The Facts of Me

Is it too late to start participating in Blogtober? Perhaps, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

Today’s prompt is “facts about you” and to make up for my abscence around here I’m going to share 30 tidbits about me. If you’ve been stopping around here for a while you might already know some of these, and if you’re new, welcome aboard!

1. I hate when people cut strips of bacon in half. Full lengths only please.
2. I put my hangers in the closet with the tip of the hook facing out. The “right way” bothers me, and if you hang something in my closet that way, I need to fix it. Just one of those things I got from my momma I suppose.
3. I only was my hair every three or four days.
4. I’m very thankful for hat weather and that hats are on trend right now so that I can stylishly cover up my day four hair.
5. I love shoes and clothes. Seriously, I have an addiction. So I guess one would assume that I’m good at the whole girly package. This unfortunately is not the case. Make up and hair are outside my skill set and are a legit struggle.
6. My make up routine feels (and looks) incomplete without lipstick, but I rarely wear it because it is such a pain in the ass to maintain and reapply.
7. I feel the most badass when I’m rocking a bold lipstick like my new Rimmel Bordeaux 124.
8. I’m trying to eat healthier. Again. And I’m failing miserably. Again.
9. Few things make me happier than spending lazy days at the cabin watching HGTV with my mom.
10. I’m pretty sure I found a grey root in my hair yesterday morning. I really wanted to skip work to stay home and inspect it further. And to cry.
11. I rarely ever make my bed. Usually I only do it when I change my sheets or when I am trying to impress my house guests.
12. I love DIY projects. Stay tuned for posts next week about the table I made from crates and all the decor I DIY’d for Erika’s bachelorette.
13. My eyes are green, and I wear green colored contacts. May seem ridiculous, but they make them look more vibrant.
14. I don’t have a favorite type of music. My musical taste is all over the place. My current playlist has Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Queen and The Travelling Wilburys.
15. I only have one sibling, a brother who is 2.5 years younger and probably a foot taller.
16. The only realilty tv shows I ever really liked were Laguna Beach and The Hills. I know.
17. I am a shopaholic and I find that my addiction is at its worst when my funds are at their lowest.
18. I am a terrible dancer. It. Is. Just. That. Bad.
19. I dont have any pets. And I don’t want any. They’re too much work.
20. I used to wait tables at Boston Pizza. I was terrible at it. Really truly. Its a horrible job, and anyone who can do it well gets my respect.
21. I hate the whole tipping thing. I think tips should be earned not expected. And I think it is total bullshit that restaurants take money from their wait staff based on the sales they made, assuming they received tips. Not every patron tips. And its bullshit to assume otherwise. Stop stealing from your staff!
22. My hair is super long but its super thin. It is such a pain. I have no volume. Seriously, how do I get thicker hair?
23. I dislike coffee but I like caramel macchiatos which have espresso. Figure that one out if you can.
24. Target Canada reposted one of my pictures on Instagram and I completely nerded out. I mean, there was squealing, and a happy dance, and texts sent to my friends. I was over the moon. But I’m still not famous, so that was a bit of a let down.
25. I drive a white Honda Civic that I’ve nicknamed “The Civ.” We have a love/hate relationship happening. She’s great on gas, but she’s a bitch to drive during the five months of the year we have snow on the ground.
26. I love to read, but I haven’t picked up a book in at least four months.
27. I cut the cord and cancelled my cable in June to save money, and its killing me. Thursday nights were once my favorite, now they’re just plain rough with out the cast of Grey’s.
28. I have only lived in three different cities, but I’ve had 8 homes. FYI, moving sucks.
29. I have an affinity for staying up late every night. I regret it every morning.
30. I can be vain and selfish and self absorbed. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to think of 30 facts about myself.
But enough about me, I wanna know about you. Link up for Blogtober would ya.

From my iPhone: Let’s Get Reacquainted

I’ve been absent around here for far too long, but instead of making some long winded apology about that, I’m just going to tell you that even though I’ve neglected this place I haven’t been living like a hermit. I’ve been super busy the past few months and to get back into the swing of things I figured I share some of the photos that have been hanging out on my iPhone.

My beautiful cousin got married. / Amazing shot from the wedding by the talented Dru Kennedy.
So much beautiful DIY decor.
Sweet DIY favors. Can you believe her groom gave her an unlimited budget and she still did all of this herself?
I’m convinced that the best part about weddings is being reunited with old friends. And the booze.
I love family get togethers because…
My Boys
Peekaboo with Jesse / Olibear doesn’t like our singing / Silly Monster
There’s always an awesome dessert like this Peanut Butter-Chocolate Trifle

Irish Hot Chocolate / Yummy brunch food.

Multiple pumpkins have been carved.

I’ve finally gotten around to doing a little more decorating in my apartment…

Ikea mirrors I brough home from Alberta / Foxy salt and pepper shakers from Target.

Gallery wall in my kitchen / Pictures from Sarah’s big day

I did my own hair and make-up for Erika’s wedding…

. I used this hair tutorial. It didnt turn out right, but it still looked okay.

It hasn’t all been fun and games…

Our boat nearly sunk in a wind storm. / We rippe up flooring at the cabin so that it could be upgraded.

Thats all for now. Peace.