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Thank God its Friday. I am about 6 hours away from this week from hell being over. Except not really since I have to spend all evening getting ready for Erika’s bachelorette, and I have to work tomorrow. So basically I can’t wait until Sunday.

I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning this week. Work has been incredibly demanding. Tension and emotions have been running high there as we’ve been pushing hard to meet an impossible deadline. And there’s been more than enough stress in my personal life. Everywhere I turn there’s something going wrong, someone upset. Its like I can’t find any reprieve. When I finish up the work day I have zero energy, emotionally or physically, to deal with any of the things going on outisde the office. So in true mature Kathryn fashion I’ve been ignoring it and trying to find peace with a glue gun in my hand while crafting decor for the party I’m hosting tomorrow. While I can ignore the people, I can’t ignore the work I need to get done. And with every project I complete, I feel like I can breath just a smidge bit easier.

When I have weeks like this (none have ever been this bad) I find it is so easy to get swallowed up or suffocated by the stress, the low points, the weight of the world. I am predisposed to see the negative so I have to constantly remind myself to think positive, focus on the good, and be thankful, because even though I gripe, and complain and rant, I know that I am truly blessed.

Since its Oh Hey, Friday over at September Farm, now seems like as good a time as any to reflect on some of the good stuff…

My Five

From my Edmonton Adventures: Wouldn’t have made it through this week without this girl.

– I’m so thankful for my friends. Especially the ones who have checked in this week to see how I’ve been doing. The one’s who’ve brought me coffee (read:Tim Horton’s French Vanilla, not coffee) at work. The ones who swung by my house and got rid of my frog problem. The ones who taught me how to use some sweet power tools so that I could not only be productive and make things for the bachelorette, but also take out some of my frustration on some wood. The ones who’ve gone out of their way to make sure that there’s been at least a little light in every dark day this week.

– I’m thankful for my job,and the opportunity to be a manager, even with weeks like this. I’m learning a lot, about business and myself, and I know I’ll be a stronger person because of the trials I face here.

– I’ve been trying to eat healthier (I know you’ve heard this from me eleventy billion times before) and miraculously I’ve been able to not eat my feelings and binge on chocolate, ice cream and gallons of Pepsi. I’m down 2.4 lbs without exercising. Yay me!

– Couldn’t help but order this t-shirt from Sarah. Can’t wait for it to get here. I have grand plans to rock it at the World Juniors in Montreal and Toronto.

– I get to sleep in a little tomorrow and it will be heaven.


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