From My iPhone: Let’s Get Reacquainted…Again

The famjam and I went to Montreal and Toronto for the 2015 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships. We’re die hard WJC fans and it was the trip of a life time. Tommy isn’t a fan of having his picture taken with the rest of us, but at least we got one. Can you feel the love?

There was a little bit of baby time during Christmas. I was lucky enough to have my favorite Thomas the Train fanatic visit me during our stopover in Halifax. And then this adorable little hockey fan decided the view of the game was better from my lap than her mom’s one row back. Little Lady is not scared of strangers.

I’ve gotten in the habit of boozin’ while I’m bathin’. Its the best. Seriously, you should try it sometime. Unless you’re pregnant, in which case that would be bad, so please don’t.

And of course I saved my favorites for last. My first ever order arrived last week, and I’m loving it all so far (details will follow soon I promise.) And of course the blog’s very first photo of J.W. because I’m pretty proud to show him off. Don’t you love our shirts? Yes, we match. Yes, it was on purpose.

Happy weekend! Currently I’m being super lazy while I should be getting ready for lunch with J-Dub’s brother and sister-in-law. Haven’t me them yet, so I’m a teensy bit nervous. Megan tells me to be myself, but few take to my non-stop chatter and questionable comments. She’s the only one who loves me for me haha. The bf is pretty on board with taking pictures of all the things, so here’s to hoping there will be some documentation of the weekend and its happenings.

See you Monday!

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