Let’s Get Real Vol.5

Vodka and Soda

– I have finally filled my favorite pretty notebook with thoughts and musings and nonsense but haven’t had the time to buy a new one, so I’ve been using a Hilroy notebook that I “borrowed” from work. The boring red cover has not been cutting it, thus I have spent an unhealthy amount of time beautifying it with my doodles.

– FYI I can’t draw to save my life, yet I am a doodler. Pretty sure its hereditary, and I got it from my momma.

– I am anxiously awaiting the professional photos from Sarah’s Wedding, but mostly because I want to see the ones that I am in. #itsnotallaboutthebride #sometimesitsaboutthebridesmaid

– I slept in yesterday and was late for work. On Purpose. I was just seriously exhausted. It needed to happen. #sorrynotsorry

– Planning an event is hard y’all. Regatta Day, which I am planning with five other people, will likely be the death of me, or at least the reason I go bald or prematurely grey. I’ve wondered quite a few times lately how people survive planning their wedding. But, then I remember that you only have one person to consult about things, and one person who’s opinion matters, YOU. Unless of course you’re a “give the husband a say” type of person, which I am not. So yeah, planning a wedding might actually be okay. #bridezillainthemaking #mineistheonlyopinionthatcounts #poorfuturefiance

– I am not an animal person. I’ll probably be crucified by all of Bloglandia for saying that, but its the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish them any harm, I’m just not a fan. I can’t deal with the drool, and the fur, and the jumping, or the bodily functions. Yuck. I do not think that all dogs are cute (just like all babies are not cute, oops). If its cute, I will say so, and if it is ugly, I won’t pretend otherwise. Animal lovers crack me up. Kissing your dog? Vomit! Buying it gifts for the holidays? Girl, you’re fucked in the head, you could have spent that money on new shoes. Having your dog as your flower girl, ring bearer, or in your wedding at all? I can’t even…I just can’t even…There are no words.

PS. If you’re animal loving freak,  I hope this happens to you…

– Employees who question every.single.thing you ask them to do…Because I Fucking Said So!

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  1. i cant draw for shit either, but i doodle about 97% of the day 🙂 i like dogs but i dont want to own one.. but i love my cats more than most humans. i dont buy them presents though, because hello, shoes.

  2. Bahaha sooo true about planning the wedding. My hubs didn't really have a say in anything…I mean he had opinions…but really it came down to what I wanted LOL.

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