Oh Hey, Friday!

Today is the craziest of days, so lets just get right down to it.

My Five

one – I hate to complain about the amazing temperatures we’ve been experiencing this summer, but holy crap, its been hot. I’m nearly melting in my office. Need the a/c fixed stat!

two – We just got a load of steel in for a customer and every time I look at it I see wonderful little dollar signs flying around. Gosh, I love making money.

three – I’ve decided to wear heels despite my ankle being a painful bitch. I couldn’t stand wearing flats any long. What can I say? I am “that” girl. And beauty is pain, amirite?

four – Sidney Crosby is in my town for the weekend. I’d seriously pay for information to know where to find him. I’ve been following his career since he was 14 or 15, and swooning over him from the moment I first heard his name.

five – One of my best friends gets the keys to her first house this afternoon. I can’t wait to go check it out after work. With a case of cold beer in hand of course!

Happy Friday errrbody. Welcome to August!

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