Let’s Get Real Vol. 4

Vodka and Soda

– I came back from vacation with serious intentions of being a more consistent blogger. I’ve been back a week and a half and I’ve only show up to play three times including today. But I do still have plans of being here more often

– I have a terrible habit of writing work info in my blogging notebook, and writing posts in my work notebook. Its really hard to keep track of where all my ideas are jotted down. I really need to stop scribbling in whatever notebook is closest.

– It really frustrates me when I’m up front and honest with a guy and tell him that I have issues. I’m selfish and cold, materialistic, a consumerist, I put my career and my family first, I like to be in control, and I don’t enjoy cooking and cleaning, and he says that none of that stuff bothers him, he’s still really into me. And then later when he finds it all out for himself, he tells me that I have issues. Well no shit Sherlock, I fucking told you that already, not my fault you assumed I was lying.

– Last night for some strange reason I was feeling productive, I did a little laundry and put some chicken breasts in the slow cooker on high so that they’d be done before bed, and I would have food for lunch today. I even went so far as to brag to a friend that I’d make an excellent housewife, obviously I was joking. This morning I woke up to a seriously nasty stench. Turns out I had fallen asleep while watching Netflix, and let the chicken cook on high for 12 hours. Yummy. #housewifeiamnot

– Ever since my most recent trip to Sephora I’ve been obsessed with make-up. I’ve got a fairly extensive wish list happening. There are a few Bite Beauty lipsticks I’m dying to get my hands on, and a Too Faced Melted Lipstick that I’m dreaming about. #lipsticklovah

– Before I went on vacation I was on a Netflix binge, le duh, and I watched the movie Syrup. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with being more like the character Six. She is a badass, powerful business woman with incredible style. Truth, I wanna be Six and I try to channel her on the daily.

– I hurt my ankle on a little excursion over the weekend, and I haven’t been able to wear heels all week. Its really interfering with my Sixness. And its pissing me right off.

– I feel hotter and more powerful in heels FYI.

– The fact that I had to sign up for Tumblr to find gifs for this post is irritating.

– Since I burned up my lunch, work is now buying Chinese for the entire staff. #perksofbeingtheboss

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  1. you don't have to sign up for anything to find gifs – just type in whatever you're looking for into google images and voila! gifs galore 🙂 ie. "frustrated gif". you'll see a bunch pop up.

    and i LOVE bite lippies. it's the only brand i use.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

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