroughly tested it all out, I’ll do a review of some sort. Promise!

P.S. I bought a new North Face parka over the weekend, and my only thought when I made the purchase was “I could be spending this money at Sephora.” Safe to say I may have a new addiction.

Hope you all had  fantastic weekend!