A Lazy Monday Morning Post…Just Cause

I’ve been MIA around these parts, again. There’s no good excuse for it except that some IRL people have discovered this little piece of the web and I’ve been a little unsure of how to proceed knowing that. You see very few people in my life actually know about this blog, for a couple of reasons. I’m a bit self-conscious about my writing skills, but also, if no one knew about this thing, then I had to filter myself less. And there’s really something to be said about having a place to go and say whatever you want to say, without having to filter it, or worry about what the people in your life would think about it.

I guess I always knew this day would come, but secretly I had hoped it wouldn’t, I liked being able to be free with my words. When I was told that the IRLers were reading the things I write, I was thrown a little. Suddenly I worried about the things I’ve posted. Had I posted anything too personal that I wouldn’t want them to know? Had I ever written about them? And then I began to worry about having to be careful about the things I said in the future. I lost every ounce of creative spark I had going, and I deserted this place for a while. Trying to figure out how to proceed.

I’m slowly crawling out of the dark hole that surrounded this tiny piece of the Blogosphere, its gonna take some time I think, to get my groove back. To stop worrying what people think, and to tell them to “bite me” if they don’t like it.

So, to get things rolling around here again, I’ve resorted to my favorite lazy day post.

Currently I’m…

Eating: Nothing, and I’m starving. Forgot my lunch at home. Dammit.

Not my current hot chocolate. Throwback to Paris. Take me back!

Drinking: Hot chocolate, with marshmallows of course. Cause whats a non-coffee-drinker supposed to do when its super cold out? And yes, I know that 7 degrees isn’t “super cold”, but it feels that way so leave me alone.

Purchasing: Nothing, because that requires money.

Looking forward to: The weekend. Seriously. Because I’m getting out of town. This girl is headed to the cabin and going hunting. Moose…watch out. Ha!

Watching: Nothing at this very moment. Cause I’m at work. But as soon as I get home you can bet your bottom dollar that Revenge will be on my TV screen. Can’t wait. Hopefully its better than the rest of the fall premieres. Seriously, Scandal, Greys, you’ve disappointed me.

Reading: I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book. Its been months. And that’s sad. But with more weather heading this way, cause fall y’all, I’m sure I’ll be spending more time curled up on the couch with a good read.

Craving: The leftover Chinese food that’s home in my fridge. Get in my belly!

Feeling: Its a cold, wet, dreary, Monday morning. How do you think I’m feeling?

Peacing out: Because my break is over and I have work that needs to get done.

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